”Correct, as I stated before I want your consent to where we can land our base. ” Eagle said.

”Whats with the red dots? ” Reia asked.

”These are the suitable landing locations for our base. Its quite picky where it lands so we had to reduce the locations to where we can land it without breaking it. Theres even less locations where you can land it when you factor in places already inhabited. ” Eagle explained, he then performed a couple of hand gestures over the map which caused it to focus on the few available spots of where they could land.

After both the Chieftain and the Head Priest Brismad overlooked the map a couple of times before quickly speaking to each other and then agreeing on the location on where to land it.

”We would like you to land your base near the Valleys plateau. Its far enough from people that whatever your planning won bother anybody, nor is it near any places of religious or historical importance. But its close enough to allow for ease of access between the two of our civilizations. ” The Chieftain said, ”Although my decision is made I do need to talk with the rest of the Dracochen Council to gain their complete approval from the other tribes. ” The Chieftain said.

”I would like to thank you people for accepting our proposal. Let this be a long fruitful relationship between our two civilizations. ”Eagle said while holding out his hand for a handshake, the Chieftain took his hand and shook it.

”It is my honor. ” The Chieftain said, the meeting was over and now a new age for this world begins and I was able to witness its formation.

Eagle later left the building and I ended up following him ”Hey Eagle! ” I yelled to him after we were out of the building.

”Yes? ” He asked, turning around in the process.

”So Im assuming youll be leaving soon? ” I said to Eagle.

”No, Im not leaving soon but tomorrow morning they need to get the transport ready and its half between this worlds moon and the World so it needs time to get here, which will be around tomorrow morning. The plane is scheduled to pick me up tomorrow morning. ” Eagle said.

”I see. So do you have any plans for today since its only Noon right now? ” I asked him.

”Not really, Im someone who doesn have much free time on his hands. Do you have an idea? ” He asked me.

”Well I was thinking about heading to the River just for a walk you going? ” I asked.

”Sure its been a while Ive been to a river that isn liquid CO2, or any other Gasses, nor a river where Im not trying to be killed by angry Clan Seperatist. So why not? ” He said, his skin going for a lighter tone than his normal Blue skin color.

So we left the Valley mountain side and began our way towards the center of the Dracochen civilization, the cultural capital known as Drastad. When we arrived we were being eyed by many people although it was clear they knew we were here they didn expect us to come down here.

Although it was clear they were looking at Eagle and less at me, well he was a multi meter tall blue giant that was probably capable of fighting an Ogre head on without a sweat. We went down the town and passed many shops, things were mostly lively until they all noticed Eagle but things seemed mostly fine.

Everyone probably assumed he was a newly discovered race or something so they quickly continued their day. The children on the other hand were more curious as they constantly gawked at him until Eagle suddenly stopped, and yelped.

”AHH! ” He yelped, I turned around and found a young Dracochen holding his tail with a large smile on his face although Eagle was not exactly happy about that.

”Please don pull my tail kid, how would you like it if I pulled your wings. It would hurt so please let go. ” He asked the kid, who didn let go only stared at him with unfiltered curiosity.

”Johanne! Let go of the poor mans tail! You know its disrespectful to grab other peoples tails or wings! ” Said what I assumed was the kids mother ”Im sorry about my kids antics you know how they are! ” She said while pulling her kid away from Eagle.

”No matter what world Im in I always somehow become the center of attention of children. ” He said.

”So this is a common occurrence where you go? ” I asked.

”Sort of, it just depends where I am though. Well anyhow we
e here at the river. ” He said, so we found a secluded spot and just sat there with our feet in the water enjoying the flow.

”Did you know this was a popular place to go to during the summer for Dracochen? ” I said to Eagle.

”Really, well its somewhat similar to this river on a certain ONeill Cylinder that is a tourist attraction because its well known for its mountains, rivers, hot springs, beaches, and ski resorts. It essentially has all the resorts and attractions in one Habitat. ” He said.

”Youve been there before? ” I asked.

”Yep, I was sixteen before I joined the military. My Dad, who is in the Navy, his ship was stationed nearby so I was able to go there at a huge discount. ” He said.

”Really? I can imagine the place having all those things. ”

”Well to fully enjoy it you have to go there yourself. When my leave is given I am planning on going there again. ” Eagle said.

Without thinking I immediately asked ”Can I join you? ” He was clearly confused at my sudden and unexpected question.

”Well I mean you can, its just that my superiors are clear on not allowing anyone on the planet offworld, Ill have to ask them about that tho, so maybe? ” He said.

My mind went blank at his answer until I was able to form an answer till I realized what I asked him. ”ImsorryatthatquestionIdidn meantosuddenlyaskandall- till I realized ”Huh? So you
e saying I can go if your superiors approve of it? ” I asked.

”Yes I would be fine with it. I don really have anyone to go with, Im single so you can tell where that will go. My family is really busy with their life right now. Im really the only person who technically has free time. My sister is essentially a wage slave under the RDA my dad as I said is a sailor for the Navy and nearing retirement, my mother passed away a couple of years ago. So yeah I would be happy if you went with me. ” He said.

”Oh, so I guess if you ever get permission to take me youll pick me up here in Dracostaf? ” I asked.

”Well yeah. This is the only place I can pick you up without arousing suspicion. ” He said.

”Well, I don really know you Rune. ” I said, using his real name instead of his alias.

”Well I say we should use this as an excuse to get to know each other better, Sora. ” Rune said, I ended up laying on his arm in the process. Although a voice behind us came out of nowhere.

”Sora, what are you doing with Eagle? ” Asked Reia, who we didn notice that was behind us.

”EECK! ” I yelped, jerking up getting off of Runes arms in the process.

”Nothing, we were just talking and I got tired and all. ” I said, although it was partially a lie and partially true since well we were talking just about things someone wouldn expect.

”You know you shouldn just run off like that, weve been looking for you for the past! ” She exclaimed.

”Sorry. ” I said ”Well would it be fine for us to wait for The Wander to come. ” I asked Reia.

”Well thats why Im here. The Wanderer has arrived at the front entrance of the Dracochen Valley.. ” Reia said.

”Huh? ” I said, then I put my shoes on and began to run to the Valleys main Entrance, surprisingly enough Ru- errr I mean Eagle followed us towards the gate.

”So you want to come and see your creation then Eagle? ” Reia asked.

”Well Im down here might as well just do a check up on it. ” Eagle said.

”Really, well Ill show the way then! ” Reia excitedly said who then sped up Eagle didn opt to move at a consistent speed next to me.

”How about you slow down for us! ” Eagle yelled at Reia.

”Sorry! ” She said while stopping to wait for us to catch up to her, when we did she began running.

”Hey how about we not run, its not like the Wanderer will go anywhere I ordered it to go here to get an aerial view of the place it was how I found the landing zones! ” Eagle yelled, Reia then stopped.

”Really? I thought it was just an animal that constantly explored and didn exactly follow orders? ” Reia said.

”Ill explain it when we get there. ” He said while slowing down Reia did the same. We then made our way towards the front Gate of the Dracochen Canyon. When we arrived it was clear it was very tense for the Dracochen. Rag
oa was trying to grab a sample of The Wanderers material but was stopped by Eagles hand.

”Hey, what do you think you
e doing? ” He asked his face to change towards a more redder hue than his normal blue skin. Rag
oa slowly turned his face towards an ever angrier Eagle ”You know I can crush your face with ease right? ” He threatened Rag
oa, who got the message and slowly backed away from The Wanderer and Eagle.

”Sorry. ” He whispered, while Eagle began checking over The Wanderer for any damage.

”Good you didn do any damage as expected and you probably ended up damaging your hammer or whatever you were using to do whatever you were doing to my rover. ” He said, his face returning back to its normal blue color.

”You were going to tell me how The Wanderer works! ” Reia yelled at Eagle.

”Sorry, yeah. Alright its going to take a while so please sit down. ” He asked, and so he went over the history of The Wanderers, well it was essentially what he told several weeks ago when I first met him.

After he finished his story we all watched him perform a maintenance check on him and also received some vials most likely filled with many things. Probably dirt or something. When he was done he looked over something smaller, probably the wasp that came out of it. It was something he called a drone.

He ended up taking it apart and began cleaning it when he was done he put it back together and put it under The Wanderer which attached the Drone to it and it disappeared in the belly of The Wanderer. Afterwards we went back inside, it was nearing lunch so we ate lunch, he had to prepare his own special lunch, afterwards we ate as the day went on and night eventually fell on the Valley.

It was our last night here and tomorrow morning well be leaving just like Rune Lastimosos. So I made sure to sleep well tonight.

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