6 years later

The ballroom was filled with people of high dignity. The guests were walking up to the throneroom to greet the little prince who would turn four years in a few days. The king has been throwing parties in honour of his sons approaching birthday. The little prince was smiling from ear to ear as he immediately opens each gift given to him.

The kingdoms army general walked up to the throne room and bows to the king, ”Your highness ” he bowed down respectfully. ”General Livius, its very nice of you to come here today. ” The king said, smiling. General Livius gave the prince his gift, the little prince smiled happily as General Livius rubbed his head in an affectionate manner, ”I wouldn miss it for anything even if its not really his birthday yet. My queen ” He bowed to the queen who immediately turned her head from the women she was talking to. ”Oh, General Livius, how wonderful it is for you to attend today. ” She said. ”Queen Rita King Richard, why do both of you think that I wouldn come? ” He asked them.

”Well, you have been quite busy lately. ” Queen Rita said rather accusingly. ”Come on Rita, we all know there must be a reason behind his disappearance. ” Richard said. ” Yes, you are right, your highness. As you know that Ive sent a spy to the kingdom of Mocris and from the information Im getting, looks like their king is planning on taking over this kingdom ” General Livius explain seriously. ” Is he still on that? ” Richard asked angrily. ”That should not be the question right now, my king. It should be, how do we stop him? ” Livius told him more calmly. ”Yes, how do we stop him? ” Rita asked him worriedly.

Both of them could not believe that someone would want to take away the kingdom they worked so hard to get even if it was through dubious ways. ”What about that General you were talking about the other day? ” Richard asked him. ”Yes, what about him? ” Rita also asked. ”That was what I have been busy with. The general did agree to form an alliance with us, but looks like she would be busy for a little while but not to worry, shell definitely help us ” Livius said feeling pretty proud of himself.

Rita heaved a sigh of relief as Richard said , ”That is very good. You see, that is why I trust you so much. I knew you would know how to tackle this situation. ” ”Thank you, your highness. ” General Livius bowed down. He left after smiling to the little prince who in response grinned at him.

Rita turned to her husband, ”Its such a relief to have him in this kingdom ” ”Yeah… ” He nodded his head in agreement, ”Lets just hope that Fithon (King of Mocris) have a change of heart concerning this matter ” ”Even if he would start a war between the two kingdom, he should do it after my sons birthday. I don want anything ruining his birthday for him ” Rita added.

Just then, a lady walked up to them who looks so much like Richard. She is obviously Richards mother. She spread her arms wide opened and hugged Richard, ”Richard. ” ”Mother ”He said hugging her back. The woman hugged Rita also and Rita smiled so widely. ” I hope you both know Ill be staying here till my grand sons birthday ” She told them. ”Well , of course mother. It has been like that every year ” Rita told her assuredly. The woman, whose name was Brenda, smiled happily and turned to the little prince. As soon as he saw her, he quickly stood up and hugged her.

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