around for nearly a century at this point. ” I said, her jaw dropped at the answer ”Well what do you want to play? ” I asked, going back to the topic at hand.

”I don know anything really good. You can choose. ” She said.

”Alright. ” I said, I then went through the list of games that are available and I settled on a simple game Connect 4. Another holographic version of the Connect4 set appeared on my desk.

”This is a short game, and its easy too, so I want you to try it. To win, get four of the coins in a row. It can be vertical, diagonally, or horizontally as long as you get four in a row. You can go first. ” I said, Sora then picked up a coin and placed it in one of the slots, the farthest one to the right. It fell to the bottom of the set.

”Your turn now. ” She said, I then picked up a coin and placed it on top of her coin, she then followed up by placing it on mine. Afterwards I placed it on another tile next to hers blocking it.

She then blocked mine. This went on until there were no more places to put it and the match was declared a stalemate.

”Although this game is simple. You have caught onto it quickly, how about another game a bit harder. ” I said, clicking on a game of checkers. I explained the game to her and all the things you could do, and we got playing. I ended up winning, she did better than expected. But she went to sleep as she had classes the next day.

I already slept so I had to be a night owl. So I decided to go to the Control Room where I could control Hope remotely. I went to my computer terminal and checked Hopes status. It was fine although there were multiple potential hostels according to sensors. So I continued trying to figure out who it was.

Hope has a multitude of sensors such Heat Vision, Night Vision, Sonar, Radar, and Motions Sensors for example which both have a Scientific and Military usage. Turning on the Heat Vision I spotted a group of 3 people. Their body structure matched that of the Humanoids of the Planet, nothing extra such as wings, or tails.

So it had to either be a Human or Elf. Turning on the Robotic arm I loosened the restrictions that were placed on Hope so none of the science equipment gets damaged, and not only that I check if it had anything of scientific value before heading into a potential fight.

Hope did, so I ejected it in a box and ordered a Skycrane to come down to pick up the scientific findings, which will arrive at the planet in about 30 minutes. The unknown assailants were clearly scared, the many microphones in hope picking up their conversation.

I knew the Language of the Elves so I could tell what they were saying.

”What the hell is it doing? ” Asked one of the assailants, marked as Unknown 1, a male.

”I don know? It looks like its preparing to fight something. ” Said another, marked as Unknown 2, a female.

”Wait, it looks like its preparing to fight. Us! ” He said ”Get away, it can see us! ” Yelled Unknown 3, they all got away and tried to hide behind the tree.

”How? We have invisibility spells, nothing should be leaking? ” Asked Unknown 2.

”I don know, but we have our orders to knock it unconscious, then notify the nearby Imperial Soldiers to put it in a cage. ” Unknown 3 said, at the order I activated the emergency Fight Protocol inputted during the Early Days of the Jovian Rebellion.

Hope then unfolded its wheels that turned into triangles, allowing for better mobility, along with its other extra arm to unfold. Turning it into a battle droid, a large one at that. A few minutes passed as Hope continued to unfold its attack rover part of itself.

”Shit! How did it do that!? Attack it! ” Unknown 3 ordered, then one of them came out hitting Hope in the process which did not even leave a scratch, only chipping the paint, and gave the attacker a shattered sword.

”What the?! ” Said the attacker, in response I ordered Hope to kick the guy into a nearby tree. When the kick came he was still in shock and was thrown into a tree killing him on the spot and also splattering him against the tree staining it with blood.

I then ordered Hope to chase the other attackers, which it did with brutal efficiency. Hope came across one of the assailants, a female and a mage, the one which used the invisibility spells to hide them from Hopes main camera.

Hope then grabbed her by the torso. She was a mage that made her a high value target to capture and gain information. They were usually the ones who knew the most of things. At least magic wise, but she was probably only informed the bare minimum from whoever hired her. I could ”convince ” her to go back down the surface and get more information on who hired her people.

Hope then put her in a specialized container designed to catch and hold animals and put an anesthetic in the container rendering her unconscious. Originally planned to be used on animals to render them unconscious and preserve them to be sent to an ONeill Cylinder thats a Nature reserve with other animals in its local environment, but works just as well on humans when capturing them.

”No you monster! Let her go! ” Yelled the last alive and free attacker, marked as unknown 1 the leader of the group, he charged at Hope with a sword.

”Would you like to be with her? Don worry, well take good care of her. ” I said through the microphone my voice appearing on Hopes speaker.

e a monster, Ill free her. ” Hope then grabbed him. He was trying to get out of Hopes grasp. He kept struggling to get free even though I was getting close to crushing him. The pressure slowly increased and then. POP! His bones broke and went out of shape. He died of shock a few seconds later.

After that anti climatic battle, I requested a plane to pick up the cargo, which I will be personally in. I quickly made my way to the Psionic room and got into my Psionic Pod and then connected to my AVATAR which was in the room where AVATAR was held.

Getting up I got my gear on, and made my way to the hangar bay where three Space Planes were waiting. I got into the Space plane that was called 3749er.

”Sir, the plane is ready for launch. ” Said the pilot, we then got in the plane. I was the co-pilot in case anything happened like we were attacked, although we could just outrun anything in this world. But its better to be safe than sorry.

The plane then taxied to the runway and prepared for launch. The runway itself wasn that long, actually there just needed to be a space separate from the hangar bay itself so no depressurization occurred and everybody would die. It launched the plane via catapult and the plane made its way to the empty void of space and then to the atmosphere of Remis Prime.

The ride was silent as we descended down into the atmosphere outside of the occasional turbulence, other than that it was silent. When we landed Hope was busy loading its scientific materials onto the rocket which launched a few seconds after we arrived.

Blood splatter was everywhere, including one dead body, the only one that was identifiable.

”Looks like Hope was busy. ” The pilot said sarcastically.

”Yep, alright help me with this cargo, press that button there. ” I ordered the pilot who pressed on the lock buttons which unlocked it from the casing of Hope.

”Thats heavy. ” The pilot said, but we were able to pick it up and put it on cargo hold of the plane. When we finished we cleaned up Hope and her hands so it looked good as new. We then left with the package.

”So whats in the box? A new species? Or considering all the blood there I would say a prisoner? ” The pilot asked as the plane made its way up the atmosphere of the planet into space.

e correct on the prisoner part. ” I said.

”Oh. So we
e kidnapping people for our little reservation or what? ” ” The pilot asked.

”Not exactly, but I may end up putting her there with some friends since I also have her friends genome after Ive done what I plan on doing with her. ” I said.

”So you
e getting that desperate huh? ”

”What? No, nothing like that. Im going to get information out of her to figure out who sent her after Hope, if I couldn get any information Ill break her to make her an agent to find information on who sent her. ”

”Ohhh? So CIA style then huh? You know I recently heard that one of their newest agents is a natural at breaking people. ” The pilot said.

”How did you learn of that? ” I asked, the plane just exited the atmosphere and began making its way toward the station.

”I have friends in high places. ” The pilot said.

”I see. ” Was my response, the ride was silent after that.

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