January 4th, 2169

ONeill Cylinder Jovia, Jovian Moon System Jupiter

The scene of hundreds of ball-like space fighters known as the X-201 Space Based Close Space Support planes, with a small size of only 1 meter wide, left the UNFE (United Naval Forces of Earth) Ship Lunar Fall, a Jupiter Class Supercarrier.

It was the largest ship in the entire UFE Navy clocking in at a length of 4 kilometers and 400 meters, its unparalleled size allowed it to outgun any and all UNFE ships before it. It holds 3 large 16 in. Railgun Batteries on both the top side and the bottom each, along with 6 5 in. Railgun batteries on each side.

Being supported by hundreds of smaller flak guns along with a multitude of missile batteries all capable of launching 300 small space to space anti space vehicle missiles, 20 large Space to Space Torpedoes.

The ship was able to launch inter lunar space/air interceptor Space superiority fighters and bombers along with close small ball-like close space support fighters capable of being fielded in the thousands due to their small size and little to no crew requirement to operate.

Lunar Fall had five main hangar bays on both sides all located towards the center of the ship, they also had a multitude of support and smaller hangar bays allowing for the launching and landing of small transport ships.

The ship in itself was being escorted by two 2 kilometer Saturn Space Battleships with similar gun armaments to the Lunar Fall itself, just without the Hangar bays.

There were other ships such as the Neptunian Heavy Cruiser with only one large sixteen inch railgun battery, and two five inch railgun batteries with a length of only one kilometer.

There was the Venusian Light cruiser with two five inch railgun batteries coming at a length of one hundred meters.

Then there was the small Mars Class Missile Destroyer Spaceship, being only armed with one five inch railgun battery but having a multitude of missile batteries, with it coming in at a length of 50 meters.

When the Jupiter or Saturn class ships fired their armaments no sound came out of them as there was no medium for the sound to travel through. Except that didn stop them from being deadly.

The shells teared right through the Rebel Ships like a hot knife through butter. Within 30 minutes the battle was over leaving only the occupying rebel forces on the ONeill Cylinder left.

”Captain? What are your orders? ” Asked a sailor, the captain remained silent, his face dark then he spoke up.

”Our orders from the brass is… to speed up the Jova Cylinder to experience 10+ Gs. ” He said, the entire control room paled at the order.

”Increase the Gs! Theres still civilians there! Can we at least give them a chance to escape? ” Said a sailor.

”Those orders are absolute. If I had a choice I wouldve given them the chance to escape but we will all be shot if we let them escape. So do it, begin increasing the Gs on Jova! ” The captain ordered, the entire crew quieted that the bridge was absolutely silent, an aura of dread of what they
e going to do.

”You heard the captain, begin preparations to increase the Gs on Jova. ” Said the Commander.

The crew of the Lunar Fall and her escort ships began preparations to increase the Gs on the Cylinder. Blockading Jova in the process. Rocket boosters were launched from the ships and placed on the outer shell of the Jova ONeill Cylinder.

Within 30 minutes preparations for increasing the Gs on Jova were finished.

”Captain… Preparations are complete. ” Said Sailor.

”Then- Begin. ” He said grimly. Out the View screen the looks of large heavy boosters fired up, increasing the speed at which the Jova Cylinder spins, and as such increasing the experienced Gravity.

On Jova, the feeling of being heavier encapsulated the people on Jova. The first to fall were birds. Incapable of flying due to the increased gravity and increased energy usage. The next animals to fall were the elderly and baby and animal, soon followed by the Elderly and the young.

Children crying in pain, next Teenagers, Young Adults, and Adults all fell to the ground exhausted from the ever increasing gravity. Saplings began to be crushed under the increased gravity as their weak bark snapped, soon followed by the older trees.

The people who were crushed under their increased weight all experienced great pain. They felt their face swell up, afterwards they felt their bones literally break under the Cylinders rotational Gravity.

By the time the cylinder spin created 40 Gs, their bodies began being crushed. Blood began to try and seep out of their bodies. Blood covered the cities of the Cylinder. Eventually the buildings themselves began to crumble after the cylinder was at 100 gs.

By 200 Gs the Cylinder ripped itself apart from its rotational forces, leaving nothing but debree.

All of this happened from a continuous burn of only 10 minutes.

”Our job here is done… Lets head home. ” Said the captain, many were in shock at what they did, the Lunar fall and her escorts were damaged so they had no choice but to head back to the Io Dockyards.

Many of the sailors were sent off duty while the ships were being prepared, and as such many used that time to process what they had done.

A few weeks later in a home on a rural ONeill Cylinder sat the Captain of the Lunar Fall reminiscing about what he had just done. He for the past few nights tried to convince himself that all he did was orders from the Brass.

”Grandpa? ” Asked his six year old Granddaughter. Her blonde hair is similar to that of his daughter. It reminded him of when his daughter was her age.

”Nyla, don worry Im fine. Just thinking about how mommy was younger. ” He said to him,

”Really? I wish I couldve met mommy when she was younger. And Johnny took my ball. ” She said, tearing up in the process.

”Johnny is the boy next door I believe, how about we have a talk with him about your ball. Theres always the option of sharing. ” Theres also the option of beating the crap out of him. The Captain thought, his memories returning to the time he beat the hell out of his bullies 50 years ago.

”Hahahaha! Weak, how about you stand up for yourself! ” Said his former bully.

”How about you pick on someone your own size! ” He yelled, which only caused the group of bullies to continue to laugh at him. So when he got home he decided to take virtual martial arts classes and practiced them every morning, and every evening. Before and after school. Everyday for a month he continued to train.

Then on a cold December noon on a school he saw his bullies trying to sexually assault a female student.

”Come on it will be fun, just take your clothes off, we will do everything and you can relax. And we can go further from there, we can run away and party everyday with no remorse. ” One of his bullies said to his future wife. While tearing off an article of clothing

The future captain charged and punched the bully in the face which caught them all off, and stopping the **** from happening. Just as fast as the first attack he dished out. He continued by kicking the other bully in the neck knocking him unconscious.

Then he continued his attack, kicking the last bully in the stomach and then in the face knocking.

Walking up the steps of Johnnys house, knocking on the door, Johnny;s parents responded.

”Oh Mr. Garza, how nice to see you! I hear you
e on leave now. What brings you here today? ” Asked Mrs. Hector.

”Nice to meet you to Mrs. Hector, my granddaughter said that your son Johnny took my daughters ball without asking. ” The captain said.

”Johnny! Get over here nice Mr. Garza over here says you took his granddaughters ball! ” Yelled Mrs. Hector, her son, slumptly looked down and gave the ball back to Nyla.

”If you want to play with the ball make sure you ask next time. ” Mr. Garza said.

The two turned around and they said their goodbyes, but Johnny did a surprising thing, ”Can… Can I play with you? ” Johnny asked.

Nyla looked at the Captain ”Its your choice Nyla I can be the one making all the decisions all the time. ” He said, Nyla smiled and turned around.

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