Episode 31 A Small Trip

「All right! Here comes breakfast! 」

I woke up Gon and Lars.
Irimo woke up early, so I fed her with carrots and water.
She accepted it and rubbed her face on me.
What a cute horse.

There were vegetables, baked bread and an omelet.
I had time so I sliced the potatoes making the fried potatoes.
I ate that in my university days a lot. I got motivated looking at the beautiful sunrise and made a lot, I stuffed it together with the zenzai in infinite storage.

All right, it is about time for use to depart.
Since I can’t detect anyone on my map, it should be okay to let Lars out.
Then I used the map and searched for his tribe while concentrating on「kukulkan」.
Looking closely…there they are.
There are dozens of them in the middle of the Juka Mountain Range.

It should take us about 5 days to cross the forest and reach the mountains. After that, we will need to climb for 1 day more. Using Irimo’s wings we could arrive in a day, but regretfully, two hours of flight is her limit.
Yet those idiots forced her to fly for 6 hours.

She should have collapsed long ago, but the demon fox was forcing her.
Impossible things are impossible, I don’t plan to force her further. I asked her whether we should wait for her to recover, but she said that she wanted to deliver Lars first.
Well, there is no problem with walking. I might be a little soft, but in consideration of Irimo, let’s travel slowly.

We were able to smoothly proceed through the forest.
Fortunately, monsters came to attack us.
Using my skill, I concealed my LV and set the MP and HP at 100.
Everyone who looks at it would think: What’s wrong with this guy? The monsters of C and B rank were successfully deceived and attacked us.

Of course, I instantly dealt with them, but sometimes, the likes of E rank great mouse appeared and Lars hunted them on his own.
He ate them with great relish.

Lars was usually flapping behind us, but when he saw something interesting he immediately flew away, we were quite worried because of it. Well, with the map, I can easily find him, but he always goes too far while chasing the pray.
Before he is able to notice, he is already alone, so he waits for us to rescue him each time.

Such an airhead, but once he gets tired, he always naps in my embrace.
Like that, I was able to see his somewhat smiling sleeping expression.

Fortunately, after several days of travel, we were able to meet a few Curse Charole.
When I was about to eat breakfast, they approached the radius of 50 meters from me.
I thought of capturing them, but Irimo dashed before I was able to do a thing.
One of the cows rushed forward too.
I witnessed the battle between a unicorn pegasus and a Curse Charole, between a horse and a cow.
It ended with Irimo’s flawless victory.
Its head was easily pierced by her horn and it lost its life.
Of the rest, 2 became a pray for the horn and 1 ran away like a rabbit.
(TN: Do not ram the unicorns guys)

When I asked Gon, I learned that the dead ones were male and the one that escaped was female.
Apparently, those 3 males were competing for, she even had a child in her belly. There are plenty of idiots in a world of cattle, some of them die to the horned horses trying to show off.

「How regretful.
Female Curse Charole is a delicacy」

Gon was regretting by herself.

The cows were unexpectedly professionally dismantled by Gon. She transformed into a human and borrowed an iron sword from me.
Then she easily and beautifully dismantled it.
As I learned, in her fox days, she lived near the butcher and witnessed the process numerous times. There was also a time when she was freeloading in a fish shop, so she is skilled with fish too.
I will leave the meat to you from now on! She is reliable in unexpected places.

However, a naked human with a fox face dismantling a giant cow looked very eerie. If you see this scene at night, you will receive a psychological trauma.
Therefore, Gon dismantled the meat only during the day.

After a while, our meat menu increased.
Even though it’s a male, it is still a Curse Charole.
It was very tasty. The days of the barbecue in the morning and roasted meat in the evening continued.
As expected, let’s cut down on meat for now.

At night, we slept under my barrier.
With the temperature and the humidity adjusted, everyone had a pleasant sleep. Lars took a liking to sleeping on my arm and requested it every night.
I refused once and he cried.
Without any other choice a let him, but he is such a crybaby.
I’m worrying about his future.

End after exactly 5 days, we crossed the forest and reached the dragon’s territory.

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