At Rovindall

General Livius bowed gently to the king and Queen of Rivendell; King Olan and Queen Holly. The king was not totally surprised since this particular General has been coming to see their cold General. Although their General does not pay good attention to this general, it was something and they could not help but wonder if their General would end up with this man.

”General Livius, you
e here again. ” King Olan said,smiling.

”Yes, your highness. Im sure you know why Im here. ” General Livius said politely.

Queen Holly smiled at the General, ”Of course we do but General Cyan is actually busy with the newly recruited soldiers and I doubt if she would pay you any attention right now. ”

”Well, I don mind waiting till she is through. ” General Livius said to them.

King Olan gestured that he sits down and General Livius did.

”What exactly are you discussing with General Cyan? ” Queen Holly couldn help but ask.

General Livius sighed, ”Your highnesses, King Fithon is planning on taking over our kingdom. ”

”King Fithon has a strong army, you know. ” King Olan said to them.

”So you need the help of General Cyan. ” Queen Holly said.

General Livius nodded.

King Olan sensed that the situation was dire for the General of Yoniez to be able to come to their own kingdom considering the fact their king Richard does not associate with any other kingdom. However…

”General Livius, it may be best that you leave. ” King Olan said to him.

General Livius was surprised as to why he was asked to leave. Could he have said something wrong?

”But why your highness? ” He asked worriedly. Heavens only knows what will happen to their kingdom if he was not allowed to see General Cyan.

”Well, you see it always takes a long time before they finish their training and Im afraid you have more important things to do than to wait here. ” King Olan said.

”Oh no, your highness. What could be more important than the safety of the kingdom. Im sorry if it comes out being rude but I can surely wait. ” He tried to say gently so as to not come out being disrespectful.

King Olan looked at him thoughtfully for a while before nodding his head gently in agreement.

At Yoniez

King Richard, Queen Rita, the kings mother, Brenda and the little prince, Golver are at the dining hall and eating their breakfast. The atmosphere was calm.

Brenda could not feel any tension in the air and so believed that Richard and Rita had ended their argument and was relieved. But at the same time, she hated the silence and decided to break it.

”Little prince, do you like the food? ” She asked him fondly.

The little prince nodded vigorously but then his mouth curled up in distaste on seeing dry greenpeas in his food. Brenda noticed this and asked him if he dislikes greenpeas and the little prince nodded yes.

Brenda decided to feed him. She picked the spoon up and removed the greenpeas from it and then feeds the remaining to him. She continued the process.

Richard noticed that she is no longer eating her own food. ”Mother, you should eat your food as well. ”

”Yes, I will. Right after Golver has his full. ” She replied not stopping her feeding of the little prince.

Rita looked up and said nothing. She was still angry that her mother-in-law was the cause of her fight with Richard.

They all continued eating until they heard some noise from outside and a guard quickly rushed in.

”Your highness, ” The guard bowed to the king respectfully.

”What happened? ” King Richard asked him as both he and Ritas attention was still on the food they were eating and Brenda was also feeding the little prince.

”Your highness, one of the guards was hit… ”

”Where? ” Brenda asked worriedly.

”Just outside this dining hall. He was guarding the door with me. ”

It was just then that Richard and Rita placed their attention on the guard as they were both shocked. Same for Brenda.

”What?! ” Rita exclaimed.

Richard rose up to his feet immediately, motioned to the guard to follow him and he walks towards the door

”Where are you going? ” Rita asked.

”To see the guard. Lead me to where he is. ” He referred the last part to the guard without stopping.

Rita stood up from her chair and followed him.

Brenda called on one of the maids to keep feeding the little prince and to not forget to remove the greenpeas from his food. After that, she also stood up and followed Richard and Rita.

At Rovindall

Hours have passed and General Livius was still waiting for General Cyan to return from the training. He was sitting awkwardly before King Olan and Queen Holly.

Queen Holly was smiling at him with the hopes that both he and their General Cyan will end up together as General Livius was not bad looking. She however cannot say this out for she knows that it wouldn sound reasonable to others even to herself but what can she do but hope.

King Olan was instead looking at General Livius suspiciously and no one could tell what was in his mind. Nobody said a word.

Finally, after some other good minutes, General Cyan arrived in her training attire.

She walked in with the newly recruited soldiers. The soldiers bowed and greeted the King and Queen respectfully.

They both replied their greetings and the King Olan waved his hand to dismiss them. The soldiers left immediately understanding what the King meant.

General Cyan did not behave as if she saw General Livius sitting there.

”I will be retiring back to my room, your highnesses. ” She said expressionlessly.

As she makes attempt to leave, Queen Holly said, ”General Livius of the kingdom of Yoniez has been waiting for you. ”

General Cyan then took a glance at General Livius and nodded her head at him. She continued walking to her room.

General Livius was confused because he thought that the Queen having told her that he was here, she should have said he should come in or something and so he was still sitted and looking at her as she leaves.

”General Livius, she already told you to follow her. ” Queen Holly told him.

”Oh, she did? When? ” He asked more confused as to when she told him to follow her.

”Now. ” Queen Holly answered him again.

General Livius tried to think of the time she told him that. It took him a few minutes before finally realizing that the movement she made with her head was her answering him.

He immediately stood up and followed her.

King Olan was wondering how a man who happened to be a General not understand that little communication General Cyan did with her head. He wondered if he was dim-witted while Queen Holly was only smiling and thinks that the reason General Livius reacted like that was because he was awestruck by General Cyans beauty and was secretly in love with her.

She looks at King Olan and smiled at him. King Olan shot her a confused look as he wondered why she was smiling at him all of a sudden.

AN: This is to let you guys know that ”Rise of a Queen ” will resume officially on September 2022.

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