Episode 53 Is this All Right? Is this Really All Right?

「Let me suffer? An interesting joke.
Fine, I will let you know your place」

The black rabbit released a pink aura and took out a rapier.

「Ufufu, the hellfire will burn you to ashes.
If you do not start running, you will be roasted, you know? 」

I kept staring at pohasei without moving a single bit.

「Ahhahaha, are you too frightened to move?」

「Master, please escape!」

Merias clung to my back.

「I will kill you both」

「You have been noisy on you own since a while ago.
In this some kind of a play? 」


「You are still in one piece, Merias.

「…..The fire has gone」

「Gazing at illusions can be pretty exciting, but these ones aren’t that great」

「Yeah, it is painful to look at.
Is this everything you’ve got? You seem pretty amusing, there is a merit in bullying you」

The posehai was already trapped inside a 10-meter wide barrier. Then, I created a lot of cockroaches inside of the barrier.

「Uwa! What is this!? No!!」

The posehai immediately flew into the air.
I exploded her black wings and took away her ability to fly.
She raised a painful scream, landed on the ground and started to desperate run away from the cockroaches.
I exploded both of her legs and took away her ability to move. The flood of cockroaches enveloped her body in no time.

「Nooooo! Gyaaaaa! Stooooop!! Stooooop!!」

This was rather unsightly, so I concealed the cockroaches from Gon and Merias.
From their standpoint, it looked like the posehai was writhing in confusion.

While appreciating the sight before me, I confirmed her skills once again.

Lyona (Pohasei, 37 years old) LV29
HP: 183
MP: 116
Illusion Arts LV3
Seduction Arts LV3
Human Transformation Art LV3
Mind Magic LV3
Teleportation Art LV2
Flight LV2

She is specialized in manipulating people. She can’t be a decent opponent is she fights directly, but I have some interest in this「Teleportation Art 」of hers.

「Hey, Gon, what is this「Teleportation Art 」?」

「It is a kind of space magic, but it is very restricted.
She can only transfer herself and it takes a lot of MP to cast.
It is mainly used as a last escape method」

Can’t you freely move around with this thing?

「In that case, you might want to make use of your barrier skill.
Multiple people can be teleported if they are inside of a barrier.
Ohi-sama’s shrine also works this way」

You should have said it sooner.
I need to get a detailed explanation on this skill from Gon later on. I feel like I’m missing on a treasure.

While I was thinking that, the space around posehai started to distort.
Looking closely, it seems that her posehai comrades are about to teleport here. Among them, a posehai with a big build screamed in a loud voice.

「I noticed an emergency signal and came here, Lyona! What is happening?!!」

I cleared the insides of the barrier from the cockroaches. She was twitching on the ground with her whole body covered in sweat.

8 posehai, who were called her by Lyona, gathered around her. I see, that’s what he meant when he said that they act in groups.

「Are you comrades of this one? If you are willing to retreat, I don’t mind if you take her with you」

「Who are you!? Was it you who wounded Lyona to this extent……? Impossible! For you to be able to corner Lyona to this extent!!」

「Whether it is impossible or not is not important.
I want to have dinner soon.
Today, I will let you off with just this much, hurry up and scram」 (TN: I so wanted to write “Scram for this father!”) 

While I was still talking, a single posehai came slashing at me.
Just before he succeeded, I enclosed him in a barrier and quickly increased the temperature inside. I a blink of an eye, he was devoured by the flames and disappeared.

「Mihiji!…….I won’t forgive you! Kill!!」

The giant posehai ordered in a loud voice.
The rest of them started chanting.
Taking this into an account, I released a scorching bullet mid-chant.
New holes appeared in their bodies only for flames to burst out from them. Without knowing what happened, the six lost their lives.

「Oi, hulk.
I have some questions to you」

「Kuh! Nuaaaaa! 」

At the same time as I deployed a barrier, the giant posehai initiated a teleport.
His figure disappeared accompanied by his fierce screams.

「Did he……teleport? 」

「It is the first time I saw a posehai abandoning his comrade」

「Can’t help it.
Let’s question this one」

I approached the fainted wounded woman.
Gon and Merias followed me from behind. She was twitching before, but upon my approach, she slowly opened her eyes.

「Was that hulk your comrade? It seems he abandoned you」

The woman looked at me and grinned.
At this moment, something flashed and an explosion occurred.


I hugged Merias on a reflex.
Her fluffy hair was extremely comfortable.

When I turned back, I saw nothing.
It was the usual grassland.

「So she suicided.
It is the first time I saw them doing that」

Gon was strangely impressed.
Looking close, I noticed a katana lying on the grassland. Once I picked it up and appraised it,

Laser Sword: A sword that can cut through any material.

Ho, its sharpness is superb.
The blade is incredibly beautiful.

「This sword was made by me」

When I picked it up, Merias quietly muttered this to herself.

「It looks very sharp.
Isn’t it a good sword? 」

「I was told to make a sword that can cut through space.
However, you need a lot of MP to achieve this effect.
I thought of developing a technique to somehow preserve the MP, but it didn’t go that well」

MP? I have a lot of those.
Let’s try pouring it in.
When I imagined putting my MP into the sword……my MP was gradually sucked.
I can put even more.
As I poured more and more………the blade shone blue. Merias looked at this spectacle with round eyes.

When I poured about 10000 MP, I felt that it was filled to the brim.
Before I noticed, the sword became like a polished mirror.
Merias unconsciously leaked「Beautiful……」rom her mouth. When I appraised it again, this is what I saw.

Holy Sword: A sword that can cut through any material and space. Its sharpness is further increased against the evil beings.

…….It seems that a sacred sword was produced.
Is this all right? Is this really all right?

I silently passed the sword to Merias. Merias looked at it fervently, as if wanting to devour it whole.

「H-How did……….? Alloy composition? No, by changing the incorporated enchantment…..No, is this…….a formula? Overheating the gamul grass? Is it? Is it?」

The appearance of a beautiful girl staring at a sword with her eyes wide open while muttering something incomprehensible is quite scary.

「Merias, can you make something like a sheath for it? It stands out.
It is all right you do it later.
The materials…..let’s buy them tomorrow too.
I’m hungry.
Let’s have dinner! 」

Together with Merias, who refused to let go of the sword, and the yawning Gon, I returned to the mansion.

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