id nothing more and just bowed. Rita walked out of the hall with her maids following behind her.

After Rita had gone, Mena raised her head and sighed.

General Livius and King Richard are in the room with the guard injured, Steve. The Royal Physician was getting to leave after he had checked up on the guard. ”He needs to get enough rest so as to regain his strength. ”

He brought out a small bottle and said, ”Three drops of this should be added to his food every 8 hours. It will enhance his healing. ” He said and dropped the bottle on the table beside the bed.

”Is that all? ” King Richard asked. ”That will be all, Your Majesty. ” Royal Physician bowed down to the King and he left.

”How are you feeling now? ” General Livius finally asked. Steve nodded his head, unable to answer with his mouth as he was a little overwhelmed with the presence of both the King and the General.

”So straight to the question, who do you think of that may have carried this attack out? ” King Richard asked without wasting any time.

”No-nobody. ” Steve stuttered. General Livius could see that he was overwhelmed by their presence so he tried to calm him down.

”You don have to be scared or anything, okay? ” Livius said while smiling at him and Steve nodded again and he calmed down a little bit. ”So, do you notice anybody acting strange before or after you were hit by the arrow? ” Livius asked him more gently than how Richard did.

Steve shook his head in declination. ”Well, except for Yoddal. ” He said after thinking for a while. Richard and Livius looked confused because they had never heard of that name in the palace. It does not even sound like a name someone from Yoniez would bear.

”Who is Yoddal? ” Richard asked him. ”The new maid in the palace. ” Steve replied.

”In what way does she behave that makes you suspect her? ” Richard inquired from him again. ”No, no, Your Majesty, don get me wrong. I do not suspect her for anything. All I mean is that she has been acting weird since she got here. ” Steve said, not allowing Richard to misunderstand him.

”Then what do you mean? ” Livius asked him, tired with the guards beating around the bush.

”Ever since she has gotten here, she always looks at me in a weird and mischievous manner. Even before the arrow was shot at me, she was with me earlier, asking me series of questions and disallowing me to focus on the work with her deliciously intoxicating scent and her flawless skin, with those long silk hair. I think she is using magic to look that beautiful. ” Steve said as he stared into space in a daze.

Richard and Livius exchanged a surprised look at each other with one thought in both of their minds, This Yoddal is indeed suspicious.

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