her back.

However luckily for him, Rita entered the room quietly but feeling angry inside. She lay down on the bed facing the other side without saying anything to Richard.

Richard was uneasy and decided to talk things out with her.

”Rita, can we talk? ” He said in a small voice but Rita refused to reply him. This made him feel much more bad.

”Rita please, lets talk this out. ” He pleaded with her.

Rita finally sat up and faced him, ”What do you want to talk about? ”

”Im sorry for shouting at you. I didn mean to do that. ” He explained. ”I just feel that we should stop throwing parties for the sake of the townspeople… ”

”We did not invite them, did we? ” Rita cut in.

”Yes, we did not but… ” Richard tried to continue but Rita interrupted him again.

”Exactly ,so why do we need to consider them? Moreover you are the king and the king is always right. We should be more concerned about Glovers happiness and these parties make him happy, we should not take that away from him. ”

”Okay. ” Richard had no choice but to agree with her.

”So the parties are still intact? ” Rita asked but in a final tone in which Richard nodded to.

Rita smiled and was about to go back to sleep when Richard decided to talk to her about Adhley.

”What you said about me still being in love with Adhley, I just want you to know that I was never in love with her. ” He said.

Rita sat back up, the smile on her face immediately vanished. ” And how am I supposed to believe that? Anytime I say anything about her you get all worked up especially if I utter bad comments about her you end up getting angry at me and this has been happening for the past 6 years. I am confused honestly. And you expect me to believe that you are not in love with her? ” She said sadly.

To be honest, Richard was also confused on how he was feeling but he dismissed it as guilt.

”I am not in love with her. I just don want you talking about her or her child. Even if we killed the child you should know that my blood still runs in that childs vein. Im definitely do not need you to remind me that I killed my own child. ” Richard tried to explain to her why he behaved the way he did even though he himself was not totally convinced.

Rita sighed and realized that it must not have been easy for him over the years with the way she constantly reminds him about the murder of his own child by himself. But she could not help it after all she was just trying to remind him of the person he claims to love. At that moment, she seemed to realize everything that he has sacrificed for her and she felt bad for being selfish and not considering his feelings with the way she always speaks. ”Im sorry. I didn know that it would be so hard on you. ” She said remorsefully.

Richard gave her a gentle pat on the cheek and smiled, ”Its okay. ”

Both felt relieved that they were no longer fighting and they slept comfortably in each others arms.

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