”You know….. if you show emotions, you might not scare people away ” I paused, my fist an inch away from hitting the boxing bag. Ragged breaths left me as my chest heaved from the exhaustion of my body. I shifted my gaze from the boxing bag to the clock at my right side on the wall.

7:00 am.

I have been working out since 4:oo am because I couldn sleep. They will always haunt me, their voices, the nightmares. I stood up straight to look at Aiden with a blank face. His light blue eyes shifting to the clock before looking at me with amusement. ”All the packs that we have trained are scared of you including their alphas. ” I ignored him, Removing the boxing gloves from my fists. I stepped away from the boxing bag and walked over to the bench where my bottled water was. He followed and sat down with me, looking at me with worry, ”carmen, did you have a nightmare? ”.

I looked at Aiden. He looked at me in the eye, ”Is it them?. ” I answered ”Yes. ” He knows how to read me, him, and dad. He sighed ” you know there is therapy. You won go, I can force you, Dad can force you. ”

I stood up to stretch my muscles, bending backward to extend my abs and forward to stretch my back. ” I told you I don need it. ”

”There it is, that monotone voice!. That monotone voice is the reason why you don have friends. packs are scared of you. ” Aiden exclaimed. I straightened my body to reply him.

”I don need friends or anyone to like me. I have you, dad, and Scarlett. ”

It has been five years since I left Rosemoon pack. Five years since I freed myself from the abuse and torture. Five years since he rejected me. Five years since my scared wolf, Artemis, and I became one. Five years since the Millers found me passed out in the forest. Five years since I joined their family. Three years since I became the best pack warrior and trainer in the werewolf society and earned myself a nickname the SANGUINEX, a Latin name for bloodlust, blood, and bloodthirsty, Two years since my name is known in the supernatural world.

Since I became a sacred being thanks to Artemis, they are a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Werewolves have great speed, strength, and eyesight. But a sacred wolf like myself has more than that.

Aiden has tried to make me less anti-social and less scary. In the werewolf society, my name is known for blood, anger, and fear. People are terrified of me. No one has seen my wolf form except for the goldmoon pack because I don shift. I fight in human form. My speed, strength, and eyesight are wolf genes without Artemis powers.

I am known to fight rogues, to fight viciously, shedding their bodies without remorse and drenched in their blood without Artemis help.

The Millers family trained me to get here today. My adoptive father, Elder Hunter Millers with Aiden found me passed out at the border of the Goldmoon pack. A month since I left Rosemoon pack with no food, water, or clothing. The pack starved me, so I didn have strength in my body. I was using Artemis power to travel and one day I collapsed. Even though Artemis is a scared wolf, My body was too weak to handle the amount of power she has. Hunter and Aiden brought me in the pack, took me to packs hospital and the doctors treated me. They told me that I woke up one month later. Artemis said my body was too weak and it was getting used to the presence of a sacred wolf.

I was no threat to the pack, even if I was, Death would be my friend in the next minute. The goldmoon pack is the superiors pack, The elders are the ones who live here, they make the laws that we werewolves abide by in the society. The pack is not like other packs, they have trained warriors, all are men. The only female in the pack is Scarlett, my adoptive mother and no she is not dads mate. She and dad are siblings. Dads mate died while giving birth to Aiden.

Dad and Aiden didn ask me for my identity, they told me I looked lifeless, someone with no goal in life. They sheltered me in the pack to stay and I accepted since I had nowhere to go. I stayed in the room provided for me. I stayed in the room for a week with food in front of the door every day. Artemis stayed quiet during that time. She told me that she wanted me to discover things for myself. To see if the moon goddess didn create the wrong person for her. Now I am thankful for her not speaking then.

The silence was killing me, my sacred wolf was not speaking to me. She told me that she will always be inside me. I need her to plan my life after recovering all my strength in the pack.

I laid on the surprisingly soft bed, I guess, I got used to my sleeping bag.

I heard footsteps outside the door before sitting up on the bed. I welcomed the person in. The older man that found me whose name I learned now was Elder hunter Millers. He looked at me seriously and said words that I didn know will change my life. ”Are you giving up? ”

I looked at him, he continued ” those scars on your body are signs of abuse, you were successful in running away from the abuser, but you are giving up now? ” I was surprised at his bluntness. I knew they saw the scars on my body, even if my sacred wolf was successful in healing my wounds, scars will be left behind to remind me of my past.

” I don know your story but if you want to get revenge on him, I can train you ”. He offered to train me, a trespasser who hasn crossed paths with him after the hospital. I asked a simple question ”Why? ”

He said, ”My wife was in the same position as you, although it was her family that abused her before I found her ”.

I took the offer and trained with Dad. He was and still is a father figure to me. Aiden and I grew close through training. I formed a bond with a family of two. I don show emotions to them or anyone apart from Artemis but they know how to read me very well. I was introduced to Scarlett who became my mother figure on my birthday, my first birthday. To be honest, I don remember my original birthday. we celebrate it on the day they found me at the border. My first gift was to be adopted into the millers family. That day was the first time I smiled in a long time, a joyful smile. I had family who helped me through my nightmares, A family bond with people, They acknowledged me as their own.

I was introduced to the other elders apart from dad and Scarlett.

Elder Marley and Elder steven. Elder Marley and I don see eye to eye at all.

he made that pretty clear on the first day we met. He found out that I was the daughter of a beta who couldn shift. He always used that to taunt me.

I was practicing the new moves that hunter taught me in the training grounds with a few warriors training on their own when he came back to taunt me again. Elder Marley, unlike Elder steven who observes me not in a creepy way, just to figure me out. Elder Marley loves to throw the fact that I cannot shift not knowing of the beast inside me observing him.

”You know …… ” here we go again. Can he just leave me alone!. I ignored him, trying to recall what hunter was doing before he left to get something. ”….. If you can shift at this age, why are you alive? I mean nobody would want a weak she-wolf who can shift especially of beta blood, I don understand why Hunter wants you. ”

I stood up straight to take a deep breath and focus on the move again. Artemis, my sacred wolf was fuming, snarls and growls in my head every second at the elder. I breathe in and out to try and control her anger.

”Carmen, did the moon goddess create an abomination to the point where you ran away from home? I am thinking that your family didn want a mist- ” He had gone too far. Artemis was mad. I tuned my ears to silence around us, the attention was on us now.

My hands were wrapped around his throat lifted above the ground squeezing the life out of him. He looked surprised at my appearance. Artemis was almost in control. ”CARMEN! ” I heard my name from Scarlett and Aiden. I didn hear them coming to the training because of my rage. They appeared at my side trying to free the elder but I didn allow them. ”Carmen, you will kill him! ” Aiden exclaimed at me with his hand on my arm trying to pull it. I didn turn my gaze from the elder at my mercy. I loved the fear he was emitting at my presence. ”Carmen ” Hunter stood in front of me with Elder steven ” Free him, He is not worth it ”

Hunter is right, Elder Marley was looking for a reaction and I gave him one. Aiden and Scarlett left my arm when they saw my loosened grip around his neck. I tightened it again bringing him to my face and spoke ” Next I am insulted by the likes of you, I will squash you like the bug you are. ” My voice was deep, guttural, and strong like Artemis. He was scared, I could smell it, the fast beating of his heart, I could hear it, I loved it, his fear. I growled in his face before dropping him on the floor. I looked at Hunter, he was looking at me with questions and I know why. Artemis was half in control, her eye color must be showing. I looked at my hands to see black elongated claws. I could feel my teeth extended like fangs but longer, I felt it touching my jaw. I shifted my gaze to everyone and I saw fear and questions in their eyes before I fainted.

That day, dad and the pack found out about Artemis. My family was not happy that I didn tell but they understood my point of view. I didn know how to tell them about being a sacred being but that didn strain our relationship. Dad said it explained why my presence was forcing him and everyone to submit. it was more powerful than an alpha. My family and the warriors treated me normally and helped me to learn how to work with Artemis.

”Carmen, are you listening to me? ” I realized that I completely zoned out in the conversation with Aiden.

”Are you okay? ” Aiden looked at me with worry. I nodded my head to ease his worries. he sighed before taking a deep breath and speaking again

”Carmen you know I love you right? ”I nod not knowing where the conversation is going.

”and you are the second-best that has happened to me after my mothers death. ” I still nod, trying to understand where the conversation is leading us to. ”I just want to assure you that Dad, Scarlett, and I love you and you are my little sister, blood or not……. ” Ah…. There it is. ever since I told dad, Aiden, and Scarlett about my abuse. Aiden has been reassuring me that he is not like Dylan, he won abandon me and I know. I and Aiden are like twins, he is three years older than me, not blood-related but we have a special bond as siblings do. he is always checking up on me, training with me, staying with me when my nightmares are very bad, talking to me. Artemis adores Aiden, she adores our family.

I looked at Aiden ” you will always be my big brother, blood or not ” he looked at my eyes and was surprised to see the amount of softness in them. he knows that I love him with all my heart, I love my family very much.

he sighed out in relief ” I love you too little sis ”.

I sat down on the bench after my stretches and looked at Aiden seriously ” what happened ” I know something is bothering him, for him to say that.

He looked nervous at me before looking at his fumbling hands with them, then at me and mutter to himself although i heard it ” here goes nothing ”

”We are training a pack next week……. ”

”Okay ” That is our job, so why is Aiden looking scared right now?

He whispered, knowing that I will hear him loud and clear ” We are training them, the rosemoon pack ”.

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