Lucas opened his eyes and saw two guys looking down at him. Both guys were wearing what looked like school uniforms, with a falcon badge on their chests. Both had black hair and dark gray eyes; one was tall and the other wore glasses.

”Get up, you loser; we
e not finished yet. ” The tall guy grabbed Lucass collar.

Lucass eyes went wide, and he glared angrily at the guy.

”Wow, thats scary. ” The guy with the fake glasses shivered, pretending to be scared.

”Jared, I think you hit his head too hard. ” The guy with the glasses laughed, almost holding back tears of laughter. revealing the name of a tall guy.

”You think so, Henry? ” Jared, the tall guy, asked, throwing a surprised look at his friend. revealing the name of a guy in glasses

”Thats right, you just look at our friend. ” Henry walked closer and gently slapped Lucass scrunched-up face a few times.

”He doesn seem to have an ounce of fear. ” Henry said.

”Lets fix that. ” Jared started laughing and punched Lucas in the stomach with his fist.

Lucas collapsed back onto his haunches, barely catching his breath. His hands began to shake with rage.

”W-who do you think you are, *cough cough*? ”Lucas demanded that I grip the grass tightly.

”Your father, ” Jared said, kicking Lucas in the face.

Lucas felt dizzy and decided that the only way out of this was to teach them some good manners. Lucas took a deep breath, spit out the blood that was coming from his gums, and stood up.

”Oh? ” ”The dummy wants more. ” Henry clapped his hands together as if it were a play.

Lucas stared at Jareds face, thinking of ways he could kill him. But until he knew where he was, he decided not to be bold.

”I will feed you your tongue. ” Lucas said, taking off his dirty school jacket and walking towards Jared.

Both bullies exchanged puzzled looks with Lucas before bursting out laughing.Henry even took off his glasses to wipe away the tears from his laughter.

”Did you hear Jared? ” ”Run. ” Henry laughed, clutching his stomach.

”… ” Jared didn say anything; he just braced himself for another punch. But when he struck, this time Lucas dove to avoid it.

”Uh? ” Jared was startled, but he remained calm and struck Lucas from his knee.

Lucas felt dizzy, and his adrenaline surged. He clenched his fists hard and smiled.

”Pain. ” I haven felt it all year. Lucass eyes were bulging with adrenaline and fury.

”What? ” Henry raised an eyebrow in surprise, thinking that Lucas had really gone crazy.

”J-Jared, are we done? ” Henry wanted to stop the fight, but Jared was about to strike.

”Even though I can kill you, Ill definitely put you in a coma! ” roared Jared, punching Lucas.

Lucas stepped to the side this time and retaliated with a fist to Jareds chin. Jarred had his tongue out, and the sudden blow caused that tongue to bite. The tip of Jareds tongue fell to the ground.

”W-What? ” Henry covered his mouth to keep from retching in disgust.

Suddenly, Jareds eyes bulged with fury, and his hands began to emit a strange red steam.

”What is it? ” Lucas asked himself under his nose.

”Isn that… magic? ” Lucas raised his eyebrows in surprise. Jareds other fist flew past Lucass jaw; the air around his fist was heated.

”Y-you scoundrel! ” Jared screamed at the top of his lungs, trying to hit Lucas with his heated fists.

But Lucas just grinned and dodged with easy movements.

”Its magic, right? ” Lucas asked with an even bigger smile.

”Y-You… ” Jared couldn even speak out of rage. He just gathered the red energy in his palm and threw it at Lucas, who quickly jumped to the side.

When the red ball of energy hit the ground, a tiny explosion erupted, scorching the grass around him.

”Ah. Jared, what are you doing? ”You want to kill him? ” Henry ran to stop his friend, who started to gather the energy ball in his palm again.

”I don care. ” Hell die for what he did to my tongue! Jared faced Henry and stuck his tongue out to show the bleeding wound.

”Ew. ” Henry frowned and decided not to interfere.

”Sorry Lucas, you screwed yourself. ” ”With a sigh, ” Henry said. He shut up, not wanting to be the murder mourner.

Lucas grabbed something from the bark and began running towards Jared, a bloody smile on his face.

”Remember what I promised you? ” Lucas yelled, kicking Jared in the crotch with all his might.

Jared screamed in pain and collapsed onto his haunches. Lucas, staggering, grabbed Jareds jaw and forced it open.

”D-Don ! ” Henry yelled behind them as he ran to stop Lucas, but it was too late.

Lucas forcibly shoved the severed tongue back at its owner.

”Swallow. ” Lucas said he was forcibly closing Jareds jaw.

Jareds eyes welled up with tears, the contents of his stomach fighting for freedom.

”You **ing psychopath! ” Henry yelled, hitting Lucas in the head with all his might.

But Lucas, having withstood Jareds fists, barely felt Henrys blow. Lucas knocked Jared on the nose.

Blood from Jareds nose came out in a stream, and Jared collapsed unconscious.

”We have one more player. ” The smile on Lucass face disappeared as he turned toward a panicked Henry.

”W-who? ” ”Who are you? ” Henry asked, unable to believe his eyes. He couldn believe that the quiet guy theyd been beating up since they were kids could break Jared like that.

”You tell me. ” Lucas said as he walked slowly toward Henry, his face emotionless.

”I don remember. ” ”I think you gave me amnesia. ” Lucas said, scoffing at Henrys former words.

”S-Stop… ”I may not know how to fight, but my magic is much stronger than Jareds. ” Henry said, furrowing his eyebrows, and slowly a red aura appeared around his body.

Lucas stopped. If the aura around Henrys body was the same as the one around Jareds fists, Lucas wouldn be able to hit him without getting burned.

”Maybe we
e just going our separate ways? ” ”What do you think? ” Henry said. Sweat dripped from his forehead.

”I can . ” Lucas said he was looking around for something he could use as a weapon. Suddenly, his eyes fell on a thick branch, and Lucas went to pick it up.

”Like I said… ” Lucas said, picking up the thick branch.

”You scoundrels have given me amnesia. ” Lucas came running up, hitting Henry in the stomach with the branch.

The aura around Henrys body disappeared, and Lucas smiled brightly.

”Enough to lose focus, and you can keep the magic? ”Lucas asked, staring at Henry writhing on the ground.

”Y-you… you… ” Henrys saliva dripped as he tried to say something.

Lucas walked over, put his foot on Henrys chest, and said,

”Tell me everything you know about me. ”

”W-what? ” Henry couldn believe his ears and said

Lucas kicked Henry in the side and angrily said,

”I ask the questions. Got it? ”

Henry nodded a few times and, despite Lucass menacing look, said

e Lu-Lucas. Lucas Ciffer. ”

”A familiar name. ” Lucas uttered to himself under his nose. But I continued to listen to what Henry had to say.

e the Elemental Schools only student unable to use magic. ” Henry said, closing his eyes because he was afraid it would anger Lucas and he would hit him.

Lucas pulled his foot away from Henrys chest. Lucas began to think about where he had heard about Lucas Ciffer and the Elemental School. Suddenly, Lucas blinked hard in surprise.

”Are we on Planet Lightburn?! ” Lucas watched Henrys face intently, looking for any sign of a lie. But Henry only nodded a few times, afraid he would be hit again.

”… ” Lucas took a deep breath as he realized where he was. Without saying a word, he walked away from Henri and started walking through the forest.

”Lucas Ciffer… ” Lucas said angrily under his breath.

The novels side villain He said that and walked over to a tree and leaned against it. He decided to spend some time thinking about what he knew about Lucas Ciffer.

”Lucas Ciffer is the son of the Holy Kingdoms king, who was exiled for unlocking dark energy. ” Lucas said weakly, biting his lip.

”He was betrayed by his mistress at school and killed by a future hero. ” Lucass eyes slowly crinkled in rage and adrenaline.

”That sounds like fun. ”

In his eyes Lucas Ciffer was a vigilante who was on the hunt for the real villain of the story. corrupt magical society and the hero

Lucas knew this novel well, as he often had to hide for weeks when running from the police. And

”Villains Rhapsody ” was his favorite novella at the time. He knew it like the back of his hand.

”Lucky. Not only did I get the chance to reincarnate, but I reincarnated as my favorite villain! Lucas said in a sing-song voice.

Lucas Ciffer, a villain, was on the hunt for the real villain of the story. corrupt magical society and the hero.

”However, first things first… ” Lucas said, stepping away from the tree and sighing. Lucass stomach growled, and he felt weak.

”I have to find my way home. ” Lucas thought about where he could be right now and decided to find his way to town. From there, he knew the map by memory. He knew the map of this city as it was depicted on the Internet. So he knew how to get home and get to school. But what is he supposed to do now? He thought to himself as he walked out of the forest and saw a huge city filled with skyscrapers.

”One thing for sure… ” Lucas said as he enjoyed the view of the buildings, which he had never been able to see in his previous life.

”I am not going to die for some lowlife hero or religious fanatics. ” Lucas frowned as he started walking toward the city.

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