Royal Entanglement

The First Meeting

Prince Xander stabled the large stallion, then ran his hand through his hair, pulling it into a bun at the back of his head. There was still no prey in sight, and his instinctive hunting activity had began to grow boring. He let out a small sigh as he lowered the bow yet again, his eyes keen on searching the bushes in front of him.

”Your highness! A deer is on the other side of the baobab! ” One of his servants yelled and he turned, searching for the said tree. He didn have to look too far, as the bushes there suddenly moved.

Prince Xander broke into a smile and brought out an arrow. He fixed it in the bow, then raised it, one of his emerald green eyes closing to help him focus. His heavily defined cupid bow lips slightly parted, as he pulled the arrow back, slowly moving the bow within the trajectory the animal was taking.

Just before he let the arrow go however, his trusted stallion started to move around, its hoofs hitting the ground hard, picking up dust.

”Colt! ” He said, his voice stern to get the horse in control, but it suddenly started to swerve even wider, turning around, immediately upsetting Prince Xanders balance. The horse would not even allow any of the servants close to it, and they started to run around, looking for a way to tame the horse again.

Prince Xander tightened his foothold as his upper body swerved around, causing him to turn upside down, his hair flying behind him.

Like a little spell, the first thing he saw were a pair of light brown eyes, thinned to slits. He swallowed, just as the stallion swerved again, this time nearly throwing him off.

”Colt, halt! Halt! ” He yelled again, and it suddenly stopped, becoming calm again.

Prince Xander could hardly see with all of the dust the ruckus had caused. He straightened, the bow and arrow somehow still held firm between his fingers, his hair falling in front of his face as he leaned forward to regain his balance.

He caught sight of a dress, a rather simple dress compared to the embroidery of gold and silk he was used to seeing worn by the ladies of the upper classes.

He moved his hand to his hair and slowly pushed it away, and he came face to face with the same pair of brown eyes.

”A snake can do a lot of harm, your highness. You should beware of them. ”

Prince Xander suddenly raised the bow and arrow again, aiming straight for the lady. She did not flinch even as he shot, the sharp pointed arrow barely missing her and cutting open her hair band instead, letting her hair fall loose.

Thick black hair fell across her shoulders, down over her chest, and she thinned her eyes even more.

”Even more so, flying ones, my lady. Do forgive my disrespect. ”

She said nothing, but turned to the now dead snake at her feet, the fangs still open.

Prince Xander noticed the slight b

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