Chapter Eight: Where Did This Self Confidence Come From?

In class eight, the only one she knew was Jiang Jing.
If it was barely calculated, Zhou Zichen would be added.

As for Zhou Zihan, apart from exchanging a few words the day she first arrived, She didn’t have any intersection with him.

Before Lu Nan finished speaking, Ban Hua’s tears gushed out, “You have been in class for a long time, why are you pretending to not know each other now? You two are obviously a couple, it has nothing to do with me! Why don’t you admit it?” Admitting to this charge would be laying a great evil against her.

Frowning irritably, Lu Nan’s eyes chilled and she said, “If I don’t even know I’m dating him, how did you know?”

Playing tricks with her, Lu Nan.
They really want to die!

Zhou Zihan lowered his head, looking very obedient and his intention to not interrupt is as clear as day.

Ban Hua argued, “Zhou Zihan confessed his love to you the day you came and he asked you to be his girlfriend!”

“So?” Lu Nan asked, “Have I agreed?”

Ban Hua stopped immediately.
Lu Nan didn’t agree and she even had a very cold attitude when rejecting him.
The whole class witnessed it with their own eyes.

“Teacher,” Lu Nan looked at Chen Heng, “So because Zhou Zihan said I was dating him, you asked me to come over?”

Chen Heng nodded.
He called them into the office and the other eight people quickly admitted their mistakes.
Only Ban Hua said that although she skipped class, she did not engage in an early romance and her coming back with Zhou Zihan was just a coincidence.
In order to prove what she saying was true, she also said Zhou Zihan’s real girlfriend was Lu Nan.
Zhou Zihan himself nodded.

Lu Nan lifted the corner of her mouth and gave a smile.
The smile on her lips expressed her arrogance and disdain.
She raised her eyelids and looked at Zhou Zihan with a very contemptuous look, then tore his face off, “Where did you get the confidence to think I will fall in love with you?”

Zhou Zihan raised his head suddenly and fixed his eyes on Lu Nan, the veins on his forehead rose up little by little, like a wild beast with its territory encroached.
Anger suddenly came over him and he felt like pouncing on her in the next moment to tear her into pieces!

Chen Heng hadn’t stayed in his position as head teacher for a day or two.
At this junction, it was natural to see that Zhou Zihan and Ban Hua were lying.

Frowning, he asked Lu Nan to go back to class and proceeded to call Zhou Zihan and Ban Hua’s parents.

As soon as Lu Nan returned to the classroom, Jiang Jing looked at her eagerly.
Seeing her sitting back in her seat, she hurriedly set up her textbook, tilted her head and asked in a low voice, “Lu Nan, are you okay? Did anybody bother you?”

Lu Nan gave her a comforting look and told her to turn around.
The teacher on the podium is looking over here.

She wrote a note casually and while the teacher turned his head, Lu Nan accurately threw the note in the middle of Jiang Jing’s desk.

As soon as she finished throwing it, a note landed on her desk.

Lu Nan glanced at Zhou Zichen, who was looking at the book without any abnormalities and unfolded the note.
On it was only a sentence.

Be merciful.

The note was without a beginning or an end and it was also lacking a signature.

She crumpled the note into a ball and threw it into the trash can in the corner of the classroom.

At night, Shao Xinyi went through several class tests and she soon fell asleep.

Lu Nan was on the inside, her body was lying flat and motionless, even her chest rose and fell faintly.

If Shao Xinyi woke up now, she will find out that Lu Nan had not slept at all.
Her eyes were open and they seemed to reflect light in the dark, a bit like a supernatural movie.
It gave people chills.

She held up her palm, her eyes fell on it.
A layer of light and thin red mist wrapped around her jade-like skin, always moving within a centimeter from the skin.
It is constantly burrowing out of the skin and infiltrating it again.
The red color is very eerie and it seemed like blood had turned into mist as it seeped out of her body and pulled back.
It is as if it had self-awareness.

T/N: What did this red mist mean? Hatred?

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