opening them again and her gaze fell on the token.


It turned out to be the key to her Lu family.


Ever since she woke up in this place, her thought was that she had entered another world because in Lu Nan's body's memory, there is no Celestial Empire at all and there is no extremely prosperous Lu family in history.
No matter how intense her search was, she could not find any trace of the Celestial Empire’s existence.


Unexpectedly, when she had already given up, the key of the Lu family was delivered to her!


She lowered her eyelids to cover up the surging emotions in her eyes.
She rubbed the token picture with her fingertips and the corners of her mouth twitched, revealing an extremely bright and attractive smile.


This token belongs to her, so what if it becomes a cultural relic? It’s still hers.
Except for the Lu family, this thing is a display in anyone's hands.
Since the key is still here, the Lu family's old house is also preserved.


Imperial University? Looks like I have to figure out a way to visit it.


Zhou Zihan slept till the first class in the morning started.
He looked up and saw an old history teacher standing on the podium.
As he was dragging his chin to go back to sleep, he found a figure from the corner of his peripherals and when he turned back to see clearly, he was greeted with a gorgeous face.


He was stunned for a while but a grin broke out on his face before he turned Zhou Zichen with his chin on the elbow, “Hey, is she Lu Nan? Is this look okay?”


The girls in the front row buried their heads in the book when they heard his words.


Zhou Zichen looked at his grinning mouth and said calmly, “It’s her.
I'll remind you one last time, don't make trouble.”


“Don't worry,” Zhou Zihan patted his shoulder, “I'm not a troublemaker, I’ll keep myself in check.”


As soon as the dismissing class bell rang, there were more figures at Lu Nan's desk.
A slender hand prettier than some girls in comparison rested on the desk.
Zhou Zihan said with a bright smile, “Is your name Lu Nan?”


Lu Nan leaned on the back of the chair as she looked up lazily at Zhou Zihan.
Her voice was a little hoarse for some reason, “Yes, is something the matter?”

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