s barely past noon.

”Sure, go ahead. ” Obed replied and they both left the table with Luke going into the room and Obed moving over to the couch to relax since it was more comfortable than the chairs theyd both been sitting on.

Entering the room, he walked over to his bed and sat on it. He cussed inwardly. ”Damn it all. If only mum was here. ” He sighed when he remembered she wasn here anymore and hed have to live like that for the rest of his life. Thats when he remembered the pills left behind for him by his mother.

He opened a drawer close to his bed and pulled out a wooden box that seemed like something from a thousand years ago. It looked worn out but it was very much in good condition.

Opening the box, he saw the two different sets of pills sitting in different bags that looked back at him. ”Those are cleansing pills. Youll know when to take them, but don ever start with the white ones. ” He recalled her words even though he was only eight years old when she told him.

Then he remembered how Obed had spent all night in the toilet after putting two of the pills in his food when they were in the final year of their high school and he started laughing like a demon king.

”Ive taken two previously, but it did nothing for me, unlike Obed. ” After Obed had spent all night in the toilet, he seemed better at everything he did. Even though he hadn awakened like others, he could keep up with low-tier individuals that had awakened with abilities. Obed was like an awakened who wasn awakened.

”Ill go with five this time. Hopefully, therell be a change. ” He took five of the pills and swallowed them all. After ten minutes, night happened so he took another five and returned the box into the drawer.

Soon after, he was asleep. He found himself in a dream. Walking around in a place surrounded by big trees. Then the ground started to rumble.

At first, it was a subtle rumbling but it soon started shaking and the huge trees swayed like they would fall if the rumbling got any worse. Thats when he saw the source of the rumbling. It was something like a big serpent that coiled its body around itself. He couldn find the head. But it was big enough to be seen even with the huge trees blocking everywhere. The snakelike thing seemed to sense him and it slowly rose.

He looked at it very well. A snake was supposed to have scales but this thing had nothing like that even when its size was this big. Then he heard growls from it. A snake should be hissing but this thing was growling and he could smell something weird. It was a poisonous gas from whatever that thing was. The trees touched by the gas withered in an instant. But why did this gas smell so familiar? He didn know. But the growl got louder and the thing began to chase after him.

Luke ran for his life. He kept running and he never looked back. Soon, he would be out of the forest. He was happy since he didn hear any more sound from the thing chasing him. ”I mustve outrun it, ” was what he thought. A few yards to the exit of the forest, thats when he saw the thing waiting for him. With its head raised staring at him like it would eat him completely. The smell was back and felt more familiar than before.

Thats when it hit him. This was no snake… This thing was a massive crawling poop. It seemed to sense that Luke now understood what it was and it descended on Luke who was on the floor screaming. ”Ahhhh… ” then it fell on him.

”Ahhhh. ” He was back on his bed but the smell from that dream still hung in the air. The rumbling continued and his body seemed to be the source of the rumbling. ”Shit. ” He jumped from the bed and bolted into the toilet. He almost pooped on himself. The intensity of the poop came to haunt him as a dream.

”That was a close one. ” Luke said as he freed up what had just haunted his dream.

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