He didn respond, instead focusing on his food. Lolas mother-in-law noticed Livias glum expression and said, ”its okay dear, Hugo is always like that, don worry. ”

Hugo sighed as he looked at Lola, thinking, his must be difficult for her.

”Eat as much as you want, ” he gently patted her head. ”Im sure the flight was exhausting. ”

Lola smiled slightly as she looked at him. Her father-in-law was always by her side, always there for her, no matter what. ”I will eat, father-in-law. ”

Please don look at me with such pitying eyes, father; Im not emotionally hurt. Its simply the audacity of these two. Anyway, its actually a lot of fun. Its similar to the game of hide and seek. I know you
e hiding something, Santiago, and Im going to find it, she thought as she propped her head on her palm and munched on her food.

Silence loomed the dining room.

After a while, Santiago broke the silence because it was becoming uncomfortable.

”How did the reunion go? Did you have a good time? ” Santiago inquired without looking at her. Lola looked at him, quickly averted her gaze, and replied, ”it was fine, and yes, I had fun. ”

”See, I told you it would be nice and refreshing to see old classmates again, ” Santiago said, smiling. Lola gave a faint, barely visible smile and murmured to herself, ”nice? Refreshing? You have no idea how annoyed and choked up I was. ”

”Did you say something? ” Santiago asked, raising an eyebrow and tilting his head.

”No, I didn ; please continue eating, ” Lola replied solemnly.

Santiago nodded and resumed eating his food.

Is that all you
e going to ask? she wondered.

Livia looked at the two and said,

”Miss Lola or can I call you Lola, I wanted to properly introduce myself earlier but you didn seem to be in your best mood, ”

Lolas brow furrowed further and she forced a response, ”Miss Livia Edgard yes, I know, Santiago told me, ” trying to be polite.

Livia clasped her hands and smiled as she stated, ”Thats fantastic; is it okay if I address you as Lola? I mean, if we were going to live in the same house, we might as well get to know each other and become acquainted. ”

Santiago nodded and smiled broadly, as he said, ”Is that all right, Lola? She wishes to address you by name. ”

Lola dropped her spoon on the table and looked to Livia, completely ignoring Santiago, and said, ”I suppose I should remind you that we will never have a close, comfortable relationship. Your job here is simply to do me a favour, to assist me, and I appreciate it, so it would be better for you to stop trying Miss Livia and focus on what you are meant to do ”She took a napkin, wiped her lips, and rose from her seat.

Santiago was shocked and enraged by Lolas actions, and he stared at her. Livias smile faded as she stared at Lola, and she wondered, Is this woman always like this? I need to work harder then.

”Why did you have to be like that, Lola? She simply wants to get to know you… ” Lola cut him off before he could finish his sentence.

”Im finished with my food, please excuse me, ” she said as she walked away from the table and into her room, Santiago cursing under his breath as he watched her walk away.

Paula clucks her tongue and says, ”This girl… always rude, ”

Hugo took a look at her plate and noticed she hadn finished her meal. He summoned one of the maids and instructed her to deliver the food to Lola.

The petty maid nodded, took the plate, and made her way to Lolas room.

Paula gave him a stern look and said, ”Why are you directing the maid to bring her food? If she had been truly hungry, she would have finished her meal. ”

He ignored her and rose from his seat, exiting the dining room.


Lola entered her room and sat on her bed, sighed and stared at the wall and frowned, remembering how rude and arrogant she had been earlier.

When the maid knocked on Lolas door, she sighed and said, ”Its open, come in, ” as she flipped through some documents in her hand.

The maid entered and placed the plate on a medium-sized beautifully carved wooden table, saying, ”Madam, Mr Hugo told me to send your food to you. ”

Father-in-law is so thoughtful, Lola thought, and replied, ”Thank you, and please tell Father-in-law Im grateful. ”

”Yes, maam. ” The maid replied, bowing respectfully.

Lola waved her hand, indicating that she could leave, but the maid did not move.

”Ah, madam… ” The maid began, pursed her lips, and clutched the hem of her gown. Lola gave her a glance, closed the document and placed it on the bed, and asked ”What exactly is it? Laura ”

Don tell me she thinks his actions have hurt me, Lola thought.

”Madam, please be strong… I mean, what Sir is doing isn right, ” Laura exhaled. Laura was the youngest of the maids and the one who was closest to Lola.

”And who does she think she is to speak to you so casually? ” Laura snarled, referring to Livia.

”Laura, don worry about me, shes just going to carry I and Santiagos child and then leave, ” Lola replied, picking up the documents again. Do I really look that pitiful for Laura to say such and is trying to console me? I should keep it up, she reasoned.

”Madam, I don think you should let your guard down like this, ” Laura said as she rushed to hold Lolas hand.

She looked around for a moment before whispering, ”Im sorry for making assumptions, but I believe Sir is cheating on you with that woman. ”

There is no need to apologise. I had the same thought, but Im not sure theres any real evidence yet, so Ill play the naive wife for now. Lola thought.

Lola asked, cocking her head, ”What makes you believe that? Did anything happen while I was away? ”

Laura took another look around and then at Lola, wondering if she should tell her.

”Its all right, Laura, tell me everything you know, ” Lola said calmly.

Laura returned to Lola after closing the door to her room.

”Madam, Sir brought that woman into this house, ” Laura said, looking down. When she didn hear a response from Lola, she raised her head, only to be met with Lolas cold stare. Laura fidgeted while nibbling on her thumb, thinking, ah, I made madam angry.

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