”Carmen. ”

Whose voice is speaking?.

”…..Carmen. ”

”Carmen. ” I opened my eyes from the strange voice in my dream to look at my brother Aiden in the front seat of the car.

”Are you okay, I called many times, but you didn answer. ”

I looked at Aidens worried eyes, and I understood why he worried. I don need to be called twice before my answer.

”Is it another one? ” Another one? oh

He meant my nightmares of them. Only my bad dreams of my past can put me in this state.

”I am fine, ” I replied with a quavering voice.

I turned my gaze to the window to know our destination. ”we are in the packs forest commander. ” said the guard driving the vehicle. I turned my gaze to the leading car with Elder Marley and the guarding vehicle behind me.

I relaxed in the seat with my hands on my forehead. ” Are you sure you are okay, Carmen? ” I looked at Aiden in the mirror between him and the guard.

”Yeah ” I turned my gaze to the forest, as I was having a conversation with Artemis in my head.

”Artemis ”


”Did you recognize the voice? ”


”Did you hear the voice? ”

No, what voice?

Carmen, are you well?

That can be right. Artemis didn hear the voice.

”Yeah, Don worry ”

If Artemis didn hear the voice, something is fishy.

I was about to call Artemis when I felt it.

Rouges. They are in the forest, About hundreds of them close to the border of the pack.

”Aiden. ”

” Where are they? ” He felt them too but not their positions.

” Middle of the forest close to the border. ” The guard stopped the car.

” Will you be okay? ” I exit the car with my back facing Aiden and my gaze to the position of the rogues. I can see them moving in their wolves. One of them caught my stare, and I could see fear and recognition in his eyes.

I bend forward to sprint to their position ” I will see you in the packhouse vice-commander. ” I ran.

”Yes, commander. ” I heard after I took off.

I sped with the wind in my hair. I closed my eyes to feel the sensation.

Ah, It has been a long time since I have seen blood. I hope my prey will not disappoint me. I smirked while increasing my speed.


I arrived at the entrance of the forest close to the border. I looked at the border to see no guards. It looks like the rogues severely injured their guards in their last battle.

I turned my gaze forward to the silence. ”I can hear your heartbeat, rogues. ”


”I wonder how it will….. ”

I appeared behind one silently before it could react and dug my hand to his skin and pulled out the heart from his back.

” ….beat in my hand ” It looks like some changed to human form before coming here.

I faced the remaining ones who came out after seeing that I can kill them silently like an assassin.

”Do not dull me, Rogues. ” I threw the organ to the ground. Some followed the sight of the heart on the land. I glanced down to see black claws dripping with blood. The rogues saw my hand, and I smell the fear in their stance. They are mindless creatures, so It is funny to see them panic. I am happy that I am the only one who could make them hesitate before attacking.

I crouched down a little before sprinting forward to attack them.

———————————————————————————————————————1minute later

I stood in the middle of dead bodies. Body parts ripped out, I looked down at my clothes. Black pants matched with a black top paired with a black jacket with blood dripping to the ground.

I looked at the sky, closing my eyes to feel the wind ” AH! I missed this, the sight of blood, dead, lifeless bodies on the ground, ripped organs with them. This is fun ”. I smiled with the wind caressing my face.

”You are a demon, a monster! ” I looked at the alive rogue that I left for interrogation. He whispered, ” demon, monster, demon, monster. ”

I left him with one of his legs ripped out and one eyeball remaining. Don worry. The rogue won die until after two days. Elder Marley will heal him to be alive until after interrogation.

I walked to him ” I am sure you have heard of my name, rogue. Next time think twice before attacking the werewolves territories. ”

I knocked him out before picking him. I looked at the bodies on the ground and sighed. ”Hopefully, they will decay. ”

I swung the body on my shoulder and left.

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