Luis stood by the door, looking around at everyone. He seemed to be looking for someone.

Everyone was taken aback by his appearance. He was dressed in a pair of premium handmade leather shoes. His strides were elegant and unhurried, and the soles of his shoes made a resounding impact on the ground as he walked in. He was tall, dressed in neatly ironed black pants and a modern black shirt that complimented his fair blemish-free skin, a dazzling wine suit, and short pitch black hair meticulously combed backwards.

Lola was undeniably the most stunned as she stared at him. With his exquisite, chiseled jawline, almond shaped eyes with penetrating black orbs, elegant brows, and sexy lips, he stood out the most out of every guy present.

His outfit was simple but stunning on him.

His gaze was drawn to Lola, and he flashed her a toothy grin. Lola averted her gaze without returning the smile.

Maria laughed as she looked at both of them. ”Seems like he still has feelings for you, ” she said to Lola. I thought hed forgotten about me and moved on, and I didn even end things with him properly. No, it could just have been a friendly smile; theres no way hed still have feelings for me after everything. Theres no way its been eight years, Lola reasoned as she folded her arms.

”You left before graduation, man, how have you been? ” Edgardo said as he approached Luis.

As they shook hands, Luis smiled warmly and replied, ”I have been well, Edgardo. ”

”Oh my God! Is this really Luis Borbón, you looks very different, ” Jade exclaimed, her face flushed. I can believe it, Luis Borbón, that four eyes skinny loser, has transformed into… A … Im at a loss for words to describe how stunning he is right now. Hes even more attractive than the model I married, she thought.

Jade was one of many students who used to look down on Luis in high school, and the fact that he no longer appeared to be a pushover astounded everyone.

” Is that really Luis , he looks different and extremely hot ” Triana whispered.

Jade rose from her seat and approached Luis with a seductive smile on her face.

”Luis, its been a while, do you remember me? ” She asked.

Luis looked at Jade with a passive expression on his face, then at Edgardo and asked, ”Who is she? ”

Jade was taken aback, and the other ladies began to laugh. ”Its me, Jade, ” Jade replied. Luiss eyes widened, he turned and looked at her, and replied with a chilled tone in his voice even though he had a smile on, ”oh Jade indeed its been a while, ” Jade pretended not to notice the chillness in his voice and smiled faintly before settling back into her seat.

”I can believe it, Luis, youve changed so much. ” Andre said.

”Ah, Im quite surprised myself, ” Luis replied, scratching the back of his head and smiling awkwardly. The boys barraged him with questions, and he struggled to answer them all. He eventually decided to ignore them and focus his attention on Lola. She didn even look at me. I dressed confidently today because I knew she was coming. I need to work harder to get her attention, He thought.

Edgardo observed Luiss occasional glance at Lola. ”Do you still have feelings for Lola? ” he asked, tapping Luis on the shoulder.

After a brief pause, Luis stated flatly, ”Ah yes. ”

”It seems like you don know shes married to Santiago Rodriguez, ” Edgardo said to Luis, surprised by his direct response.

Luis looked at him and chuckled slightly, thinking Edgardo was joking with him, but when he looked at Edgardo, who sternly glared at him, his eyes widened in shock. Lola is married, he thought, and his entire world fell apart.

”You didn know? ” Edgardo asked, perplexed by Luiss expression.

Lola, on the other hand, was looking for an excuse to leave as she checked her wristwatch for the time. She had a flight to Mexico later that day. I need to call another chauffeur she thought, She took her phone and messaged the chauffeur to come pick her asap.

”Hmm Maria, I have a flight to catch, Ill see you later, ” Lola said quietly to Maria. ”Do take care and call me when you
e free, ” Maria said with a smile and a nod.

Lola nodded and stood up, then walked to the door, where Edgardo asked, ”Lola, where are you going, the reunion party is just getting started? ” Lola looked at him and replied, ”Im sorry, I have urgent work to attend to, have fun everyone, it was nice meeting you all again, ” and she walked away.

Finally, I can breathe, she thought, ”I was starting to get a headache, who knew school reunions could be so exhausting, ” she mumbled to herself.

She closed her eyes and gently massaged her temples. An image of Luis flashed through her mind.

But, on the other hand… Luis… appears to be different. What caused him to change so abruptly? He looks manly and fit now, even if he still has that bubbly attitude, she thought, shaking her head and saying, ”why am I thinking about him? I need to know if the chauffeur. ” She took her phone from her bag and dailed the chauffeurs number. He picked up the call and said, ”Yes madam ”

”Are you here yet? ” She asked and he replied ”Yes madam ” . She immediately cut the call and put her phone back into her bag.

She felt a presence behind her as she walked to the elevator. She stopped on her tracks, ”Are you going to keep following me like a dog? ” she sighed . Before Lola knew what was happening, she was pinned against the wall by a large hand. When Lola looked up, she saw a familiar pair of penetrating black orbs, looking down at her.

”What is this nonsense, Luis? Let me go ”Lola insisted. He gripped her chin gently and drew his face closer to hers. ”Lola, you know how much I love you, don you? ”

Lola did not respond. Luis sighed and repeated, ”Mi amor, you haven changed at all. You
e still the same icy empress I fell in love with back then ”

Hes still calling me… Lola thought grimly.

”Luis, I have business to attend to right now, so would you be so kind to let me go? ” . Lola said sternly, her voice devoid of warmth.

”I thought Id be able to embrace you again, but it seems my dreams will never come true, ” Luis said, letting go of her chin and placing his head on her shoulder.

”I apologize for wasting your time, ” he said as he withdrew his head and released her hand.

Lola nodded and entered the elevator, Luis close behind.

”Why are you following me? ” Lola inquired.

Luis raised an eyebrow at her and scratched the back of his head ”Im leaving as well; I only intended to stay for a short time. I have a flight to catch to Germany ”

Lola sighed and cursed under her breath.

I thought he was following me for some other reason, she thought.

Luis stepped into the elevator the door closed and he pressed the appropriate button.

Lola furrowed her brows and touched her temple, she felt as if her head was about to explode, why a headache now that I have a flight… Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt a warm, gentle touch on her temple.

Luis gently placed his hands on her temples and began to massage them. Lola couldn say no because she was completely numb and satisfied with how he massaged her. When the elevator came to a halt, he stopped massaging and pulled out a pain reliever medication, which he brought out from his pocket.

”No, I…the massage was enough, ” Lola said.

”The massage only reduces it; it doesn mean it won hurt again, ” Luis replied, not listening to her refusal. He grabbed her hand and placed the medication in her palm .

”Why are you carrying a pain reliever medication with you? ” Lola inquired. ”Just in case of emergencies like this, ” Luis shrugged.

His response brought back memories; she had asked him the same question because he always gave her pain reliever medication whenever she needed it, and this was his same response. was he always bringing this drug for me? she wondered. She shook her head, mumbling, ”no, thats not the case. ”

When she raised her head, she noticed he had already left, ”but I wanted to give this back to him, ” she said as she walked out of the hotel and towards the parked black Bugatti centodieci.

”Good evening madam, I will be at your service from now on, ” the chauffeur said as he opened the door. She nodded and entered. He slammed the door shut and climbed into the drivers seat. Lolas phone buzzed twice as he was getting ready to start the car. When she took her phone from her bag, she discovered two messages from her father-in-law.

Her eyes were encircled in shock when she opened the messages. ”To the airport immediately, ” she said to the driver, clutching her phone tightly.

He nodded, started the car and drove away.

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