ughing. I was marvelled on how they enjoyed seeing people being embarrassed.

” She is the new scholarship student Mr. Jeff ” I heard a girl voice from the back say. Why didn they tell me, they were having the next lecture in another class. In my former School we had all the lectures for the day in one class. And why must she must she emphasize on the scholarship student.

” I thought as much, well you should have asked your classmate where they heading, that is not an excuse, you will stand through out my class that is your punishment ”. I was about to cry, I just felt like this teachers treat me this way because they knew my background, they knew I wasn rich, there was nothing I could barely do no matter how they treat me. I stood through out the class holding back my tears.

The lecture came to an end and they carried their books and left again I just walked behind them not knowing where they were heading to this time around but it seemed to me that they were going back to the class. I walked slowly already knowing where they headed, their mood suddenly change immediately they got into the classroom.I could see fear in them, they were all whispering and not shouting any longer. The last girl to enter the class looked at me mockingly and laughed before entering. I didn know what was going on, I was scared and hurriedly walked to the class. I saw my bag on the floor opened, my notes torn, the food my mum took her time to prepare was also on the floor. What shocked me the most was when I saw peoples shoe print on these items.

”How could they be these heartless? ” I thought. By now, I couldn hold back my tears, I began to sob but I was very angry at the same time and wanted to scream at the person that did this. I looked up and saw a boy sitting where I had placed my bag, he was handsome, he also looked so peaceful with his eyes closed with earpiece in his two ears. ”He couldn be the one right ? I told my self.

” Who did this? ” I found myself shouting at the whole class not knowing where the courage came from. I could barely feed, someone for no reason wasted the food my mum prepared. I was really mad, I saw everyone looking at this guy who I thought wouldn do such, then I knew he was the one.

” Why do you care to know? just pack those garbage of yours and burn them, they are contagious, gosh who eat this kind of food? Gross. ” I heard everyone laughing. I didn bother to reply instead I walked up to the Mr. Peaceful looking guy, and tapped him before removing his ear piece

” Hey ” I said shouting. ” Did you do this? ” I heard the whole class shouting and looking at me with fear and pity. Immediately, he opened his eyes, and swiftly turned to look at me, I froze for some seconds because his calm and peaceful face was now angry, frowning and scary but still handsome though he was now looking like a handsome monster.

” Yes, I did. Now do like you heard her say, hurry up and pack your garbage. Do it while I am still letting you to, the smell of your food irritates me ” He brought out his sanitizer, sprayed it on me rudely, it was choking I found it difficult to breathe. I wonder how someone this good looking could also be so terrible at the same time. I was so fierce, I didn even know when I raised my hand and slapped him.

” How dare you! ” He stood up from his chair angrily, raising up his hand that had suddenly folded into a fist willing to hit me. I was so scared, but surprisingly he stopped Instead he pick up his bag pushed me really hard on the floor and left the class.

”Ouch ” I cried out, I felt a sharp pain in my left arm while I tried standing up from the floor. was in so much pain and it hurts so bad, I tried and tried but all effort seems to be abortive.

” It fine, let me help you ” I turned around surprisingly to see who was voluntarily to help me, it was a guy, he looked gentle and nervous, like he was going to get punished for helping. I could see fear and pity in his eyes while he tried to helped me stand up. I went to pack my items which were still on the floor, all I needed right now was to go home nothing else.

” Please don come back ” I didn even bother to know who said it.

” Let me take you to the school clinic, so that you may be attended to by the nurses ” he said looking around like he was being watched.

” No no, don bother, I would manage. Just take me to the school gate, I would enter a bus there and find my way home thank you ” I said in order to evade anymore problem neither did I want to be seen by other students who were still in their class.

” I can do that, you must go to the school clinic first ” I was able to resist anymore, I also didn want my mum to see me in this circumstance, she would certainly be worried

” Im jack by the way ”

” Clara ” I said managing to look at him. ” Thank you ” He didn respond.

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