The sound of my black combat boot clicking on the marble floor echoed as I walked into the courtroom. I stood firm and tall, took notice of the people in the room. The four elders including, dad and Scarlett, were seated on the high table at the front, four guards stationed at their places.

I looked at Elder Marley in the eye, signaling him to state my purpose here.

My relationship with Elder Marley is very formal. Ever since the day. I put him in his place. He avoids any form of interaction with me except courtroom business probably, because of my being and my appearance then really frightened him.

Elder Marley gave a folder to the guard close to the high table to pass to me. There are maps and reports about the rogue attack from the Rosemoon packs alpha in the folder given to me.

”Find out the cause of the problem. ” He spoke formally to me and, I nodded in response. I turned my attention to Elder steven for his command. ” I know you don need me to tell you that something is happening strange… . ”

The Rogues are getting stronger day by day. They attacked Rosemoon pack three times now. Almost like they are looking for something, Normally when Rogues kill, there is no second chance, but for the rosemoon pack, they left them thrice a row like they are waiting for something.

”….. in rosemoon pack, Find out what is happening and report directly to the us. ” I nodded in response and bowed to take my leave. I was about to step outside the door when I heard my name ” Carmen ” I stopped walking and tilted my head to the side in response. ” Don kill anybody. ”

I turned my full attention to Elder Marley, who said those words to me. I smirked coldly to him. ” I make no promises Elder Marley. If I am provoked, I go for the kill ”. I turned to take my leave, ”and I am sure I will kill someone since that was my homeland. ” I left the courtroom.


I packed my suitcase in the car provided for this trip. I shot the door and turned my gaze to dad, Scarlett, and Aiden.

Aiden will be accompanying me on this trip for different reasons.

1) keep my temper in check

2) prevent Artemis from coming out

3) Prevent me from killing

Also, Elder Marley will be coming with me for his reason and few warriors.

Scarlett hugged me ” Come back safely dear ”. I buried my face in the crook of her neck and hugged her tight. This feeling of love, someone who is waiting for your return is pleasant. She released me and looked me in the eye. ”promise me ”. I looked at her in response ”I promise ”. I turned my gaze to dad. He looked at me with a pat on the head ” Till next time ”. I mentally smiled at his gesture, it is his way of saying I love you. I turned my gaze to Aiden ” Lets go ”. We left my family to enter the car. ”Family ”, that word fills my heart with joy and confidence. I looked at my family again from the window and turned back to the path taking me to my past.

Ready to show them who you are?

I mentally smiled at Artemiss tone, It is filled with bloodlust. She is craving for blood, their blood, and I will give it to her in tenfolds.


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