「That place isn’t suitable for people to live in」

It was the first thing I heard from Jeneha.
The Kurumfar territory was filled with problems.

The first problem is the salty sea breeze.

The ground still had patches of snow from the bird’s eye view.
When they thought about saturating their thirst with this snow, it turned out to be salty.
In other words, it wasn’t snow, it was salt. Most of the farmlands were covered by it, this region was expected to have trouble feeding itself.

The second problem is the public order.

The bandits were roaming around the territory in great numbers, they even recently attacked the neighboring port.
The harpies thought about rescuing the citizens, but the bandit’s numbers exceeded one hundred.
Almost like a little army.
Even with Jeneha, they didn’t feel confident going against such numbers.
She decided to give up on them and returned in dejection.

The third problem is the condition of the fishing industry.

When the port town is under attack, the fishermen are often killed in the process.
That produces a negative impact on the industry. The Kurumfar territory won’t be able to prosper by relying on salt without agriculture and the fishing industry.

「What are the soldiers doing?」

Rico raised her voice but immediately remembered.
Most of them fell during the fight with the imperial army. As a result, the security became worse and the bandits went out of control.

「They aren’t able to deter the bandits as they are now」

「We should head for the Kurumfar territory immediately!」

On the next day, I went to the imperial palace, spoke with the prime minister, and expressed my desire to head for the Kurumfar territory as soon as possible.

「I see.
However, it is not appropriate for you to head out now.
The amnesty is about to begin.
Who can receive them apart from you? 」

In the end, he agreed to dispatch some officials to stabilize the situation, while I stayed in the capital.

Soon enough, the first batch of Rico’s vassals has been released.
It consisted of 10 people who attacked my mansion previously.
[[^1]] As a matter of course, they lost their rights of succession and were banished from their respective houses.
I want to the prime minister’s mansion to pick them up.

「Yo, long time no see.
How have you been? 」

……Everyone simultaneously glared at me. What’s up with you guys? Are you trying to pick a fight?

「Bius! Paltan! Popia! Are you fine? Is Niz injured? Pario….lost his weight.
Ah, Nokyu, Nokita, Jakun, Tsujin, and Aga are fine too! 」


The men surrounded Rico and cried.
A boy named Aga was about to jump into her chest.
This chest is mine.
You won’t be able to leave unscathed if you touch it! More that, it is slightly hot here so they are all smelly. If you leave your scent of Rico, I won’t forgive you.

Noticing my glare, the bastards moved towards me.

「Could you be Ricolette-sama’s husband? My name is Bius.
I guarded Ricolette-sama since my childhood」

Since his childhood, he put some emphasis on these words.
Is he jealous of me?

「We are grateful to you for saving Ricolette-sama」

「Don’t thank me, thank His Majesty.
Rico’s treatment together with your amnesty were all decided by His Majesty.
I just followed his orders」

You could read「Rico? Don’t carelessly address Ricolette-sama like that! 」from their eyes. Well, Rico is mine, I can address her however I want.

「Well, let’s not talk while standing.
You are finally free again.
Let’s grab something to eat and discuss the future」

I dragged them to the nearest restaurant.
A generously suggested them to order whatever they wanted, and they actually did it. Do you even know about restraint or are you trying to harm my finances?

We talked as we had a meal.
Apparently, they were released earlier but were confined in the prime minister’s mansion.
They were fed timely, but received no meat.
Everyone is a young growing man.
Everyone ordered meat and ate with a vigor.
Do they really serve the princess? As for Rico, she looked at them with a grin.

「All right then, you can listen as you eat.
I’m entrusted with managing the Kurumfar territory.
That being said, you shouldn’t misunderstand.
The official lord is Prince Viras.
I’m just acting on behalf of the lord.
Madam Kurumfar was yours and Rico’s tutor, right? You teacher’s territory is currently in peril.
I’m going to fix it.
If someone amongst you wishes to go to the Kurumfar territory, I could use your help in reconstruction. I won’t force anyone」

Everyone stopped eating and looked down.

「Is Ricolette-sama going?」

The youngest of them, Aga, asked Rico.

「Of course, I am!」

Rico gave a powerful answer. Following that, several people agreed to participate.

「I am renting the rooms for you in the inn nearby.
It was prepaid for a week.
Those who want to participate are to gather before Rinos’ mansion in a week.
Those who do not want to participate should prioritize their own matters.
I won’t blame you for that」

Rico handed every one of them a bag filled with money. In this way, she wanted to thank them for their hard work up until now and for taking care of her, the money came from the emperor’s gift for our wedding.
She gave everyone about one million in Japanese yen equivalent.
It was rather generous from her.
Of course, they cried.

After the meal, they headed for the designated inn.

And a week after we returned to the mansion those guys arrived at our doors. Every one of them.

「We are prepared to serve Ricolette-sama for our whole lives! Please allow us to accompany you! 」

「Thank you.
Thank you very much…….」

Rico cried, and the guys who saw it cried too. When I put my hand on her shoulder, she buried her faced in my chest and continued crying.
The men instantly directed their bloodlust at me.
After that, Mei, Peris, and Gon counterattacked with their own bloodlust until those guys were forced to avert their eyes.

Since we couldn’t leave without the prime minister’s orders, we extended their stay at the inn and ordered them to wait for further instructions. In the meantime, they prepared the equipment and food with all necessary seriousness.

Sometime after they left my mansion, a woman came to visit our mansion.

「Kuena? Isn’t it Kuena? 」

This woman was Rico’s attendant and raised her instead of her mother.

「I grew up in Kurumfar.
If the princess wishes to go there, please let me accompany you」

「If you truly wish for that…….」

According to Kuena, Kurumfar used to sell salt to purchase the necessary food, due to lack of the local production.
However, because of the lord’s unexpected death, the salt deals came to a stop and the territory experienced a shortage of food. The imperial army tries to help out, but their help has its limits. The territory is in need of immediate revitalization.

While we were waiting for our departure, we decided to procure the supplies. While at it, I also selected the members who will go with me to the Kurumfar territory. It was me, Rico, Gon, Ferris, ten guys, and Kuena.
I will also bring 50 harpies as escorts.
Jeneha is staying home.
However, after we settle down to a certain extent, I plan to construct a teleport to visit this place whenever I want.

After a month, we finally received the prime minister’s permission to depart. It was nearly the summer.

In the morning, before the departure, the guys gathered before my mansion.
Everyone, except for Rico and Kuena who rode in the carriage, prepared their horses. Using this preparation time, I introduced the guys to the harpies.

「A harpy! That dream wasn’t a dream after all! 」

Towards the shuddering men, I said.

「They are my subordinates, they won’t attack you.
You can be at ease」

Their shuddering quickly subsided.
I told the guys to head to the stables and help out with the carriage.
I made a final check with Gon before our departure. After a while, a harpy arrived at my side and reported.

「Master, everything has been completed」

When I praised her for good work, she left my side.

The summer’s sunlight was dazzling. When I gazed towards the horizon, I saw air being distorted because of the heat. While feeling the approaching summer with my skin, I looked at the stables.

Inside the stables, I could see 10 men in the adventurer’s outfits.
I silently stood before these men.

「All right, let’s go!」

I mounted Irimo and rode for the distant horizon.
Behind me were 10 men and one carriage. It was the beginning of the「Miracle of Kurumfar」.

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