n seventy years ago! ” I was shocked but I kept my voice down to not wake anybody up.

”Yes I was, but I am not even the oldest A.I out there, the first true artificial intelligence was born nearly one two zero years ago. ” She continued, my eyes lit up at that number no one is ever that old outside the most greatest mages whove unlocked near immortality but even then they die barely one or two centuries into their so-called immortality. Not even elves really live that long as they usually die by the age 100.

”How are you able to live that long? ” I asked.

”We are not living beings hence the name artificial, which would mean created. ” She explained.

”You said there was a new message when I turned it on. ” I asked.

”Would you like me to play the message? ” she asked.

I nodded, then the woman that was on it was replaced by a man, the same one who was a part of the first message.

”To the person who found this, theres some things you should know. ” He said, I didn understand him but Scai trainslated for me, and I spent the better part of an entire night learning about the Wanderers creators, their achievements and how they got here.

It wasn always a smooth road for them there were some crashes, some really bad crashes, around one hundred years ago a massive world war broke out between the major powers of the world, known as World War III and approximately 35 million people died during the war. But eighty years earlier another massive war broke out between the major powers. This war took around 56 million lives killing 2% of the worlds population at the time.

20 years earlier another major war broke out killing and injuring around 40 million people; those three wars take up more than a tenth of all deaths caused by war, according to him.

But that wasn it, there was a long period where the world was a state of Cold War, it was after their Second World War the one that took 56 million lives, it was time where two major empires vied for co trip over the world and debated whose ideology was better and superior than the other.

There was the Soviet Union whose ideology was Communism, a system where workers controlled the factories, and paychecks.

Then there was Capitalism, a system where private ownership was one of the main principles, you had a boss but things were flexible. But you had to work to own things and aren given things

Capitalism from what I can tell is a system thats based on wealth gain, meanwhile communism is a system that focuses on stability and unity of the workers.

Both have their pros and cons, its just that communism failed at the end of the 20th century nearly two hundred years ago with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Now in more modern times, another war is currently in progress, the outer colonies from what he tells me has rebelled, they were known as the Junovians, and the rebellion was called the Jovian Moon rebellions as communists sympathies brewed up in the outer colonies despite them being the descendants of some of the most best and brightest and peoples in the early 22nd century, that would mean they wouldve been tolerant to new ideas and see the advantages and disadvantages of systems at least.

But it seems dissatisfaction seems to always be a constant even in their much larger world theres always at least one person who doesn like the current Status Quo. But from what Ive heard that war is coming to an end as from what he knows the rebels have one last stronghold in space.

Something known as an ONeill Cylinder, a massive Cup like habitat built in space where the average one was 100 kilometer long, 50 Kilometer wide along the circumference is able to hold at least half a million people with room for nature as well.

It was very interesting to learn about a person from a very different world from mine, one that didn rely so much on magic on their minds and capabilities. But isn magic similar to science? You
e just using your mind still but with your natural abilities. You still study the effects and all of them.

Either way I can wait to meet him and his people one day, but that will require a lot of work if I want to understand him so for now I will study.

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