hite Dragon.

We followed her into the mountain ”There was a mention of you having guards. I assume these are your escorts. ” She asked.

”Yes that is correct, I assume your people aren too mad about us bringing in weapons into your home? ” I asked, my voice echoing off the mountains walls.

”We don mind them as long as they don cause any problems here. ” Priestess Brismad said, we eventually reached an opening to a valley, it was one of the few ways to get into the Dracochen Valley.

It was a part of the reason why they were so Isolated from the world, and didn really bother exploring the world as well. We eventually reached a building that was overlooking the Valley. The building in question was relatively plain with just a few mats for places to sit and a wide view of the valley behind us..

The place in question was where the Dracochen Spiritual Leaders and Leaders in general gathered.

”Femrau Sora I believe your name is. ” Said one of the Dracochen Leaders looking at me. The person in question had more scales on his face indicating he was an older Dracochen, he had no hair, only scales. Unlike the young Priestess that showed who had just scales around her eyes.

He wore similar clothing to Brismad but more flashy, indicating he was a spiritual leader of the White Dragons.

”Yes that is correct, I have some things to talk to you about most notably- ” I was cut off by the Dracochen from before.

”Here in the Dracochen mountains we have a saying ”Get to the people you
e negotiating with before you negotiate. ” We are aware of what you want to talk about but how about we get to know each other better. ” He said while bowing.

I bowed as well ”I am Sora Bewcius. A human from the Elven Kingdom. ” I said, starting the introductions.

”I am Rag
oa Canoam. A Dwarf from the Dwarven mountains. ” He said bowing.

”I am Reia Kalnis. A Dog Beastmen from the Beast Confederacy. ” She said while bowing.

Then the Leaders of the Dracochen began to introduce themselves. First was the Spiritual Leader of the Dracochen from before ”I am Lacfel Brismad, the Dracochen Spiritual Leader. ” he said.

Then next was the Leaders of the Dracochen ”I am Chieftain Aurangen Sucsaft, Political Leader of the Dracochen people. ” He said while bowing. His clothing clearly inspired by Eastern Kings, he wore no crown. His face was purely scales and no hair similar to that of Lacfel.

”Nice to meet you Chieftain Auragen, I believe formalities are over and we can begin now? ”

”Yes that is true, now about this Wanderer you believe it may come to our mountain? ” The chief asked.

”Yes I have reason to believe it may be attracted to this mountain in general. The Wanderer has the ability to detect things like gold. Which the Elven Empire took advantage of these past few weeks. ” I said.

”So is this Wanderer a threat to us? ” He asked.

”I have no reason to believe so. Its more of an explorer; it will only defend itself when necessary but most of the time remains docile. ” I said.

”Alright then what does it want with our mountain? Theres nothing of interest here other than our magic gems. ”

”Thats precisely why we
e here, we have reason to believe it may be interested in Magic Gems. Just recently I decided to use a magic gem to lure it into a spot where we can observe it and almost immediately when it picked it up something came down to collect it. Which means it hasn seen a magic gem before or magic in that case. ” I said.

”But if we do lure it in, what do we get in return? ” He asked.

”Oh I don know, possibly knowledge from a civilization thousands of years more advanced than yours. The knowledge to destroy entire worlds or build them from scratch. ” Said someone appearing from the corner.

The person in question was really tall, at least five heads taller than I was, he had blue skin and looked more like a beastmen than anything else. Except what stopped that was his alien clothing. It had a pattern like that of leaves and trees.

”How did you get in here! ” Demanded the Chieftain.

”Through the front door. ” He responded sitting down on an open mat, cross legged.

”Why didn you reveal yourself earlier? ” Asked Brismad.

”For your information I was planning on talking to you later after they leave but circumstances do not allow it. ” He said.

”My people are coming and want to set up a base of operations to interact with this world. For the past few months weve been observing this world through the eyes of The Wanderer. ” He said.

”So you created the Wanderer then? ” The chieftain asked, I stayed quiet. I knew who she was talking to but didn say anything.

”Yes, sure as hell beats getting burned from space. And yes before you asked we
e planning on doing that if you don agree. ”

”So you
e planning on attacking us then? ” Asked the Chieftain.

”No, not me specifically. I don make the rules or these messages, I just pass them on, and do my own thing every once in a while. ” The blue person said.

”So if we accept your peoples offer what do we get? ”

”As I said before, advanced technology to shape worlds, build worlds from scratch, and go to the stars or the heavens as you call it. ”

”You must be bluffing. ” Said the Spiritual Leader ”Only the Gods can do that. ”

”Well Im not but I will say that if you accept it your people will greatly benefit from it, that will include us. Its a win-win situation. Also with enough willpower anything can be done. ” He said.

”Alright, how long do we have till your people arrive? ” Asked the Chieftain.

”Around 3 months. ” He said.

”Alright youll hear from us in a day if thats fine. ” The Chieftain said.

”Im fine with that after all we do have 3 months before they arrive. ” The Blue Giant said.

”Tenechen, can you please show our guests to their rooms please? ” Asked Brismad.

”Yes Grandfather. ” She said while bowing ”If you would please. ” Said the Priestess.

We then started to follow her including the Blue Giant, we went down the steps to the center of the Valley.

”This place somewhat reminds me of the Khondii Valley back home. ” The Blue Giant said.

”So this Khondii Valley place you were born there? Also you haven told us your name and you were able to negotiate with Dracochens without negotiating! ”.Rag
oa said.

”They already know me. All they did was put on an act. Also the Khondii Valley isn the place I was born in, it was in another world. The Khondii Valley is where the Serpent Regiment was trained. ”

”Wait, the Serpent Regiment is a military organization?! ” Rag
oa exclaimed.

”Sort of, its more of a training place where we try to survive in the wilderness for six months without dying, and is where I lived for six months. ” The Blue Giant.

”Also whats your name? ” Rag
oa asked.

”My name? ” He stopped for a moment then continued ”Eagle, thats my name. ” He said.

”Eagle is your name? Thats a weird name that sounds like you would give it to an animal. Like a bird. ”

”Thats because it is the name of an animal, at least where I was born. Everything else over there was completely alien to the animal Im used to seeing back where I was born. ”

”Oh I see. ” rag
oa said.

e here if you have any questions please ask one of the staff members they will try to help you to the best of their abilities. ” Priestess Brismad said.

”Alright thank you for your help. ” I said bowing.

”Thank you. ” Said, Rag
oa, and Reia bowing as well.

”Thank you. ” Eagle said, while yawning ”Sorry its been a long day for me, so Im gonna clock in. See you tomorrow morning. ” Eagle said, while laying down on his bed the sun was starting to set so we did too.

Laying on my bed I thought Why did he ask me to come down here when he couldve just come down here himself. But I shook that out of my head I had to get to sleep, and so I did.

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