n known what exactly happened to the adventurers. They were aligned to the Church but they weren loyal, just aligned they went to church and were good people.

Hard times hit them and they were willing to accept just about anything to make ends meet. Elehorn didn care if they died; he only wanted what was rightfully the Churchs. He didn want to send in the Scriptures to capture the Angel; they were too valuable in destabilizing the neighboring Neunum Kingdom to the Elves.

Uniting the Human and Elven races were crucial to the survival of both races from the outside forces of beastmen. The Heavens Creation was that key to our races survival, according to eyewitness reports its able to find mines of resources and just dig them up like it was worth nothing. The Elven Monarchy would learn of this and begin searching for gold in the area.

Except it wasn the resources that Heavens Creation could find. No it was because it has the capability of going to Heavens itself. All it needs to do is call a Heavenly Carrier and off it goes. That was according to myth. Except even if it was not true, it could still be used as a weapon of war.

And this report all but confirmed it. It splattered a grown man into a nearby tree, and broke another mans bones and crushed him with its hands. But the mage that was sent along with them was nowhere to be seen, not even her remains. So it was likely she was sent to the Heavens.

If we could contact the Gods through Heavens Creation it will be possible to learn everything about their magic and they get to keep her. This will allow us to unite the Human and Elven race then eventually the world. The Gods will clearly bless us with their gifts to allow us to win so he wanted to know that he thought that the word capture was not the correct word per say.

He thought the word communicating with Heavens Creation was a better word. The adventurers were nothing more than decoys so we can jump in and save it. Then gain the goodwill of the Gods. That was the plan, but things have been complicated from this report.

”Head Priest Elehron, what should we do now? You can send in my Scripture to capture Heavens Creation, while another frees it. We are more than willing to sacrifice ourselves for the gods. ” Said Sun-Rose Scripture Leader Alcca, Elehorn turned towards him, his white robes fluttering while he turned to his left.

”That will not be necessary, Alcca. Even though your Scripture is most successful in handling wild beasts, Heavens Creation is not a wild beast. It is the perfect creation of the Gods so no, your men will not go. ” said Elehorn.

”Im sorry Head Priest, please forgive me. ” Said Alcca bowing down to the Head Priest.

”Either way, this will prove to be difficult. All we know is that Heavens Creation is starting to become more and more hostile, as ordered by the Gods. ” Said the Black-Bonnet Scripture leader known as Flosschw.

”That is true Flosschw, how about we be more direct this time tricks will not work. Theres a saying ”No pain. No gain. ” The Head Priest said.

”So how should we go about doing this, Head Priest? ” Asked another Priest, it was difficult to ascertain what it knew and what it did not know. Asking it would be a great start instead of just attacking it.

”Alright I think we should approach this from another angle. I say we should- ” Then a runner busted into the room.

”Sorry about the interruptions, Head Priest but we just got a message. ” The runner said.

”Speak. ” He ordered.

”Yes milord. A couple of hours ago we found the mage adventurer we sent in to capture Heavens Creation You-, ” he hesitated at the report ”You should come see it, she doesn look the greatest. ” Was all he said.

”Show me. ” Was all his response, the runner nodded and he began to follow him. They arrived at a house with worried church nuns.

”Head Priest! Sister Hinmus, shes acting weird. ” Said a nun. He didn respond. He only made his way to the church she had grown up in.

When he entered the church she was quietly sitting in the front row empty handed. It was clear shed seen better days. Sitting next to her he asked ”Tell me what did you see? ” For a moment there was silence.

She slowly turned her head towards her, he soon saw just how lifeless and hopeless her eyes were like they were a puppet. They were cold gray colorless like some just drained the vibrance.

Then she spoke in a language I couldn understand. ”Him. ” I didn understand it was in a language that Hes never heard before.

”What did you say Priestess Hinmus? ” He asked, wondering what she said.

”Him. ” She said again. Then he noticed something was off. On top of those lifeless colorless dull eyes had a thin layer very thin. Like it was placed on top of her eye.

It looked like it was in the eyes itself.

She then put her arm up and pointed at him.

”Him. ” She said again this time with a slight noticeable fear.

Then a small voice came out of her head. It was hard to hear but with his enhanced senses he could barely just hear it.

”Alright, you
e free. ” I then realized it was the gods.

”Please do not go, my lord. In all your greatness you can ignore a follower of the faith so please hear me out. ”he asked them bowing.

”Wait. ” Said the voice in the unintelligible language.

Then she began to scream in pain as a blue light was coming from the back of her neck. Then it stopped.

”NO! NO! NO! I DONT WANT TO GO! ” She screamed then she stopped and her eyes closed.

It then opened up her eyes were a different color now from the original gray lifeless eyes they were now a slightly different color. A slight reddish-green.

”We are not gods. We
e merely explorers from the stars. ” She said, her voice patterns different from before.

”That can be in all of your greatness calling yourselves explorers is just a bit too lowly don you think? We could conquer the- ” He was cut off from the Priestess.

”We have no interest in world domination. We have no interest in your religion, nor this world. Not even the greediest of politicians would be willing to waste money on a place like this. ” The Priest said in the primary language of the Theocracy.

”Really? This is nothing more than a small church. Surely we should take this somewhere else and negotiate with you go– ” He was cut off again.

”As we have said before, we have no interest in taking over this world. That includes negotiations, we
e contempt with just observing. That was decided by our leadership and as weve said before we are not gods. We
e nothing more than explorers from the stars.

If you do any more attacks on The Wanderer we will have no choice but to perform military action to protect our research interests on this world. Anything else that happens is only up to our leadership. ” She said when the blue light came back from her neck for a few seconds she didn scream in pain when it stopped. Expecting something else he readied himself. But she came back ”Are.. they… gone? ” She whispered very little light was in her eyes.

He realized the extent of how much she was broken. Down to the soul, whoever did this to her knew what they were doing. It was clear that whoever did it also had mind control magic.

”Get up. Follow me. ” He asked her, she shivered.

”I can . They want me to do something else. Everything they say has a double meaning only I can understand. They told me I would die if I betrayed them but they told me to continue living my life to the best of my ability. But it was clear they had something else planned for me. I don know so no Head Priest don take me. They know everything I know. Everything I will ever know they will know. They have an uncanny ability to see. ”

”I think I can fix that. ” The Priest said.

”You can ! ” She yelled.

”Why? ” He asked, she paused. A tear fell down her cheek.

”I don know but I vividly remember being told no matter what you do you can remove what they added and broke. ” She said she was crying at that point and she sobbed on his white robes.

”Alright, return back to your class when you feel better. Ill tell the school to not count absent for the time being to allow you to recover. Ill also have someone to check on you everyday. ” He said.

”Thank you Head Priest. ” She said before leaving for her room.

”What the hell is happening? ” He silently asked himself.

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