Jack took me to the school clinic where I was attended to properly. They inquired to know what happened and Jack responded ”Leo happened ” They didn ask any further questions which startled me, I wondered who Leo was and why he was feared by all including teachers and students. The nurses said my bexpged position that was why I was in so much pain, luckily they fixed it though it was painful. I held Jacks hands through out the process and he didn resist surprisingly, he just stood there looking at the medical practitioners doing their job. I was grateful to Jack for helping me, I don know what I would have done without him and I just didn want to imagine.

” I will drive you home ”

” What no, no no, you have done a lot for me thank you. I will find my way home ” I said with shock written all over my face, I could tell that he saw it.

” Well I have to finish what I started right ” He grabbed my hand and we walked towards the parking lot. We arrived in front of a black car it looked quite expensive, I didn even know the name, I stood there admiring the car in awe. I can possibly enter this type of car, no way. I stood there contemplating if I should just tell him that I wasn going to enter his car or if I should just run off. ”Get in ” he said hurriedly, i noticed he voice became hoarse. I wondered why his mood changed suddenly, like he saw something that pissed him off or we were being chased, I couldn explain. Oh no it was my fault, maybe he got disgusted with the ways I was looking at the car, i felt a bit embarrassed. I just entered the car, he told me to put on my sit belt and I obeyed. He asked for my address but I can possibly give him my address, instead I gave him the nearest bus-stop to my house, he looked at mean suspiciously but he just drove.


I offered to help Clara because, before the incident happened the good side of me wanted to warn her about Leo, but the bad side of me was also curious to know what Leo was going to do. I guess the bad side won over the good side because I didn tell her. I got to the class room and saw Leo as usual with his earpiece and eyes closed. I turned to go to my chair when my eyes caught something on the floor. I looked down and saw her bag on the floor, her books torn and her food scattered on the floor. I felt pity for her, after all she has been through today then this. I had seen her hold back her tears from the beginning but she was going to cry now there was no doubt about it , maybe I should have just warned her at least.

I sat on my chair waiting anxiously to see her reaction when she gets in. I looked around and it seems like I wasn the only one waiting others were also waiting too, but the difference is that they were excited to watch the drama that was going to take place soon. The good side of me wanted me to go out and warn Clara about Leo the second time, so that she would just walk into the class pick up her stuff and come sit with me, but the bad side of me still won. I looked up and saw her standing at the door and just as I expected, the tears she has been holding back since finally let lose and she began to cry. I heard her asking who did it but nobody told her instead they were all looking at Leo. I was still thinking of my next action before she ends up doing something that might lead to her death. I have seen Leo kill people close to him, he wouldn hesitate to kill her.

She moved toward Leo shouting at him, like it wasn enough, she touched him ”Hell no ” no one dares to touch him. By now everyone was looking shocked with their mouth opened, some now had the pitiful look on their faces while some were still excited and eager to have fun. In a blink of an eye she slapped immediately I saw Leo standing up with anger. I have seen this look on his face before, I tried to recall and boom it came, the day he killed his dad after he killed his only sister and the only sibling he had. I said to myself ” she was going to die now ” I don think Leo wouldn hesitate to kill her.

Then what i never expected from him happened, i raised his hand to slap her, at first i thought once he hit her it was going to lead straight to her death, but surprisingly to my greatest dismay, he stopped and just pushed her in a very hard way though. Did Leo just leave her, wait he didn kill her, I was still in shock and lost in my thoughts . Then I saw her crying, this time the bad part of me musn win. I saw struggling to stand up but she wasn able to, I went ahead to help her, knowing fully well that I musn be seen by Leo helping his just turned enemy.After we left the health center I insisted on driving her home but she disagreed but I insisted. I saw how she admired my car and tried not to laugh, the moment I was about to enter I saw his car.

” Hell no ” I cussed inaudibly, Leo was still in school, probably in his car. I became scared, wondering if he had seen me with Clara. He was definitely going to get mad at me, immediately I shouted at Clara to get in and I drove off. I asked for her address which she didn give, instead she told me to drop her off at a particular bus-stop. I was lost in my thought thinking of what Leo might do to me so I didn bother to insist. I was going to drop her off anywhere she wanted. But then I was relaxed again, yeah he might be mad at me, but he wouldn kill me. I was the only friend he ever had right from his childhood days, I was relieved but I never underestimated Leo, he is capable of anything.


I could kill that girl the moment she slapped me, I wonder how she got the courage to walk up to me, touch me and slap me, all at the same time. Nobody try that with me and go scott free, the consequences was definitely going to be death. I had raise my hand to hit her in way that was going to send her to her early grave. Then I saw that type of look on her face, the same look on my sisters face when she was about to be killed by my dad.

”Why must she remind me of my sister? ” if I kill her there would no difference between me and that monster. Besides no girl has ever put me in this position before, all the girl were afraid of me, they don even come close neither do they try to touch me. ”Who was this Clara girl, doesn she know who I am but who doesn ” I thought, I couldn bring myself to do what I intended to do. I just picked up my bag push her in a very hard way, she fell and was wincing in pain, I left the class. I didn know where to go but all I did was walk because I didn want to go home now, I was still walking until I found myself in my car. I entered and put on the air conditioner remained there thinking about who Clara was and why I spared her?

I have been in my car for about 30 minutes then I decided to just go home. I sat uprightly to start the car, when I saw her again this time she was with Jack, my only friend. How dare he help my enemy, I just sat there watching them. I saw her looking at the car with awe, I saw Jacked smirk then he looked up and saw my car immediately his calm, caring face changed to an angry, scared face. He knew I had seen him.

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