edly a big school just like people tag it to be. I look around and noticed student staring at me because I got down from a public bus, while other student were coming down from their parent expensive cars. I haven even entered and they already caught sight of me, I felt so inferior for a moment. i was thinking if I made a wrong decision by applying for the scholarship at the first place, but I remembered mums advice and the decision I made to my self while standing in front of the mirror this morning. It was a great motivation, I immediately put on my backpack and walked towards the gate not minding the continual stares on me, my bag, my shoe and my hair. It was easy for them to know I wasn from a rich family.

While I kept on walking towards the school building, it occurred to me that I didn even know where my class was ”Shit! ”What was I going to do? Ask a student?. I can do that, they wouldn even respond, getting snubbed was the last thing I needed from anybody now. I entered the building searching for my classroom, I did it a in way that no one would notice as I was already getting enough stares, which was inconvenient. I kept on looking down as I walked through the hall way. Whenever I get to a particular class I would quickly take a glance to see if it was my class and immediately look down again. Now I was on the second floor and still haven find my class, I was almost about to cry when I saw a teacher walking towards me, I was thankful and hurriedly went over to meet him.

” Good morning sir ”

” Yeah, morning. Are you new? ” He asked smiling.

I was surprised, how did he know I was a new student, was it that noticeable?. I gave him a stunning look immediately.

” Relax, I just knew you were new because student in this school never greet their teachers, only the few good ones still greet moreover I haven seen you before so I just guessed you were new and inquired.

”I am Mr. Mark by the way ” At least his explanation was alleviating, I thought he noticed because of my hair, bag and shoes which didn look expensive. ”What if other student were staring at me because they haven seen me around before,well whatever. ” I thought.

” Sir do you mind directing me to my class please? ” I asked him looking around only to notice that there were barely few student stilling around. I guess they have all gone to their various classes, I immediately told him the class I was in and he did not only direct me but also took me to my class. We arrived and he opened the door urging me to get in, I noticed the teacher was already teaching, but immediately he opened the door all eyes were fixed on me. They all paused and there was a minute of silent. I kept on looking down on the floor as I was too shy, standing in front of all these rich kids, I probably look like garbage before them.

” Good morning Mrs. Bella, she is a new student ” I was thankful to Mr.Mark because he didn just bring me to class but also told the teacher I was new, I didn know how I was going to tell her. Then I turned back and saw him wave me good bye then he was gone. I felt like going with him, but it wasn possible.

” What are you still doing, go and have your sit, you came late to my class, interrupted my lecture and now you want to delay me? ”She said nearly shouting.

” Sorry ma ” I said looking sober.bI saw the whole class laughing at me, then I heard a girl saying I was so pathetic because I apologized to the teacher. Another girl said she thinks I was the scholarship student and that this was how those low class people behave, we were losers, no doubt I felt so bad. The chairs were big enough so two people together. I walked towards a girl to sit with her as she was sitting alone, when she saw I was coming she placed her bag on the other side of the sit, openly telling me that she doesn want me to be her sit mate. I was heart broken, I wonder if the teacher didn see what she did. I looked left and saw an empty sit, no one was sitting on there although it was at the end of the class, close to the wall but I liked it.

There was no sign that someone was sitting on it so I went and sat on the chair comfortably. I looked up and saw some people laughing while some looking at me pitifully and shaking their heads. I didn understand why they gave me those kind of looks, well for all I care I have gotten a chair to sit and I would be sitting there alone, I was relieved. I brought out my book and started jotting down what the teacher was saying, after some minutes the bell rang and Mrs. Bella left the class.

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