After cleaning myself in the river close to the forest before any pack member could see me, I walked to the pack house on time passing dirty looks, disgust looks, hatred, parents warning their pups to stay away from me. I ignored them all. The younger me would crawl up to a corner to cry but this me ignores the looks, the pain, the betrayal, hatred, everything.

Entering the back door of the pack house to start my daily chores ” OMG I can wait for Derek to make me his luna ”, stella is bragging to her friends about this nights mating ceremony for the future alpha to find his mate and become the alpha with his mate as the luna, Only alphas can find their mates the day of the mating ceremony at the age of 18.

Stella and her friends with my ex- best friend Ariana passed me with disgust looks walking towards the door leading outside.

The ceremony starts in 3 hours and I have to clean dishes and clean the pack house , the luna and my mother with other females will be cooking the dishes. ” I cannot have this filth contaminate the food with her germs ” the luna told my mother.


The ceremony started 1 hour ago with the pack members celebrating their new Alpha and luna; Derek and stella . i know what you are thinking, he didn reject you? , ooh, he did reject me earlier before the ceremony.

I was passing the alphas office to clean the 10th room in the pack house when i smelt him before me , he looked happy ,then angry at me probably realizing immediately that i am his mate . he walked passed me pretending like nothing happened and i did the same . i stood for him to pass me and i bowed my head in respect ” stella is my mate and my luna not you filth ”

he passed me whispering the words for only me to hear him ” yes alpha ” i replied .

Those sentences alone were enough for me to know that he rejected me and didn want anything to do with me .

i forgot to mention earlier that only werewolves with alpha blood have the ability to choose another mate if their real mate is dead. The moon Goddess gave them that freedom. They are known as chosen mates. In my case i was rejected , the first being without a wolf and to be rejected in the werewolf society.

I entered the storehouse walking towards my sleeping bag, I knelt down to my small bag filled with 2 pairs of worn- out jeans and shirt with 3 pairs of bras and panties looking for my pajamas, my only PJs.

These clothes were stolen by me from my previous stuffs in my parents house before they could burn all my belongings.

I don own anything apart from the sleeping bag and clothes since that night.

I changed into my PJs and sighed.

”I have to wash my clothes again in the river tomorrow. ” I muttered.

I could hear the joy and happiness from the pack members about their new Alpha and Luna . I am sure if it was I as the Luna they won acknowledge me instead propose that Stella should be the Luna. Since derek is choosing stella ,the bond between us will break but not fully since we are real mates, not chosen and the same goes for stella but stellas mate-bond with her real mate will choose another for him , their bond will break fully if he is not an alpha.


I know, I sound jealous and I am , If I said I wasn ,it is a lie . Before it was me as the closest sister to my rother, baby to my parents, we were close as sisters but I preferred my rother more , Friends with the Luna, now mate with the future alpha but it is her, always her.

I shifted my gaze to the moon to clear my bitter mind about this pack. The moon is always my source of calmness , always has and always will. I could smell the scent of the earth, closing my eyes to enjoy the scent.

I opened my eyes to look at the moon but something caught my right eye and it was not a thing , it was an animal, a big animal, a wolf bigger than an alpha.

Is that possible? I thought in my head.

yes it is Someone answered my thought.

A voice spoke in my head, a strong, firm voice it was kind of deep. i looked around to look for the source .

.Thanks for the compliment

I stilled on the ground at realization, it was the wolf . I looked at it , walking towards me in the darkness from the trees and stood infront of my window looking at me. i never felt so small in my life.

you are not shaking in my presence nor feeling the need to submit , you are the one.

It was really the wolf talking in my head. ”huh ” i looked confused at the animal infront of my window ” The one? ” i repeated what it said to me .

you are my host , my human

I looked dumbfounded, no i am dumbfounded. ”your human ,to be precise you are my wolf? ” i spoke . i am shocked that my voice is not shaking or wavering infront of this beast or big-alpha wolf.

well, yes i am your wolf ,also to be precised, your sacred wolf.

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