The thunderclaps began as the rain began to fall heavily on the streets of Mexico City. The only thing that brightened the sky was the lightning that struck constantly.

At the balcony stood an elegant lady in a red A-line off shoulder tulle evening gown, with long straight silky black hair and mesmerizing pale gray orbs. She stared at the garden with an empty expression on her face. Even as the rain fell, the garden was a sight to behold. She then looked down at the lovely silver mask she was holding and thought,

I was betrayed… she said as a strand of her hair was blown aside by the strong wind.

She came to a halt as she reached the rail, looked up at the dark sky, closed her eyes, and sighed. She began to reminisce about what had happened to her just a few days before.

…By the man I held in the highest regard… She pondered.


She remembered Justins intense light blue eyes, which were filled with hatred.

”Weve been married for five years and have yet to have a child. Id like to have an heir!! she is the only person pregnant with my child ”He yelled at her while clutching another lady. She could see how that wretched woman smiled mischievously at her from the corner of her eyes, and she couldn hold back her rage any longer; shed had enough of this nonsense.

I can still give you a child…, Santiago, she replied, her head down and her right fist clenched tightly. She raised her head sharply and glared at him with daggers.

”Oh, and then another miscarriage! Please stop bluffing and just leave, Santi has chosen me, and I am now Santis wife ”the other lady, smiled slyly, shamelessly clinging to his arm.

”Isn that correct? Santi ”The lady purred seductively while tightly clutching Santiagos right arm.

”You have the audacity to say such a thing, you better watch what you say and stay out of my way, this is between me and my husband…! ” She screamed at Livia. Livia shivered, averted her gaze, and burrowed her face into Santiagos chest.

” I warned you, Santi. Shes threatening me again, ” mumbled the lady.

”What happened to you, Lola? What are you thinking? How dare you speak to my wife in that manner? And who are you addressing your husband to? Theres no reason for us to keep this marriage going, Lola; you said you wanted a divorce; sign these papers and get the hell out… Get out of my way!! ” Santiago screamed as he hurled the divorce papers at Lolas feet.


”Really? How could he? ” she mumbled to herself. I was completely fooled, and I was careless, At first. Anyway, Wasn my act few days ago marvelous She reflected with a shrewd smirk on her face. Even when She was so engrossed in her own thoughts she still noticed someone was standing behind her.

”Lola, ” the man muttered to himself as he caught sight of her long silky black hair.

”Lola, I finally got to talk to you, ” he said as he removed the sparkling black mask from his face.

Huh?…wait…that voice sounds awfully familiar, she thought. She couldn believe what she was hearing, so she turned back to see who had called her, and to her surprise, it was an old classmate she thought shed never see again. I wasn expecting him to actually follow me Lola thought.

”Luis? ” She mumbled, turned and stared at the young man who stood tall in his black suit. Under the menacing glow of the lightning that struck again, he was radiant. Well since he is here that makes things easier for me she thought. She couldn stare for long because everything blurred and she felt dizzy. he second phase of my plan will begin now Lola thought.

”Lola? ” Luis called, his voice worried as he moved closer to grab her.

”Don touch me, Luis! … Keep your distance! ” Lola pushed him aside, the impact causing Lola to stumble back, Luis grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to his chest.

Lola couldn move away from him because she was too weak.

”I just want to give up on everything; Im too tired to fight, ” she mumbled as closed her eyes pretending to be asleep.

” Lola? What are you on about? ” Luis inquired softly as he caressed her face, her jade-like skin soft and smooth beneath his touch.

But she didn respond; she was already asleep. Luis grimaced, thinking,she mustve been tired, Im just glad I got to see her again, now Im never going to let her go.




In a penthouse high above New York Citys bustling streets. Inside the living room, a lady in her early twenties sat on a sharp tuxedo sofa, wearing only a white blouse and light pink shorts, her long lustrous straight black hair packed into a rough ponytail. Her hypnotic pale gray orbs and almond-shaped eyes were fixed on the apple laptop resting on her thighs. Lola was so preoccupied with her work that she didn notice he

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