Luke stood in the middle of the woods, and not a soul seemed to be around him. But there was the constant roar of predators.

”Ive overestimated my chances a little. ” Luke laughed. He found a sharp stick at his feet and bent down to pick it up.

*Growl* The invisible wolf circled around Lucas and lunged, aiming to sink its teeth into Lucas neck.

Luke heard a snarl approaching rapidly. And suddenly, he grabbed the scythe and stabbed toward the sound.

There was a whimpering sound, and blood began to trickle down the staff.

”Fuck you. ” Lucas cursed as he pulled the staff from the dark wolfs side. The wolf squeaked pitifully for a couple of moments and died.

”Eh… ” Lucas glared at the wolf.

”Now I feel bad, ” Lucas said when the wolf became visible.

”Its not so fun when you have to hunt animals instead of people. ” Lucas said as he heard a couple more wolves approaching him from behind.

Lucas held out his palm and began to gather energy on top of it. A small red dot appeared on the top of his palm and quickly began to grow to the size of a baseball.

The ball burned Lukes palm as it heated up; it peeled off his skin. But despite the pain, Lucas waited patiently for the wolves to be right behind him.

”These creatures are not the most intelligent; they don even have the instinct for self-preservation. ” Lucas sighed uncomfortably and threw the fireball behind him as soon as he heard the smell behind him.

”Shit, ” Lucas said, realizing he had missed.

The wolves dodged by jumping to the side, but as soon as the ball reached the first object, it exploded. The blast wave blew Lucas and all the wolves within a fifty-meter radius.The fire engulfed the trees in an instant.

Lucas hit his head, and his ears started ringing. The fire in the grass was coming towards Lucas. However, he could not even lift his arm; his eyes slowly began to strain, and despite his best efforts to stay awake, he lost consciousness.

An hour later, he woke up to find that the fire had gone out. Lukas gradually awoke to find his clothes burned and his body smelling of roasting meat.

”Uhh… ” Lucas groaned as he slowly got up.

”What the hell was that? ” Lucas asked as he sat down on the scorched grass. Looking around, Lucas saw that the ash he was sitting on was still smoldering and glistening red, but he didn feel the heat.

”Then how in hell is my own mana burning me? ” Lucas muttered to himself under his nose, stretching out his palm and creating a ball of fire above it.

Again, Lucas felt the searing pain, but this time it was much weaker. It was as if his body had become accustomed to the heat.

”Interesting, ” Lucas said, removing the fireball.

Looking around, he saw the aftermath of the fireball explosion he had thrown. He scratched his head as he thought.

”Im no expert in magic, but this really shouldn have happened. ” Lucas said, raising his eyebrows in surprise.

Lucas sat up through the pain, his skin still heated to the point of sweating, his eyes glowing bright red, and a strange, sticky black fluid coming from his eyes and forehead. He felt a dripping liquid, and thinking it was sweat, Lucas wiped his forehead and covered his hands with the black liquid.

”And Im not a biologist… but I know it shouldn be coming out of me. ”Lucas panicked. Lucas didn know what it was, because it didn say in either novel that Lucas Ciffer had a different physiology than other humans.

”Ey, are you all right? ” A voice from behind Lucas said

Lucass panic disappeared, and a small frown appeared on his face. He turned around and saw three adventurers. Two guys with swords and one girl with a magic staff The guys were named Jarv and Sebastian, and the girls name was Samantha.

Lucas skin was still red, but he was slowly regaining his pale reflection. And his eyes had already stopped glowing. But there was another problem. Luke was completely naked, and his head and eyes were dripping black resin.

Luke turned to them to observe them. Sebastian was wearing black armor made of some metal unknown to Lucas. Jarv was dressed in green leather with a hoodie hiding his hair, and the girl wore clothes made of blue leather; her hair was dark brown.

When he realized they were adventurers, he smiled and decided to try to pretend to be the victim of some random attack.

”Sorry! ”Are you here to investigate the explosion? ” Lucas asked with a big smile, pretending that nothing strange was happening.

”Luckily for me, whoever did this is gone now. ” Lucas sighed, pretending to be in relief.

”Y-yes. Luckily! ” Samantha blushed at the sight of a naked man, turning her face away from Lucas nervously.

”Understood. ”And did you see who the culprit is? ” Jarv asked nervously. He scanned the area for signs of a rift breach.

Lucas just shrugged his shoulders. His skin had finally regained its pale reflection, and the black tar began to fade.

”… ” Sebastian was the only one staring suspiciously at Lucas without saying a word.

Samantha went on in silence, pretending to look elsewhere for clues; she was just unhappy that the first time she saw a naked man, he was on a mission.

Jarv walked over to check on Lucas to see if he was hurt.

”How are you? ” Jarv asked as he examined Lucas body carefully.

”… ” Lucas was silent, and sweat trickled down his forehead. He didn even know if he was hurt or not, much less if he was even human. ”Not good, ” Lucas thought, and just watched Jarvs reactions.

”Need a doctor? ” Jarv asked, seeing that Lucas was staring at him.

”Am I okay? ” Lucas asked.

”You look perfectly fine, however… ” Jarv said, taking something out of his pocket. It was similar to an earplug used to test DNA.

Lucas saw the DNA test and turned pale, thinking that maybe he should kill these people so he could hide his powers.

When Jarv took a sample of the tar from Lucas forehead, he frowned. A magical test quickly determined the composition of the liquid.

”Something wrong? ” Lucas asked, closing his eyes and smiling softly. His hands were behind his back, and in them he began to gather a ball of energy. This time, however, it wasn fire but wind. The ball of energy was soundless and colorless to the man, but it sliced through Lucas palm like knives.

”Nah. Just somewhere, you got your face covered in resin.Thats all. ” Jarv said with a bright smile and a pat on Lucas shoulder.

”Oh. Lucky. ” Lucas sighed in relief and lifted the ball of energy in his palm. As the wind energy sliced his skin to flesh, his palm bled. ”I won have to kill the three of you. ” Lucas smiled even wider.

Suddenly, Sebastian walked closer to them and looked closely at the test. For a moment, he raised his eyebrows in surprise. But he immediately confirmed Jarvs words.

”Correct. Its resin. ” He stared intently at Lucas as he said these words.

”See? ” Sebastian ran his finger over Lucas forehead and showed him a resin and metal glove.

Lucas stared back at him because he found it suspicious that mere resin could surprise them so much. and why they were so intent on proving to Lucas that it was just resin. Here, Lucas should be arguing that everything is normal.

e on our way back. ” Jarv said, patting Lucas on the shoulder again.

”Samantha, lets go. ” Sebastian yelled into the depths of the forest, where Samantha headed to avoid talking to a naked Lucas.

”Coming. ” Samanthas voice came from behind the trees.

”No need. ”Use the teleportation crystal. ” Jarv said with an emotionless face as he pulled a gray crystal from his pocket.

”Eh? okay. ” ”Samantha, ” she said in a confused voice.

Turning to Sebastian, he nodded. And then she turned one last time to Lucas before the crystal began to emit a bright yellow light.

”Good evening, ” Jarv said before disappearing within the blinding light.

Lucas was momentarily blinded and remained standing where the adventurers had left him. Then anxiety overcame him.

”Somethings not right here. ”

Lucas was momentarily blinded and remained standing where the adventurers had left him. Then anxiety overcame him.

”Somethings not right here. ”

At that moment, Jarv, Samatha, and Sebastian went back to the adventurers guild. Jarv and Sebastian started walking towards the guild leaders room without speaking, while Samantha ran after them without understanding what was happening.

”Guys? What happened? ” She asked, but the two walked on without saying a word. Their faces showed that the situation was serious. Jarvs face was expressionless, his eyes slightly rolled. And Sebastian was completely frowning.They walked as if the news they had to tell the master of that guild was a crucial matter.

When they came to the guild masters door, they went in without knocking. The guildmaster looked at them, confused.

”A-sorry. I don know what happened to these two. ” Samantha bowed awkwardly.

Suddenly, Sebastian spoke up. His expression was still tense; even the veins in his forehead popped out.

”We have another sentient monster. ”

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