I knew that a day would come for me to face them. To encounter the people who are responsible for my demons, my scars, my past. I always wish not to face them at all. Let my past not catch up with me, but we can have everything in this world, can we?.

”When? ” I turned my gaze forward, waiting for Aiden to answer the question. I could feel his gaze on the side of my face, probably trying to read me. He sighed ” I don know. The elders told me to inform you. ”

I stood up to pick my boxing gloves so that I can exit the gym. Aiden blocked my way to hold my shoulders. He looked at me in the eye ” You know I can go in your place to train the pack. ”

I returned his stare ” Pack comes first, Aiden, in any situation. ” He looked annoyed at my answer ” I know pack comes first, but you will face them, your past…. ”

I cut him off ”it is my job, Aiden. ”I shrugged off his hands to leave the gym, but he didn stop there. He angrily blocked my way again.

Now I was getting annoyed by his act ” Aiden, Let me go. ” He looked at me and stood his ground. I met his gaze, warned him dangerously. ” I won be responsible for my actions, Aiden. ” Aiden knows my temper is the worst when it comes to packs training. He knows I swore an oath when I took this position to help any pack in need regardless of any reason. I am a pack trainer and warrior, the best in the supernatural world. My past is not going to stop me because I am facing them. He looked into my eyes and saw that I am serious.

He looked defeated when he saw my expression. ” ”Will you be okay? ” He asked seriously.

I replied honestly. ” I am okay. Facing them won change anything. You are my family, Aiden. Dad and Scarlett too. They stopped being my family since they raised their hands on me. ”

he looked almost satisfied with my answer but still had doubts ” what about him? ”. Him? oh, my mate, well my ex. Wow, I forgot about him as my mate. I don feel the mate bond anymore. It might be there but, I don feel it at all. After his rejection, I always felt something like his emotions or his moments with Stella, but presently nothing.

I responded, ”He doesn change anything. He rejected me for Stella. ” He viewed me the same way they did, a weakling and an abomination. Being my mate won change anything. Aiden looked satisfied at my response but reassured me, ” Talk to me if anything happens. ” I mentally smiled at Aidens care. He saved me from my demons. His family gave me another reason to live apart from Artemis, They gave me a home. Nothing can replace them, not my past or my biological family.

I face myself in the mirror, full black hair with white strands, vivid violet eyes, and scarred pale skin. My whole body has scars from my past and present. The first two years of my stay in goldmoon pack, Scarlett made sure I ate food three times daily. She said I was bony and she was right. Presently I have a lean and fit figure.

Sometimes I still hear their voices telling me that nobody will love me but, I always remind myself that these people led me to my family, my real family, blood or not. Some things happen for a reason whether, bad or good but, it does not justify their actions, and I will teach them how to abuse and torture people with themselves. I said earlier that I would not get revenge but, that does not mean I won teach them a lesson.

I have encountered many rogues, mindless creatures urging to kill anything on their path, and many dangerous supernaturals except the Lycans. I always face danger every step of my way. Tearing my gaze from the mirror to put on my black leather jacket on my bed in my room.

I left my room for the elders courtroom, where all the alphas meet to help their packs. I stopped in front of the door, I know I can always meet up with Aiden to replace me in training my former pack, but it will show that I am weak, and I hate weakness. I promised Artemis that I would never be weak. I worked hard to get this position, and I am not throwing it away because of them. The guards at the sides of the gigantic golden door bowed their heads in respect before opening it for me. I took a deep breath before entering the room for another meeting.

Time to see why the moon goddess is sending me back to them.

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