Remis Volume 1The Wanderer

Chapter 1: Wormhole, and Skyhook

October 21st 2035

60 Astronomical Units from Earth, Kuiper Belt

Racing through space, the New Horizons probe was developed by NASA and launched on January 19th, 2006 nearly 20 years earlier.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary outside of the usual comet or random spikes in solar radiation. It wouldn be until New Horizons sensors detected an anomaly, the A.I that ran New Horizons probe automatically began scanning the surrounding space until it detected a wormhole.

Quickly it began taking pictures of the strange anomaly and began beaming the information back to Earth. 10 hours later the message reached earth along with the pictures of it. In only a few minutes the New Horizons probe was already more than 1000 kilometers away from the wormhole, continuing its journey in the freezing depths of space.

Ten hours later the teams at Houston soon received images and information of the wormhole; this single discovery will change the course of human history for decades to come.

To them it was an amazing discovery but they have they
e hands full with another project as of now.

Ten years later

June 17th 2046, Cape Canaveral air base

On the runway was a sleek, large black-white plane getting ready to launch from a straight runway. This wasn any ordinary plane, this plane was designed to latch onto a skyhook and go into space.

Recently built in the decade with recent discoveries in much stronger and flexible materials and all of the pieces launched by the most powerful rocket made in human history, the BFR.

Now that has changed with the recent construction of the Sky Hook. From the 20 million dollar cost launch and hours of refueling a BFR and Super heavy required to only a five million cost launch and only minutes of refueling, with a payload equal to that of a BFR but only a third of the fuel of a Falcon Heavy.

The plane was capable of carrying half a million pounds of supplies and equipment. The plane in of itself was 5 times larger than the biggest airplane ever built.

That was just the plane without the boosters attached allowing it to go a speed of Mach 12 fast enough to catch and latch onto the Sky hook.

The plane was so large that it required a track to point it in the correct direction of the sky hook to allow it to even catch it so it didn rip itself apart in flight as the pilot is only able to make minor adjustments when in the air.

The plane was nicknamed Sky Catcher as its designed for air to space travel through the uses of Skyhooks its official name is the SC-MII as the first model was nothing more than a failure as it didn pass the flight test in the air.

A part of the payload was supplied to take to the moon and along with some astronauts, to compare the effectiveness of the Skyhook to normal standard rockets such as the BFR. As some people were suspicious of the skyhook being useful.

The plane had life support systems, built in solar panels for energy when in space, along with RCS.

”Ignition check, clear. Tails all good, autopilot properly working. Boosters check. We
e all clear on our end. Over. ” Reported the Pilot, all the while pressing and clicking the corresponding buttons.

”Airspace clear, Sky hook in T-Minus 60 seconds until it

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