CH 40

Both teams had selected their champions.
As the timer hit zero, they entered into the loading screen.
The viewers could see the compositions of both teams.
On the top half of the screen was the blue team led by LovelyRose.
They had a top Riven, mid Syndra, jungle Lee Sin, ad-carry Caitlyn, and support Nami.
Lin Feng’s red team was on the bottom half of the screen.
They had Malphite in the top lane, Orianna in mid, jungle Rengar, ad-carry Sivir, and support Morgana.

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Ah Mei glanced at the enemy team’s lineup before her gaze fell on the portrait of Rengar.
Her lips curved up into a disdainful smile.
Rengar? Brat, you’re in way over your head if you think you can carry with jungle.
She originally thought Lin Feng would pick ad-carry, which left her feeling a bit apprehensive.
After all, she was only Platinum 5 at best.
If that kid really was a Diamond player, she might face some issues in the bot lane.
Now, however, she felt completely at ease.
After all, the two Master-rank players in her team were the top laner and jungler.
And she refused to believe he could be better than her own jungler.

Ah Mei tabbed out of the game and sent her jungler a message on QQ.

「Play your best this game.
I want you to completely crush that Rengar.」

The Lee Sin player chuckled confidently.「Don’t worry, Rose! I’ll make him wish he was never born!」In the current meta, Lee Sin was an S-tier jungle champion while Rengar was a low A-tier, high B-tier jungler.
Plus, he was confident in his Lee Sin.
Shutting down a Rengar would be a piece of cake!

Ah Mei nodded in satisfaction.
Thinking about how she would humiliate this brat and Evening Snowfall again, she couldn’t help but break out into a sadistic smile.

Su Xue returned to the room with water.
She set the glass aside on the table in front of Lin Feng, then whispered to him, “Give it your best.
I’m counting on you to get revenge for me!”

Lin Feng confidently nodded.
He muted the mic for a second and turned to Su Xue.
“You can trust in me.
I’ll expose her for the trash she is!”

Su Xue couldn’t help but burst into laughter.
“Hey, hey, watch your mouth! That’s kind of excessive, don’t you think?” Even so, she felt her spirit lifted.
With that kind of promise, how could she not have faith in him?

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“Excessive?” Lin Feng shook his head.
“After what she did to you? Not at all!” His eyes flickered with a sharp light as they fell on the portrait of Caitlyn.
To condone her viewers committing such terrible behaviour, not even feeling the slightest bit remorse, and behaving even more arrogantly….
For this kind of person, no punishment was too excessive!

《Welcome to Summoner’s Rift!》

While the game announcer’s voice welcomed the players to the rift, the trolls from LovelyRose’s stream continued flooding the chat of Su Xue’s stream with vulgar and negative comments.

「Jungle Rengar? More like shitgar.
Watch him get stomped.

「lee sin hard counters counters rengar!!!!」

「what rank is this kid anyway? anyone wanna bet lee stomps him within 5mins? kek」

「tsk tsk, thinking he can carry with jungle XD where does his confidence come from?」

Su Xue’s old viewers and the new arrivals from Ol’ Black’s stream couldn’t stand for these nasty remarks and continued fighting back.

「shut your mouth and watch your lee get slaughtered」

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「Watch your language, okay? Can’t you guys just behave and watch the game?」

「stupid trolls…….
lil bro will make you eat your words!」

Su Xue’s viewers, both old and new, had complete confidence in Lin Feng.
Even if Lee Sin was a Master-rank player, they still believed their li’l bro wasn’t any bit inferior! Of course, they were only partly correct, for he wasn’t just not inferior, but completely superior in every aspect!

When the jungle minions spawned, the game officially started.
Lin Feng killed Gromp first with the help of his bot lane and directly reached Level 2.
Then, he had his Rengar head straight for the river.

Eh? The viewers were stunned.
Rengar isn’t doing blue buff? Then, their eyes went wide as they realized what Lin Feng was planning.
He was going to invade the enemy jungle to catch Lee Sin off guard!

Su Xue’s viewers became excited.

「God damn! What a chad!」

「that’s our li’l bro right there!!!!」

The trolls became a bit anxious.
Still, their Lee Sin was Master-rank! So, they started stirring again in the chat.

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「a lv2 invade? is he stupid or something??」

「this kid delusional or what?」

「HA! What a joke XDDDD Watch him die!」

Lin Feng couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to the chat.
His full focus was on an early Level 2 invade! He guided his Rengar through the river and into the enemy jungle near mid lane, going straight for the red buff camp.
This jungle path was pretty much bullet proof, because he knew Lee Sin was going for a red start.
If Lee Sin did red buff and tried to gank mid lane, he’d catch his target.
If Lee Sin did golem camp first and headed for red buff after, then it was even better.
So, regardless of whether he started red or golem camp first, he would be around the bot side jungle for sure.
In other words, there was no way Rengar could miss his target.

Rengar moved along the walls and stealthily entered the brush next to the red camp.
He was immediately greeted by the sight of Lee Sin just starting on red buff.

“You got him!” Su Xue excitedly blurted as she spectated from the side.
Her viewers were equally excited in the stream.
Meanwhile, the trolls felt their hearts sink to the pits of their stomach.
It appeared Rengar’s invade was going to succeed.

Lee Sin was fairly vigilant.
After hitting the red buff twice, he led it toward the brush.
Where normally this would be the safe play, now it was a recipe for disaster.

Lin Feng didn’t give the opponent any time to react.
He immediately unloaded his highest damage combo onto Lee Sin, taking full advantage of the full ferocity stacks he built up from fighting the gromp earlier.

Lee Sin instantly lost more than a third of his health.
He tried to escape with Flash.
However, Lin Feng easily pounced after him with Unseen Predator.
Then, he threw out an auto attack followed by a Bola Strike to slow the Lee Sin down.

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Lee Sin slammed his fist down on the ground to slow Rengar down and buy himself enough time to escape.
But it was all futile.

With so many bushes around in the jungle, it was simply impossible to escape a Rengar.
A few seconds later, the announcer’s voice rang out across Summoner’s Rift.

《First blood!》

Lee Sin’s body collapsed to the jungle floor.

Su Xue’s viewers erupted with excitement, flooding the chat with impassioned praise, while the trolls were stunned silent.

At bottom lane, Ah Mei was also stunned, an unsightly frown appearing on her pretty face.
“What the hell happened?” she roared.
How did her Master jungler end up giving away first blood to that kid?

The Lee Sin player’s expression was extremely unsightly.
He never expected something like this to happen.
He felt a strong urge to ram his head into a wall! Why was the Rengar in his jungle this early?

Lin Feng quickly retreated from the blue team’s jungle.
As he made his way back to his own side of the map, he glanced directly at the webcam with a smug smile.
“Oh? Did the trolls stop talking? Got nothing more to say?” His voice was calm, but it felt like a ruthless slap to the faces of all the trolls.

Rengar ’s abilities build Ferocity.
Upon reaching full Ferocity, his next ability becomes empowered and grants him Movement Speed on cast

Rengar throws a bola, slowing the first target hit for a short duration.

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