Chapter 4: A New Brother.

Franciscas POV

After months in this world, I showed what my parents called advance learning. I wasn shy in showing much of my intelligence that was still intact.

Theyve been giving me a lot of toys to play with- some were with dolls mostly given by my foster father but I preferred any puzzle activities that were given instead, leaving the dolls into the dust and solving easy puzzles that were made in this world.

”Oh! Francisca dear! How about you go ahead and spell your name with these cubes with letters on it! ”

The woman in front of me was my foster mother, she pushed the wooden toy cubes with a few alphabetical letters in them.

These cubs were certainly something different, these were toys that glowed every time I managed to make up a word that existed in the language. My hands held it looking up at my mother who was being supportive of my actions.

I was purely… fascinated by what the world can offer and I would like to see the usual happy faces of my foster parents faces when I do a good job.

”Oh! You already know how to spell your name! You
e so good! Come here to mommy to give you a warm hug! ” She envelops me in a gentle warm hug.

Shes already gotten this much attached to me.

Her name was Gabriella Névé.

From the information that Ive gathered just from listening and browsing some old portraits. There were some with her family, she looked ever so cold… it seems that the only person that she was able to get along with was her little sister.

Compared to how she is now… I wondered what kind of person mother was before.

Whenever she would bring me across the streets to shop, she was so… popular and recognizable that everyone would usually call out and offer free things.

”Miss Hero! ”

”Miss Névé, would you like to have some free fruits to bring with you today? ”

”Oh thank you for all your service! ”

My foster mother was a hero who saved the world with several others in defeating a mysterious monster that swore to devour the world, or so the story she would tell during the night when it was time to read me some bedtime stories.

”Hmm… ” My hands felt another hard paper hidden at the very back of the book, there was one that was ripped in half where she was just a young hero working for the kingdom it seems and she… was smiling.

On the edge of the torn half of the picture someone was holding her hand and for some reason I wanted to know who could be a person capable of making her smile like that.

I searched all the other portraits but there was nothing…

All of my foster fathers information was everywhere. The name Francis Florence- these two were supposedly married but I guess mother refused to either have a conjoined name.

A lot of books were kept on who he was. He was also a hero that came from another country and formed a group to where they saved the world from being destroyed.

This… is this a normal thing in isekai where youd either be given a normal slice of life to a home full of dark mystery lores?

I decided that I would further adventure when I get a bit older. I placed everything back to where it was and felt the gaze of my overprotective mother behind my back.


There weren many activities to do when you
e just a little baby other than try and make your parents give wonderful memories of being their precious little baby but- it seems that after nine months of labor by mom…

I got used to calling her mom now…

Her whole personality completely won me over, saving me countless times from my utter cluelessness of this world and I wasn aware that some plants outside our house were… mildly poisonous.

There were a few more things that we bonded over that I was grateful for her and that earned my respect.

”Francisca- say hello to your little brother. ” (Mom) tells me while her body rested on her bed. We were in a small medical ward out in the capital city where she got the best birthcare someone could possibly have in a magical medieval fantasy world.

I stared at my new sibling, sleeping so soundly. A brother, the little one looked so fragile and adorable.

”H-Hello… ” I reached my little finger into hers, and he slowly grabbed it, putting it into his hold. ”!!! ” He actually held it! My heart felt so excited remembering something similar to my old life, holding my sister from earth… when she was just a small infant…

”Look at you both… being so adorable. ” (Mom) told me and I felt a little shy. Having a new little sibling might be… not bad to have.

Dad on the other hand was bragging how the little one got the face shape on his side of the family. ”Hes quite handsome just like his dad! ” He exclaimed and mother rolled her eyes with a smile.

”Well I don know about that part honey. ”

”… ”

Dads face began to gloom and sat in the corner growing mushrooms.

”Honey, don grow mushrooms in the hospital ward! ” She scolds dad and I leaned in a bit closer to the little baby, couldn contain the smile on my face.

He sure looks like dad but with blue hair. Its actually lighter than mom. Its light blue hair reminded me of the warm color of snow.

”H-Have you guys decided on a name yet? ” I asked. The two stared at each other and smiled.

”Why don you pick darling? ”

Mom told me and I blinked.

Its an honor to do it but are they really going to ask a two year old for a name- that hell be using for the rest of his life? I could name him something random and just regret it…

They… sure trust me that much.

The little baby tugged onto his hold on my little finger and made cute little sounds that motivated me to think of a good name.

”Well… How about… Glenn. ”

A name derived from valley, itll bring peace and carries with it an air of tranquility and serenity, which is sure to be a good omen for a babys early years. ”I feel like he would make a great Glenn. ”

I hope that convinced them. The two stared at each other silently. Like sending some messages through the use of their eyes.

”Honey even though you
e only two years old you can speak so well and in complete sentences as well. ” (Mom) was the first to point it out and I panicked.

Uhhh umm… Goo Goo Ga Ga?

At that moment I wanted to slap myself for doing such a stupid move. Thankfully father liked the name and decided that theyll be using it.

”But she does have a point. Besides, Glenn sounds like a manly name so from now on this boy shall be Glenn Florence. ” (Dad)

Glenn took on fathers last name and mother didn seem to mind.

In this world, I was Francisca Florence.

Mother insisted on keeping her last name all to herself… and she just let me take this last mans name instead. I really wondered, out of all the chances of getting a new name I ended up with the same old one.

”Hey mom, dad. Why did you name me Francisca? ” I asked, really curious and it shouldn be weird for children to ask random questions at random times. ”And why does mom not have your last name? ”

”Well I named you Francisca because you remind me a lot of Francis, certainly a wonderful name. ” (Mom) tells me gently patting my head, I know I should just take the answer but… ”Its a really wonderful name. ”

The way she looked at me when she said those next words was a bit…

”I don understand. ”

”Well I didn know either but when I saw you that its like your clone but a girl with purple hair and for your fathers last name? I just didn like the name Florence thats all! No offense honey. ” (Mom)

”N-None taken, dear. ”

I was told the same. Except… I was compared with my great-grandfather back on earth. There were myths and rumors that our grandfather claimed to have natural purple hair, making its way onto me.

We spend much time in the medical ward of the city, buying food and taking a night in to sleep inside there for now. Father was already out in the corner of the room, laying his body in the soft sofa.

I wanted to watch over my new little brother but my eyes were struggling to keep awake late at night.

”Oh my… Francisca, its getting late and its way past your bedtime. ” (Mom) tells me and I look at her direction with squinted barely shut eyes. I could hear her giggle, telling me to go over her bed and tucked me in with her.

She took the blanket that was covering her body up and then kissed my forehead before telling me. ”You should sleep now, tomorrow is another day and you can play or watch your new baby brother when we get home. ”

Hearing her soft voice… I yawned, nuzzling over to her side. Not even a minute later I found myself in a deep sleep, so comfortable and safe.

”Good night sweety. Sweet dreams. ”

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