The good dreams I had for the last five years were the day I would have my wolf , feel the wolf in my mind and the pack accepting me as their own, but now I don know what to do.

I have a beast claiming me as its host in front of me looking at me with red eyes . I don think this beast is a normal wolf because of the size and the color of its eyes. All wolves including alphas and other superiors in a pack have golden eyes and white, grey or brown furs in different shades . I can see the color of fur because of the darkness .

”I don have a wolf, and you don have a human? ” I am shocked at the beasts revelation of me as its human and I am sure that wolves are born with their humans.

No you don have a wolf because I chose you and no I don have a human.

”You said something about sacred , what is that? ” honestly I am still shocked at my boldness infront this beast , I am not sure if it is a trespasser but if it was , I would be dead minutes ago.

I am a sacred wolf because I am the child of moon goddess and the lycan god.

Being abused has deprived me from werewolf education, but before that night when everything was normal I learned about other species like vampires , lycans, witches and so on. But what I didn know was a child of the lycan god and moon goddess.

Lycans are stronger, faster and more dangerous than werewolves . ” so are you a lycan or a wolf and how am I your human ? ” I don have a wolf , I am weak and this beast is claiming me as its host, a beast from the moon goddess and lycan god.

Stop calling yourself weak! and I didn make a mistake of choosing you.

”H-How did you— ”

I read your mind , I can hear your thoughts.

”How? ” I whispered to the beast .

Like I said we are one , you are my host ,my human.

I have been watching you since you were born . My parents which are technically yours because of me created you for me . You don have a wolf because you are mine.

So I have four parents , well if they consider me as their child .two are normal and two are gods because of the beast standing in front of me outside my window in the storehouse.

”Why are you reaching me now , why are you not inside me ” I am confused because wolves are born with their were.

You are matured to have me now , my powers were too large for you to handle before and I was sealed by my parents because of that. You are not the first human that I have approached but you are for your generation.

”Sealed? ”

Yes I was sealed , I am more powerful than my parents and I couldn be controlled because of my powers and without my human.

Long ago , before the creation of supernaturals , I was created by the lycan god and moon goddess together as a beast without a host . I couldn be controlled without a host , so I was sealed by them. The lycan god and the moon goddess decided to create their species separately and kept me secretly. Other supernatural gods learned about my existence and decided to kill me but I couldn be killed , my powers were too strong for them. So they decided to create hosts to control me, each gods created their hosts but each hosts that I approach would die or submit at my presence,so they decided to stop until the moon goddess decided to create you without a wolf and see if you were the chosen one and if you are , the lycan god will give his bloodline like a link between the lycans and you because I am half lycan.

”So I am your host….., you are my wolf or beast….but I am weak …I mean the pack rejected me hence, our mate rejected me ” I mean It is because of my wolf that they betrayed me , he rejected me ,so what is the point of it coming now.

Like I said before you are not weak, you are stronger than me , you stayed and endured the torture for five years , you didn turn mad because of his rejection , you didn kill yourself because of the pack. I thought you will be dead before I come to you but you are not. YOU ARE NOT WEAK WITH OR WITHOUT A WOLF.

I looked at the beast before me with teary eyes , I felt something in the darkness of my heart . I wished for comfort from someone all these years and I got it from a beast, my beast.

It was right , I am strong , I don need this pack, this family or him . they stopped being my family since that night . he stopped being my mate since he chose stella .

Besides derek is not my mate , my mate can be any supernatural but he was yours and he rejected you. You don need that pathetic alpha , you don need your parents , you don need your sister or your brother , you don need this pack. They left you , betrayed you, abandoned you, abused you , tortured you . even if I am a beast, I know that a family does not treat their relative like that.

Carmen , you are strong,you are stronger with me and we are the strongest together.

The beast was right , I don need them , all I need is need myself and my beast .

I stood up and looked up to the eyes of the beast . I made a vow in my heart , I am going to be strong not weak , I am going to stand not fall and I am never showing my emotions to anyone apart from the beast. Even if it wasn with me through my hard times , it was the first thing that comforted me in a long time , it was my family now and I am going to be strong for both of us. I am not going to revenge on this pack but to show them that they will never break me at all.

I am running to start a new life with a new identity , the past is past .

I looked at my beast with a new resolution ” where will you be ” i knew the beast could hear my thoughts of running away and starting a new life.

I am always within you when you need me . close your eyes and don reject my presence.

I closed my eyes to feel the beast within me . I felt it in my mind going through my memories and settled deep in mind .

I opened my eyes to see the injuries on my arms healing , I felt the injuries on my back healing , I felt stronger than before. I could hear different sounds, smell different scents.

I walked towards the broken mirror and gasped , my black hair had white strands of hair and my brown eyes turned violet. I turned my body left and right , I didn feel muscle pain like before.

Since we are one, the lycan god gave you his bloodline , your appearance changed because of that.

I could hear my beasts voice in my head ,it felt amazing and weird at the same time .

The ceremony is about to end , we must hurry.

I turned from my reflection to the door and walked towards it , opening it to feel the wind , I looked up to the moon and smiled . Finally I can leave this territory to experience life with my beast.

I shifted my gaze to the path leading to the border of the pack . I took one step , then another and another briefly hearing ”YOUR NEW ALPHA AND LUNA ROSEMOON PACK ” .

Good bye Rosemoon pack.

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