Remarried Heiress’s Revenge

Wanting her attention

A cold chuckle escaped Lolas lips as she stared at Jade with a cold viscous glare; normally, Lola would have ignored such remark, but this time she had to shut Jade up. ”Why don you shut your mouth and be happy I actually came? ” Lola replied calmly. Jade gulped and averted her gaze.

Just then, Edgardo, their former class president, approached Lola and said, ”Its been a while, Lola Pérez or should I say Mrs Lola Rodriguez, but please don listen to Jade, she spreads bitterness wherever she goes, its nothing new. Everyone, with the exception of Jade, has missed you. How are you doing? ”

Lola furrowed her brows slightly and looked around, wondering, Did they really miss me? She don see any sign of it in their fake bashful looking faces. She knew most of the people in her class despised her because of her status, Jades influence, her behavior, and the fact that she was the teachers favorite. Except for one person, no one spoke to her honestly.

”Oh, Edgardo, Ive been well, ” Lola said as she shook the thought away and returned her gaze to Edgardo. Edgardo nodded and guided her to her seat. Lola observed and listened to her classmates loud banter. They were having a great time drinking, getting to know each other, and talking about their businesses and jobs.

As she gracefully sipped her glass of champagne, Lola scoffed slightly and thought, hypocrites, they are nice and friendly with you on the outside but on the inside they just want you to disappear.

”That wasn all she told me she wanted a baby, I mean seriously, I told her Im not ready for that kind of responsibility, ” one of the boys said.

”But you
e wealthy, ” another said.

”So what? It makes no difference, I don want children, and Im sure that woman is plotting something to get me to impregnate her ”He responded with a laugh.

”Andre, youve always been a strange guy, why wouldn you want kids? ” Edgardo inquired.

”Permit me to ask you, Edgardo, why aren you married? ” Andre inquired, and Edgardo fell silent and chuckled as he considered his reason for being single.

”Right now, stop calling me weird; you
e the weirdo among us, ” Andre responded, and they all laughed.

Lola exhaled and became choked up after hearing their conversation. Its been five years since she married Santiago and she has yet to have a child for him. It doesn mean shes barren; she just kept having strange miscarriages that made no sense to her.

I feel like I wasted my time coming here, Lola said, clutching her glass.

”Triana, please stop. Im telling you, little Santino is the cutest thing ever; he always says he adores me and would happily marry me one day ”One of her female classmates burst out laughing.

”Oh, Lucia, give me a break, he loves me the most, ” Triana said harshly.

”Give it a rest, you two! My baby will not marry any of you oldies. ” Jade spoke up, looking around and noticing Lola staring at them, she smiled slyly and said, ”Oh, Lola. I completely forgot to inquire about your little bundle of joy, ”

Lola didn even look at her and had intended to ignore her this time, but

”Oh yes, Lolas child would undoubtedly be as lovely as she is. ” Triana squealed and smiled similarly to Jade, clearly mocking her. Lola said calmly, ”sorry to burst your bubble, I don have a child, at least not yet, and even if I do, why would I tell you Jade? ” That calm expression of yours irritates me, I will make sure to make you lose it, Jade thought as she bit her lips.

”But you should have a child if youve been married for at least five years. Or is it that you
e not good at pleasing your man? I mean, you always have that poker face with no expression, which has probably irritated him on numerous occasions ”Jade responded. The room fell silent, and everyones attention was drawn to Lola. What she said wasn entirely wrong, I don know how to please a man, but Im not going to let her know she is quite right, Lola reasoned. Lolas expression remained calm; she was neither agitated nor nervous.

”I don see why youd think that, and I don see why my sexual life with my husband would be your business, ” she said, crossing her legs and sipping her wine.

”You didn deny it, so its true you can please your husband, ” Jade said with a shake of her head.

Lola looking unfazed, and responded,

”Its the same situation as Andre over here; my husband and I aren prepared, does that answer your question? ”

”Are you not afraid your husband will cheat on you? ” The disdain in Jades tone was palpable. The atmosphere had stiffened and became uncomfortable. Lola slowly placed her glass on the table before turning to face Jade.

”Please be mindful of what you say in public, Mrs. Jade Garcia, and know your place. You have no right to question me about my marital life ”Lola said, unfazed, her voice sending chills down everyones spine, including Jades. Id be lying if I said I defended Santiago here; Im also skeptical of him; I wouldn be surprised if he is, in fact, cheating on me,

Jade huffed and turned away. Lola left the circle and went to a much more secluded location. Jade really isn going to give up, she hasn changed, she sighed as she sat on the seat.

She was startled to feel a gentle pat on the back. Lola turned around abruptly, startled. When she realized who it was, she rolled her eyes. A lady with short brown bob hair and round eyes with light-brown orbs stood there radiant in her simple light blue blouse and black trousers. When she saw Lola, she smiled brightly and hugged her.

I should have known, Maria Morales, Lola thought.

”Oh! Lola, my sweetheart, Ive been missing you for years ”She stated as she hugged Lola.

”Its only been two years since we last saw each other, ” Lola stated flatly. Maria and Lola have known each other since they were children.

They grew up together, went to the same school, but they didn marry at the same time because Lolas wedding was a little rushed. Lola wondered how she and Maria were bestfriends; Maria was one of the million people who were sincere and kind to her despite the fact that they didn have the same status; when Jade spread horrible rumors about Lola, Maria would always defend her. People even accused her of shamelessly sticking by Lolas side like she was her maid, which Lola despised. But Maria didn care because Lola was and always will be her best friend.

”Yes, yes, act as if you missed me, ” Maria pouted, while Lola sighed and smiled slightly.

”Why don you smile more often, you look better that way, ” Maria giggled . Lolas face quickly shifted to her usual cold expression, and she inquired,

”Maria, How many times have we had this pointless conversation about my lack of smile? ”

”Hmm a lot, ” Maria replied, tapping her chin with her index finger.

”And what have I always and forever replied? ” Lola inquired, and Maria responded, ”I don think you said anything. ”

”Exactly, and I will continue to disregard that question. ” Lola stated, she was pleased with Marias response.

e mean as always, Ill assume you missed me, ” Maria said.

Maria rested her head on her palm and began talking about random things and how close they were as children. Its just things we always talked about. Its refreshing to hear Maria talk, itll take my mind off some things, Lola thought.

”Who knew a maid walked in, I didn know, did you know? ” Jade exclaimed to Maria. Looking at Triana and Lucia, the two realized what was going on and responded, ”A maid really? I had absolutely no idea. ”

Maria clenched her fist and was about to stand up when Lola grabbed her hand and motioned for her to sit, which she did, and Lola said, ”calm down Maria, only a maid would know a maid. ”

”Why you?! ” Jade exclaimed. As she, Triana, and Lucia exclaimed turned to face Lola.

”Keep your mouth shut, Impudent… Im not done talking. You truly lack manners…not only did you insult me, but you also insulted my best friend, really? ” Lola responded sharply, forcing Jade to remain silent. ”You know what Im capable of, ” Lola continued, ”and if you trigger me one more time, I swear Ill ruin you. ”

”Are you trying to threaten me? ” Jade stuttered, clearly terrified by Lolas words, and the chilled expression Lola gave her made matters worse.

”Yes, I am, and they are not empty threats, ” Lola added, while Jade turned away and remained silent.

Maria couldn believe how surprised and overjoyed she was when she heard, Lola defended me! In her mind, she squealed.

”Why are you surprised? I always defend you, ” Lola blankly replied.

”I know, and you never stop looking cool while defending me, ” Maria laughed.

The doors to the suite opened just as Maria was about to say something else, prompting everyone to immediately stand up. Lola and Maria turned to face the entrance, and to Lolas surprise, it was someone she never expected to see again. Luis Borbón? she reasoned. The man she broke up with eight years ago without giving a reason.

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