”Carmen, remember Hunter. ” Elder Marley said with his back facing me, walking to the car with the other guards leaving me, and Aiden behind.

I turned my back to him laughing inwardly, facing the Rosemoon. ”I know, Greet, father for me. ”

Some wolves who recognize me gasp in surprise at my sentence, looking at my ex-father in sadness. I scoffed inwardly. Karma is a bitch.

I tapped on Aidens shoulder, mind linking him Are you alright?.

Aiden fears the SAGUINEX, probably because he doesn like the emotionless me. I am always dispassionate to people, like a robot, but not my family.

Yes, I am. Are you okay?.

I looked at him to see him worrying. I nodded slightly to answer his question before changing my gaze to the rosemoon pack precisely Derek has been looking at me.

Aiden, take it from here.

He nodded slightly at Derek. ”Alpha Williams, please accommodate my commander and me. ”

Derek looked at me, waiting for me to talk. I looked at him in the eye with Artemis aura slightly to him. He shifted his gaze immediately.

I chuckled coldly. Does he think I will talk to him?. forcing me to speak with his Alpha aura?. I sighed inwardly. He is not the first idiot to do that. I would let it slide, but not Artemis, She hates it. The first Alpha to try that almost died because of her aura. It is like challenging her, a god.

”Alpha Williams ”

Everyone looked at me, including him. ”I am sure you don want your pack-members to die in seconds. ” Everyone paled immediately except Aiden.

He looked at me in surprise, thinking, I am bluffing.

I smirked coldly at him ” I am sure you heard of Alpha Eric dying in front of me…. ” I paused to look at everyone before turning my gaze to him. ” Don challenge me. ” Some wolves looked at Derek to me, having an idea of the conversation.

My mother came forward, trying to smile to ease the tension.

” Carmen, we…. ”

”Don let me repeat myself, Mrs knight ”. I snapped my gaze to her cutting her off. She stopped and paled immediately.

”She is your mother, carmen! We are family. ” a deep voice sounded in the short silence. Aiden stiffened slightly before relaxing. I paused at that statement before turning my sight to him. ”Ah. ” I sighed to look at my ex-brother. He looks the same as my previous look. Black hair with brown eyes. I am surprised that my ex-mother recognizes me, given the fact that Stella is the favorite because her looks are the same as my ex-mother.

I shifted my gaze to Stella, who is with Derek proudly standing with Lunas mark on her neck, which supposes to be mine. she looked at me in contempt while clinging to Dereks arm. It seems like she knows the fact that I am Dereks mate, or else why would she be showing off. I didn spend any time on her before shifting my gaze to Dylan, my ex-brother, the one who said he will be there for me but he left, abandoned, torture me, abuse me like the rest of them.

Sometimes it hurts that he abandoned me. He was my closest family, my best friend before anyone, the kindness he showed to me was fake, everything they showed to me was fake. Regardless of the fact I couldn shift, they should love me no matter what. They were my family.

The difference between my adopted family and my blood-related family is kindness. I was a runt. I couldn shift but, hunter helped me, a stranger. They didn , they didn want a disgrace.

I sighed again ” ah ” and chuckled. The minute I chuckled, everyone started shaking to the ground. The atmosphere was cold, unfeeling, like my heart towards this pathetic pack. Artemis wants control, she wants to kill them. Every one of them.

How dare they!

How dare they! she snarled in my head

Stella screamed. ”whats happening!. ” How weak.

Derek looked at me in shock, trying to use his alpha aura to invade mine. The same goes for the beta family. It is useless, I am half-god. How dare they challenge me.

”Sister ”

”Sister! ” Aiden shouted.

”Calm down, calm down Artemis. ” He repeated many times like it was a habit. Aiden struggled up to grab my hand. I looked at the hand clasped with mine and Artemis murmured with my mouth. ”brother. ” Aiden looked at me, knowing it was Artemis, then looked at Dylan who is struggling to raise his body.

” Apologize, Apologize now Beta knight!. ”

Dylan looked confused at Aiden before meeting my gaze, especially my eyes which shifted colors between red and violet.

He looked surprised, and confused at me, probably thinking about the fact I have a wolf, Aiden shouted again at him.

” I am sorry, commander carmen. ” Thats right, I am not their family, not anymore. I reduced Artemis aura slightly to none. she gave me complete control. I sighed inwardly seeing Aiden by my side. It looks like Hunter will lecture again about control.

I am sorry Aiden.

He positioned himself before looking at my eyes and sighed in relief.

Yes, Remember I am your family now.

Yes, I know that, but sometimes it still hurts. I grew up, deemed as a disgrace to the pack, left, and came back to see them, pleading for my love. If they were feeling remorse, the luna would not be Stella. I have been keeping track of the Rosemoon pack since the first rogue attack,

I asked one of the guards to check for a former name in the investigation, and guess what?. They didn look for me, none of them. They continued their lives like I wasn born. If Aiden was not around, I would wipe out the pack from this world. Every one of them.

I turned my gaze back to them, especially the two families, both Alpha and Beta, struggling to stand up.

I smirked coldly with slightly elongated canines. ”Somehow, this scene looks funny to me. Am I right Alpha Wiliams? ”

I continued. ”Remember my warning, Mrs knight. My name is miller, not a knight. If this mistake repeats, I don think the pack will exist after Alpha Williams era. ”

I didn look at her reaction before turning my gaze to Aiden. ” My brother will take the lead. ” Aiden nodded at my command before turning his gaze to Derek. Turning a blind eye to their reactions, I left them to scout the whole pack.

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