enemy scoffed and moved his head back a bit to avoid the sword but Zeke smiled at his error. The mana from the sword extended and the swords length increased, piercing the commanders face from his right ear to his lip. Blood gushed out.

”Ugh. ” He touched his face and looked at his hand. His blood was all over his hand. He went mad with rage. ”Ill kill you. Ill definitely kill you. ” The commander attacked and swung his sword randomly and Zeke had to face the whole attack. If he retreated, there would be no room for a counterattack.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The commander threw his sword at Zeke like a madman. The flame from the sword scorched Zekes skin continuously but he couldn stop defending right now. He would die if the sword directly cut him. He would burn from the inside out.

He quickly thought of ways to reduce the effects of the flames on his body and an idea ran through his mind. Just like he had wrapped his sword in pure mana, he wrapped his whole body with mana and it worked out. It didn entirely stop the scorching heat but it reduced it to an extent that was bearable for Zeke. Zeke was smiling, he could see the openings of the commander after enduring his barrage of attacks continuously.

”You dare smile while fighting me? Die! ” The berserk commander shouted and forced more fire mana into his sword than what the sword could absorb and slashed vertically at Zeke.

”Fool. ” Zeke cussed at the commander.

Before the sword reached its target, it melted and Zeke who had been waiting for the moment swung his sword from his left to right with all the strength and mana he could gather.

Plop. Psssh.

The head of the commander fell to the ground, his eyes still wide open and blood gushed out of his body.

Zeke walked forward and picked the head, raising it so he looked into his eyes. ”I hope you rot in the abyss. ” He walked back towards a boulder. His body was red from the scorching heat and some parts were burnt.

He turned to look at the remaining enemies. He had to break their fighting spirit. He was exhausted but he had to stand strong for what he was about to say next.

”Your commander is dead. If you still wish to continue the battle, well gladly follow you till the end. They still have me but, who do you have? ” To make a more genuine threat, he used mana left in him to pressure the others.

Oh gods, please let them just leave. Ive done all I can do. If they decide to fight, we
e doomed. He prayed inwardly.

The gods seemed to answer him because they all started and started walking away. ”Let them leave. Anyone who attacks them would be considered an enemy and cut down by me. ” He warned those allies who didn seem reluctant to let these enemies leave here alive. ” They had seen what he did and were terrified as much as the enemies.

When the enemy had gone so far they couldn be seen, someone shouted. ”Victory! We won!! ” The rest of them replied with shouts and cries. Many had lost their friends and loved ones just like Zeke had lost his only friend and brother.

He walked behind the boulder staggering. When he got in front of a corpse, he knelt and dropped the commanders head on the corpse, and with teary eyes, he spoke. ”I did it. The first step is over. ” Luke who had watched everything from the inside of Zeke also had teary eyes.

Zeke sat close to the corpse and soon, the warriors surrounded him and all knelt to show their appreciation for what he did. Now, they understood why he had made the enemies leave. He was overly exhausted. He smiled as tears left his eyes and he fell asleep.


Luke woke up due to the light that penetrated his closed eyelids. ”Huh? Tears? ” He touched his cheeks upon waking up and found that his eyes were wet.

He looked around his room and couldn help being shocked.

”Ah… shit. ”

His room was completely destroyed.

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