Parallel World Earth

November, 5th, 2022

”THEY HAVE BEEN DOUBTED, THEY HAVE BEEN DISCOUNTED, THEY HAVE BEEN DI**ISSED, BUT D-R-X ARE YOUR 2022, WORLD CHAMPIONS! ” Screamed the commentator as the Staples Center erupted into cheers. After a long competitive year of Smite-Esports, DRX, the number 4 seed out of Korea had won the world championship.

At this time, a young man sat at his desk, watching the events through the Twitch Livestream and sighed and said, ” Another worlds, another year where NA can even make Quarters. How disappointing. ”

As time as gone on, North America and Europe have simply fell further and further away from the peak of Smite-Esports due to a variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons being the ranked system was much worse than Korea and China, and that the pro player simply didn play as much or weren as motivated compared to Korea and China, at least from the outside looking in.

The young man watching the stream sadly closed the tab. The young man was Augusto Zais. By all accounts, he was a genius. At just fourteen, he had graduated high-school and was accepted into one of the most prestigious universities in the entire world. Now he was 17 and after three years, he had graduated from University with two degrees, in Business Administration and Foreign Languages. He could speak a variety of languages such as Mandarin, Korean, English, German, French and more fluently and could also read and write them.

However, Augusto had never wanted to become a regular worker, who spent their entire life working 9-5 to fill someone elses pockets while struggling themselves. Throughout his entire life, he loved gaming, and when he learned about E-Sports, he knew he wanted to become a pro gaming player. Unfortunately, his family said he must complete University before he was given the chance to become a pro player.

The E-sports industry was one of the largest industries in the world. Billions are invested into the E-Sports industry every year, with training facilities in schools almost everywhere across the world. Tournaments for various different games were held every month. Stadiums were built specifically for E-sports events and esports pros were well regarded by everyone. Yet, Smite was the largest E-Sport in the world by far. With reportedly over 80% of people under the age of 26 being somewhat invested in Smite Esports, the superstars of Smite were even larger than movie celebrities. They had tens if not hundreds of millions of followers on various social media sites and were recognized across the world, Augusto wanted to be like that.

Now, having graduated two months ago, Augusto put all of his time into getting better at Smite in order to become a pro player. His dream was to lead North America to their first ever world championship, but year after year of watching worlds and seeing the talent-pool in NA, he knew his dream was basically impossible. Still he didn give up his training. He played hours of ranked every day, and with pro players from all over the world on his NA server for ranked, he played even more. Even making it to #67 on the Champions Queue NA server. When he wasn playing or sleeping, he was analyzing games from the top teams in the world. Particularly, the mid laners. Augusto was a mid laner himself, so he paid extra attention to others. However, Augusto hadn been approached by anyone even after playing so much in so many high level games, he wonder what he needed to do.

[ DING! Detected the Hosts strong desire to be the Best Esports player! Esports King System Activated! ] A voice rang out in Augustos mind.

” Huh? What is that? A System? ” Augusto asked timidly as he looked around.

[ DING! The System was created by a ROB to fulfill the desires of a lucky human. The Host was connected to the system at birth and the hosts desire had finally reached the level for the system to activate. The System will help the host to become the greatest Esports King to have lived and to ever will have lived!]Said the mechanical voice in his head, to which Augusto nodded. The system then began showing all the different features it had to which Augusto learned all of them.

[ Does the host want to watch his attributes? ] Asked the System to which Augusto nodded.

Augusto Zais Attributes ( Out of 100 ):

Mechanical Skill: 66

Consciousness: 70

Laning and Suppression ability: 61

Farming Ability: 60

Team-Fight Ability: 60

Calculation Ability: 91

Reaction Time: 67

Adaptability: 52

Concentration: 60

Version Understanding Ability: 65

Augusto looked at his stats and cringed. Augusto learned that his average between the 9 stats was 65 while the average for even the worst professional player in the SCS, the Smite Championship Series, which was the league for North America, was 77, while for the SCK, the Korean league was 86 average. Augusto thought he was close to being a pro player, but now he realized he was so far away and how better he needed to even graze a Korean Pro.

Not only that, there was also a status page that showed Augustos proficiency in each God / Character in Smite, and compared to even the worst SCS mid laner, Augustos proficiency was not close at all.

To talk about the meaning of each stat:

– Mechanical Skill simply meant the persons mechanical ability, such as aiming, smoothness of movement and how well they perform specific operations.

– Consciousness meant ability to read the map and the gain. How well they track the jungler, timers and how well they understand and react to the happenings on the map. Also how well they understand inputs of their opponents.

– Laning and Suppression Ability meant how well you are in laning. How much pressure the player is able to exert onto their lane opponents.

– Farming Ability meant how well and efficient the player is at farming gold and exp, such as last hitting.

– Team-Fight Ability meant how well the player is at playing Team-Fights and how well the break down and understand the different happenings in a fight and react to it in the best possible way.

– Calculation Ability meant how well the player is at calculating different things such as timers, ability cool-downs and specific damage numbers.

– Reaction Time meant how fast the player can react to things that happen.

– Adaptability meant how well the player can quickly adapt to things happening in game, whether they were expected or unexpected.

– Concentration meant how well the player can concentrate under pressure, such as in front of fans, or in important games.

– Version Understanding Ability meant how well the player is able to understand the different changes between game updates.

[ DING! System has seen the hosts desire. The Novice Gift Package will be given. Does host open it? ]

”Open the Novice Gift Package! ” Augusto said.

[ DING! Congratulations to the host for obtaining Divine Body Potion! ]

[ DING! Congratulations to the host for obtaining God Level Mechanical Skill! ]

[ DING! Congratulations to the host for obtaining 10 attribute points! ]

Augusto looked at the different rewards and what they did. The Divine Body Potion gave Augusto a Divine Body, which not only made him handsome, but also made it so that his attributes would never fluctuate or decrease randomly. It also made it so that eating unhealthy foods wouldn negatively effect him and he would never become too slim or too fat. There were a couple other perks.Augusto would simply obtain a perfect body for a professional gamer.

The God Level Mechanical Skill reward was quite simply. It boosted the level of Augustos Mechanical Skill attribute to full, which is 100. This was obviously amazing. The amount of people with Mechanical skill over 95 was incredibly small, yet Augustos mechanics was the limit of human potential. This meant Augusto was basically never miss an ability or auto attack, he would play every situation mechanically perfect to what he wanted to do.

Finally the 10 attribute points could be used to put 10 points into any stat. Augusto decided to put the points into Consciousness, meaning he had 80 points in Consciousness.

Finally, Augusto took the Divine Body Potion and went unconscious.

– 3 Hours Later.

Augusto finally awakened in his room, unfortunately, a disgusting smell wrang through the room, instantly making him look at himself. Black, fishy smelling liquid was emitted from his body and covered his skim. Augusto ran to the bathroom and took a hot shower, cleaning his disgusting skin.

After an hour long shower where he soaped himself too many times just to make sure he was clean, Augusto looked at himself in the mirror.

He was previously 59, but now he was 63. His body frame was perfect, with toned, lean muscles covering his skin that was very noticeable yet not too big to make it unattractive, they were the perfect size. His skin was snow white, without any impurities at all, his face was handsome, with abyss black eyes and curly hair that was previously dyed blue. His chest was shredded with abs, a 10 pack to be exact and as for his little brother…well it was a dragon now.

Augusto tossed on clothes and went to his PC, loading up Smite, getting ready to play ranked, when suddenly, the mechanical voice of the system rang out in his ears,

[ The Host has finally began his rise to becoming the Esports King, but for that hell name a new Gamertag. One that is perfect for commentary, but will send fear into his opponents. Choose a GamerTag to use for your career. Note this would be used for not only E-Sports play, but all social media including Twitch and YouTube. Reward: 5 Attribute Points ]

[ In 3 months, the SCS will host a play-in tournament. The winning team will enter the SCS as a new team replacing Team Dignitas whom have pulled out. Reach the top of the NA Champions Queue Ranked Leaderboard in order to be scouted by potential teams. Reward: A God Level Skill! ” ]

Augusto looked at the quests and smiled, turning to the first quest, he sat and thought for a second. He needed a unique gamertag. One that wasn currently in use but also one that would be memorable. It also needed to be short, 6 characters max as the longer a name is, the worse it is to remember and for commentators to commentate. Many iconic plays had incredible commentary, so Augusto needed to account for this. This would also be the name he would use for all socials, so even more important.

In the end, Augusto decided what it would be, ” My GamerTag is


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