Are you okay?

Artemis asked me as I stood at the entrance of the Rosemoon packs border. I feel the invisible barrier, the border, indicating the beginning and the end of the Rosemoon pack, the same border I crossed to escape the torture, my nightmares of this pack, now I am entering the same land to train them as a different person.

”Yeah, I am good. ”

I assured Artemis. Honestly, you can hate someone you never cared about. I stopped caring for them for a long time.

I sighed as I adjusted the unconscious body on my shoulder. ” Looks like there will be pests around me soon. ”

I walked for thirty minutes before the packhouse came to my sight. I could see Aiden and the pack with them, my nightmares, my past.

I can see their faces. My ex-family, The former alpha with luna, and him, my ex-mate. As I draw nearer to the meeting point where the rosemoon pack with their superiors welcome Elder Marley and my pack, I concentrated on their conversation. ” I assume you are the pack trainer commander Aiden. ” Aiden glanced at Derek, who asked the question. He was about to answer when he flinched.

Aiden flinches when he becomes aware of me unconsciously. The me I am talking about is the sadistic me, the tyrant, the SANGUINEX. Elder Marley glanced at him to see the problem until he sensed me. ” No, He is not the commander. I invited the SANGUINEX to train your packhouse, young Alpha Williams. I invited her to investigate some matters concerning the attacks…. Derek interrupted him ” Her, the SANGUINEX is a she. ” Elder Marley looked annoyed at the interruption but didn show it. He hates it when someone interrupts his speech.

I answered his statement because Elder Marley turned to my position where I stood to observe. ” Yes, the SANGUINEX is a she. ”

I walked in the silence to stand in front of Aiden and observed their reactions. I smiled mentally. Fear is what I smell from each pack member, my appearance, a rogue with its appearance and blood dripping to the ground from my clothes. I don know why Elder Marley tells them my identity because no pack knows that the SANGUINEX is a woman but a man. They know I stay in the goldmoon pack but, not my gender. Rogues are the only wolves who know I am a woman.

I gave the body to a guard and looked directly into Dereks eyes. ” I am the SANGUINEX. I am your pack trainer. Please forgive my appearance. I handled some petty matters, which I will discuss with you in your Office, Alpha Williams. ” Derek looked at me with recognition, and whispered ” Carmen. ”

After His statement, My ex-mother cried. ”carmen. It is you. ” with tears streaming down her face with my dad beside her looking at me with teary eyes. All the pack members who remembered me recognized me.

She came forward to hug me but, Aiden obstructed her from me with hands blocking her from moving. ”Move your hands, please move your hands. that is my daughter. ”

Daughter, now that is a funny thing. I have longed for those words, but not anymore. I have a family waiting for me and, these pests should not bring up the past at all.

”Aiden. ” I looked at Aiden with my eyes telling him I can handle it. He dropped his hand for her to pass.

I looked at the person in front of me, my so-called mother, standing in front of me, looking at me with love. ” I apologize for the disrespect, Mrs knight….. ” she flinched at the name I called her.

”….But I would like to tell you, I hate contact with unknown people, and I am sure we do not have a relationship with each other. ” My ex-mother looked at me with regrets. ” Carmen, I am your mother… ” I interrupted her. ” I have a mother, Mrs. Knights waiting for me at the Goldmoon pack. ” I ignored her to look at Dereks eyes. He flinched. ” I am sure your pack members don welcome people like this. Do not forget my name, Alpha Williams. I hate insignificant disturbances. ”

I returned my gaze to Elder Marley, who stood at my side watching. ” He will die after two days. you can take him for interrogation. ”

He furrowed his brows ” you won do it? ”

”I am sure you do not want him to die immediately after his confession Elder Marley. ”

He nodded at my response. ” Contact me when you find something, and Do not kill anyone, carmen. I meant it. ” I saw all the pack members, who flinched at that statement.

I smiled sadistically with cold eyes and spoke with a cold voice. ” I make no promises. ”

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