Chapter 3: New Parents.

Franciscas POV

Its a little blurry but I can see their faces. A woman with striking long blue hair and a man with fiery red hair. Their expressions looked extremely excited and happy upon meeting me.

The man leaning over to me has a part of his hair covering the right side of his face, ”What do you think about this one honey? ”

The woman responded by clapping her hands looking at me in an affectionate manner, ”Shes perfect Francis! ”

”Then well adopt her, whats gonna be her name Gabby? ” (Francis)

”Let me think… ” (Gabby)

These two… I learned their names as they talked to one another. A couple browsing through a bunch of baby orphans- and they took interest in me?

The woman thinks for a second before settling on a decision. ”Her name is going to be Francisca. ” (Gabby) tells her husband who nods approvingly in the name.

”I like it. Look, honey, her hair is purple. If we mix our hair together well have purple! ” (Francis)

He joked around holding his wifes waist, I blinked in surprise hearing them talk- I could understand them… and they picked my new name to be the same as the old one.

”Shes going to be a fine mage darling. My dear Francisca, my sweetheart. ” (Gabby)

I… Im Francisca!

I remember my name!

I can believe I can remember everything so I didn lose my memories… that should mean-

Hold on one moment?! Where is my phone if my body turned into a small baby-?!

”Oh, Father Joseph! What is that strange device? ” (Gabby) exclaimed.

She points at it looking more curious than afraid. Please be careful!

Thats the latest version of an expensive brand phone but thank goodness its safe.

”Oh is this a toy for the little one? ” She holds the phone in her hand making baby sounds. ”Oh goo goo~ here comes the toy~ ”I giggled a little bit when the strange woman gave me the phone.

”That thing came with the baby. When she was in a little basket she was hugging the strange device as if it was that important to her, its the only thing that makes her calm down. ” Said the looking priest. I don have many memories of what he told the two strangers but still… at least my consciousness is alive now.

”I see we will be choosing this baby as our own daughter. ” (Francis)

”All right then we will be leaving now and thank you, Father Joseph. ” (Gabby)

”Have a safe trip back home! ” (Father Joseph) tells them both, the woman takes me in her arms and I felt her chest being so soft- and familiar that I could feel myself falling asleep at any moment.

”The carriage is here. ”

My eyes blinked weakly seeing that the last thing I could see was my new mother getting inside, sitting on the leather seat before I could hear several more voices talking to one another.

”Brrrr. ”

The sound of the horse neighing as they were whipped… I feel… sleepy.


”Well, here we are little Francisca! ” (Francis)

I looked around the house, it was really small but it had a lovely garden which the woman, carrying me and walking around, felt great in my skin.

As eleven months passed I remembered that everybody can use magic. There are elements that symbolize your power.

And I learned that some of the many ferocious beasts and fairy tales that I have read before in a book called mythology exist. Tales of deities exist in this world.

The elements that run through every human here are;

Fire the element that we all know.

Water is also one of my favorite elements.

Wind That harnesses the power of the skies. Or the wind.

Earth is an element that can control sand and rock.

Light is an element thats really useful in the dark its like a flashlight and it has spells that can heal the wounded.

Dark is an element that summons creatures that can form a pact with you and help you fight.

Null an element that is also called a personal spell, everybody has that kind of element I think… Because it has spells that some people can master and can receive. Example. A spell that can make dogs like you.

There are many more. But Ill explain on the way of my journey. There are some other rare kinds of magic that are not elemental. Like Mirror Magic, Explosion Magic, Spacial Magic, Teleportation Magic, Rune Magic, Knight Magic… Too many to count.

Some of the elements may be heritage or just luck.

Commoners have a high chance of possessing. Wind, Water, Earth, Fire yeah those are pretty common.

My mom can use water, dark, and wind. Also her [SoundMagic] or hollow sound and something else shes pretty secretive.

My dad can use fire, earth, nature, teleportation and something else.

Im turning 1 year old soon. And maybe I will be able to talk but, what then… Do I have to tell them? Or keep it all to myself.

I mean at that age I can only say mama and papa so Im safe from facing reality for a little while.

Regarding mages, it seems that I can be one, but I still don know what kind of element I have. My adoptive mother said that when Im all grown up she will give me stones that will tell what kind of element I have.


A year has passed…

Im two years old know and father sometimes teaches me self defense because father said that they are traders that kidnap children and sell them to nobles to be there servant, slaves or prisoner.

By the way, training me was nothing too bad- he was just cheering me on trying to kick a small little target doll that he made, and helping me walk along the garden to build up my body. ”Francisca- you
e doing great! ”

He would always encourage me along the way and that made me a bit grateful that these people were the one who found me in the orphanage. They seem like good people, and from the work they do- I heard that they work for the royal family in the capital.

After walking mom… would come by and tell us to take a break every now and then. I noticed that her stomach was getting a little bigger as time goes by.

”How about you take a small break now~! Francis! Make sure she stays hydrated okay?! ”

”Don worry Gabby! I have her water canteen in my [Inventory]! ”

There is some good news as well.

Im going to be a big sister. Im rather joyous that Ill be having a new sibling to bond and argue with.

My phone… Its been two years as well and I can open it- suspecting its low on battery because I didn confirm what kind of element I have and none of my family members have the [Light] element.

Its going to be a while before I can open that phone.

Other than that problem I still miss my old life a little…

Don get me wrong I love life now but some part of me misses my old life.

Suddenly dying… a new world Im not familiar with and with a body thats weak currently that I can do any adventures having the same kind of mindset as before.

I… was an heiress born to take a huge company my ancestors have worked hard to earn, passing it down to each generation of the family continuing its legacy.

I couldn remember a day where they wouldn tell me of how lucky I was to have this life, where anything I could want would be handed- given. Such a privilege of being born in that kind of family will come at a price.

Forget all about that Francisca, for now, enjoy life because back then there weren many people trying to befriend me because Im from a well-known family.

I can still remember that day when I realized it all.

I was just a little girl… hoping to find a friend. Anyone… I could tell my secrets to be there with me when I needed to and I would do the same. ”Hey come on, lets play together over at my house! ” I would call out to the other smiling children to invite them to play-

”Alright, alright. ”

They would always never… deny my request. Everything that I asked them to do was met- they couldn complain- I wondered if they were getting tired of me because slowly the smiles they showed… were getting more crooked the more they told me.

”Ill play with you. ”

Naive I was to think it was all true…

”Mom, why do I have to play with a loser like her? Shes a freak, shes weird, I don like her mom. Her hair is colored purple… is that even normal? Do I have to do this? ” a girl complained to her mother about me, I was walking around the house- my friend- I wanted to surprise her by hiding on the corner when her mother dropped her off over to our house.

”Yes, you have to honey because if you don Ill cut your allowance and no internet for a month. ” They threatened their child and the memory was fuzzy but I remember them looking so… full of greed. ”All you need is to befriend her and let her make her say that you
e her friend so that we can form a contract with her parents. Now am I clear! ”

”Yes… Mother. ”

I could only listen in that corner of the room, meeting with the girl whom I thought to be my friend- was actually just using me for their selfish desires- by the time we met in my room, she smiled nothing of the sort had happened.

She asks me while holding a toy in her hand, ”What would you like to play today, friend-? ”

It made my stomach churn… how is she able to act like that when she was badmouthing me in front of her mother.

e not my friend. ”

People… only want what they want, and I was sure when I just became a normal girl stripped of power and fame that girl wouldn be wanting to force herself to become friends with me.

Thats why Im not trusting anybody so easily in this life.

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