Reborn Mistress’ Scumbag Manual (RMSM) – Chapter Eleven: A Little Itchy

Summer nights darkens at a late pace but by eight o’clock in the evening, everything is almost blanketed by the dark.

When Lu Nan left school with her bag on her shoulders, the sky was already very dark.
However, Chuyang Middle School is located in the urban area and it is brightly lit at night so most places are as bright as day.

After bypassing several alleys, she turned into the darkness with a calm expression.
Her eyes were dark and deep in the extremely weak light that penetrated in.

Some bottles and jars were scattered on the ground and Lu Nan who seemed to be able to see clearly in such darkness, stepped over the bottles and jars to enter a dilapidated small workshop.

After entering the inner door, a small candle was lit and the flickering candle light illuminated the closed room.
Silver light reflected in the corner, its flickering eye-catching.

The old man who lit the candle with his exact age unknown smiled.
In the dim candlelight, there was a kind of ghost movie effect.
He spoke with a hoarse voice akin sand grains, “Little girl, why are you here again? Are you not satisfied with the things?”

Lu Nan smiled in an indescribably weird way.
It was a little happy, a little relaxed and a little bloodthirsty.

Your workmanship is very good and it met my requirements.” She said as she put the bag on the table and the heavy weight made the table creak, “I came here to put things on the table temporarily.
Since you are here, I also want to ask you if there is any place bloody enough for people to vent?”

The old man’s cloudy eyes rolled and he looked at Lu Nan for a long time before he said in a hoarse voice, “You can find this broken place of mine but you still don’t know a place that meets your requirements? I don’t know any place like that and your bloody smell, where did you get it?”

“My bloody aura was acquired in a purgatory and that kind of place don’t exist in this era.”

The old man took out the cigarette rod.
He stuffed some tobacco leaves into the mouthpiece, lit it before taking a deep breath.
The smoke blurred the orange sparks of the tobacco leaves and he whispered to himself, “Emperor Capital, what a good place.
It is filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons.
There are also numerous snakes and pythons coiled in every corner, it is indeed the world of young people.”

Lu Nan bent down slightly to thank him before turning around to leave.
The candles in the back room were extinguished with a puff and a faint sigh was heard.

On West Street, dense and hurried footsteps sounded in the chaotic alleys.
A man was as agile as a leopard and he got rid of a large number of people chasing him in a few seconds.

He walked down the alley and suddenly saw a girl in a dead end.
Under the dim streetlight, her red lips were still bright, her sparkling peach eyes were hidden in the shadows and she looked deep and gloomy.
Though she is in an ugly school uniform, she insisted on propping up the clothes, giving her a pretty look.

Beautiful, pretty, a dazzling beauty.

This was Que Ze’s first feeling and at the same time his heart itched slightly.

Lu Nan looked at the tall man who suddenly appeared in front of her and her body tensed slowly.

This person is very strong.

With her original body, she still has a chance of winning against him but now with her highly untrained body, she will definitely lose!

The two had completely different thoughts but they confronted each other face to face, and neither of them moved.

It wasn’t until a voice was heard not far from the alley that Que Ze moved.
He stepped forward in an instant and grabbed Lu Nan’s wrist.
His palms were like iron tongs and she couldn’t break free.

Lu Nan’s eyes narrowed slightly and her other hand struck towards Que Ze’s life acupoint while raising her foot all the way.
She kicked straight down three consecutive times, her action filled with an extremely vicious momentum!

Que Ze’s pupils shrank and his body staggered a few inches, avoiding the life threatening acupoint.
He took half a step forward at the same time, blocking Lu Nan’s kick at a tricky angle while pulling her half a step forward, reducing the space for her attack.

The bodies of the two immediately touched each other at a very close proximity.

Lu Nan who was half a head shorter than the man, raised her head and looked at him with unkind eyes.
She was obviously in a weak position but her momentum was not lost at all.

Que Ze lowered his head and looked at this extremely beautiful face from a distance, his expression softened a bit.

“Don’t move, I won’t hurt you.”

The deep voicesprayed on her ears with heat and Lu Nan raised her brows.
Hearing the voice getting closer and closer to the alley, he asked, “Are you being chased?”


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