I laid on the floor while they whipped my back with a silver whip. Even if I don have a wolf, I am still a werewolf.

Pain is my bestfriend, the emptiness in my soul, heart and mind grows. It is too deep.

”Next time you will be up early, am I clear? ”

I didn answer. He is wicked , I didn know he has this side of him , this is pure hatred.

”AM I CLEAR? ” my brother Dylan yelled.

Using my remaining strength to talk loud for him to hear ”yes Beta ”

He grunted and left with future Alpha of Rosemoon pack, Derek.

This has been my morning routine everyday for 5 years. I couldn shift at the age of 13 and my Family rejected me . You see, In the werewolf society, young pups must shift at the age of 13. It is part of werewolf genes and I am the first being to not shift .

”You are an abomination

I can believe I gave birth to you

You are a disgrace to our kind



I can believe you are related to me ”

I still hear their voices from that night speaking to me again, reminding of what I am and I didn block it out this time.

I sighed and stood up to look around my room , thats if it is a room .

It is the storehouse behind the packhouse where supplies are kept in .

I limped to the broken glass mirror that my sister, stella threw on me because I didn fold her laundry.

Blood surrounds me dripping from my back to the floor . I touched my right sid

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