Reincarnated as an Overpowered Girl with Her Smartphone (GL)

Chapter 2: A Gift From a God of Reincarnation.

Chapter 1: Reincarnation.

Franciscas POV

Well, here I am waiting for God to choose my fate…

I can believe it…

Its been an hour since my death so does that mean I have to be buried in a coffin for me to go to heaven?


Wh-Whats happening?

I thought to myself… looking unto the seemingly endless space.

All I can see is pure black, literally all black.

”Hello? Is anyone there? ” I called out into the empty distance hoping that someone would be able to answer, that I won be alone. My voice echoed and repeated what I asked, hello is anyone there?

As time passed… I was getting bored and my soul felt like I was floating into an empty space. No one, nothing can hear me and I can touch anything.

[30 minutes later]

I was running out of patience. I didn want to feel bored so I kept thinking…

Umm… Do I need to have a reservation with God or any of his angels or anything? Cause if I need to, I don know how.

Suddenly there was a white light, shining in my eyes. I closed my eyes in response that I may go blind if I stare at it too much. My eyes couldn take it!

Could it be nirvana?

Or not.

I can only see clouds everywhere but there is a table with tea. I took a seat in front of the table and saw the freshly brewed tea in front of me.

Its smell was so alluring, familiar that I couldn stop myself from grabbing a cup and drinking it.

Hmm… Jasmine tea is my favorite.

How is it here…

It seems the table didn need any chairs so I sat on the ground drinking the tea. Its kind of hilarious because the ground was made out of clouds.

As I waited I finally saw someone coming towards me.

A boy…?

He was running like he was in a hurry. Panting his breath, breathing in and out. I was staring at him.

”I-Im really sorry for making you wait. ”

He said in a deep voice, I inspected his state, white robes and a face that would be described as someone with a perfect stature.

”Its alright, the ambiance here is really relaxing. I had the moment to enjoy the scenery after all I don think there would be any often chances of having to sit down on clouds.

I looked at the tea cup in my hands and I thought maybe he brewed this for me?

Oh! And thank you for the tea. It was really delicious. ” I placed the cup back into the table looking back at the figure in front of me. ”Umm… I didn get your name. ”

”Oh umm its–- ”

He stopped talking as soon as we heard a horn thats really annoying to hear, who would want that kind of horn? its piercing my ears!

”Apologies but I must go, its time to go to my meeting. ”

Meeting? I looked at him with a confused look.

He stopped back before scratching his head as if he realized that I was new around heaven.

”Oh you
e new here, don worry theres just a meeting with the [Heavenly Saint committee] and Im a member of the Heavenly Saint isn that cool? ” He said with a prideful look on his face.

”Pardon me, but what is a [Heavenly Saint committee]? ” I asked.

”R-Right I forgot, well the heavenly saint gets fifty percent chance voting on where we want you souls of human would like to go like in hell or heaven or if your lucky you
e going to be resurrected and live once again but its all Gods decision on where you would be going if the committee can decide where to put you. ” He told me and I trembled upon hearing that. What if Im not good enough for heaven?

Im not even sure if I accumulated enough heaven points when I lived as a normal girl back on earth.

”Oh come on don be scared as long as youve got good records,youll be fine. ”

I calmed down a bit after that. As long as I didn do anything bad- but then again… I can say I didn do much good either.

”The meeting is about to start! Wish me luck! ”

After saying that, wings spread upon his back. The white color of feathers sprung and flapped. ”Hes an actual angel… ”

”Until our next meeting, Franisca! ” He waved leaving for the committee but I can help to wonder how he knew my name and he somewhat looked familiar but it couldve been the effects of how the things are here.

Everything… feels so familiar.

I didn get his name.


The meeting upon the heaven, the same angel from before takes his seat among the many elites, their expression serious. It seems that the soul of the girl was more than normal.

Member 1: ”Bring her to hell, I had enough of this. You should put that soul to rest, every life its been in has just been chaotic. ”

Member 2: ”You
e just saying that because all she hurt was boys who were playing with other girls, those boys deserved that in this life, whats really the truth is you couldn win the bet and now you
e saltier than the ocean. ”

Member 1: ”Move on, just because I dated you for two weeks doesn mean Im serious about you. ”

Member 3: ”Could you please leave your relationship problems in this case of Francisca Schuyler. ”

Member 2: ” Im just telling the truth! Francisca deserves to be in heaven! Take a good look at her records, I would be able to vouch for her. If you
e planning to give that soul to rest- ”

Member 1: ”She deserves to be in hell!! ”

Member 2: ”If you
e rooting there so much why don you go there yourself and hopefully get eaten by [Cerberus]! ”

Member 3: ”SILENCE! ”

All of the Heavenly Saint members all became silent.

Member 3: ”Let us God decide ”

After saying that God already knew what to do and where to send Francisca.

God: ”Let her have a chance to live again. ”

Member 1: ”It can be… ”

Member 2: ”Hah! Boo You! ”

All the other members were torn upon by the decision of the god, the soul was getting abused for getting reincarnated too much being the toy of some of these deities and now calls on another life… upon the head Gods decision.

God: ”I will send her to a planet called Morfus, where magic and mythical creatures exist in that place. She will live there and start a new beginning. ”

Many elite angels who were gambling for a new life smiled, the God chose the best choice in this problem.

”Now I declare this meeting over. ”


The hot tea pot was boiling under a heating circle on the side. How convenient… it seems that things in heaven could be possible to do things like this.

”How convenient. ” I take the teapot carefully, putting the hot water into the tea cup full of jasmine leaves. There were a few being displayed on the table and thought it would be alright to take some of them.

”Whew… ” I blow on the floating steam from the hot tea before taking a sip, the taste of it soothes my throat as it travels down to my stomach.

This place seems so big… even though its all clouds it seems pretty peaceful here.

”Francisca! I have great news! Really, really great news! ”

The angel from before called out to me, the sudden breeze of his wings startled me but I made sure to grab a hold the side of my hair and the tea, to keep it from not spilling. ”Oh! Apologies! My wings are a bit- ” he turned to his back reaching out to those huge white feathers and tried flattening it in place.

”Nothing was spilled- its alright. ” I took the teacup in place as I smiled in his direction. I could see a faint red color on his face before he looked away quickly. ”So whats the good news that you were about to tell me? ”

”Oh yeah! Francisca you
e going to live again! ”

”Say what now? ”

e going to live again thats what! You
e so lucky! ” He repeats his words once more and I was confused.

”Just wait for a second. I need to collect my thoughts. ” Breath in Francisca, breathe out. ”First of all, who are you? You just ran off without introducing yourself. ”

”Apologies for the late introduction- Im Azreal. ”

So thats his name.

”Im also known as the Angel of Death. ” (Azreal)

The angel of death… Thats a lot to take in but…

”When you said I was going to live again- Does that mean reincarnation? ”

”In about five minutes or so. ” A clipboard takes form in his hand before taking a quick look at it before turning to me once more. ”You will probably not remember what happened here or your past at all. ” (Azreal)

”What?! ” I yelled in shock.

Well, that makes sense. I don even know why I did that reaction. In reincarnation your soul will become a new person- so the memory will be sure to me erased but- ”Is there a chance that I might remember everything? ”

”Well, there is but only a few people have their memories intact. ” (Azreal)

The memories I had before… I became attached to them and I wouldn want them to be erased. Reincarnation- would it be better for me to be reborn instead of passing?

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