Reborn Mistress’ Scumbag Manual (RMSM) – Chapter Ten: Dinner Treat

Huang Si’s expression changed, “What nonsense are you talking about?! Can someone like Lu Nan like me? Be careful of the words you say!”
The boy was just joking with him but when he saw Huang Si’s face change, he turned around resentfully.

After a while, Jiang Jing returned to the classroom with a stack of papers and distributed them to everyone.
She explained that the head teacher asked them to do homework.
The classroom was filled with wailing and even the excitement about the upcoming cultural performance was diluted a lot.

Lu Nan took the paper, stopped turning the pen and began to write on the paper quickly.
She filled in the answers almost at a glance.
She finished the six-page test paper in less than ten minutes and the questions and answers were also in their proper places.
The answers were concise and clear but the handwriting was even more imposing, not at all like a normal sixteen or seventeen-year-old girl.

Jiang Jing has long recognized Lu Nan’s nature of learning and although she was used to Lu Nan expressing this as her normal answering speed, she was still amazed when she saw the handwriting, “Oh my God! Lu Nan, you tell me.
Is this really written by a left hand? Writing with my right hand is not half as good as the one you wrote with your left.” She thought for a while, then suddenly asked, “By the way, can you write with your right hand?”

“Yes.” Lu Nan was completely indifferent to Jiang Jing’s overwhelming praises.

Jiang Jing asked curiously, “Does your right hand write as well as your left hand?”


After becoming a spiritual girl, she has never used her right hand to write.

After brushing down the last few strokes, Lu Nan threw the paper into the table hole before saying goodbye to Jiang Jing.
She lifted the backpack with one hand and slung it over her shoulder.
Lu Nan put one hand in her trouser pocket as got up to leave the classroom.

Jiang Jing asked strangely, “I thought you don’t usually carry a backpack?”

When Lu Nan met Ban Hua when going out, Ban Hua raised her head and smiled happily at Lu Nan but no matter how someone looks at it, they all don’t seem to have good intentions.

Lu Nan spared them a light glance, walked sideways around them and went out the door.

Back in the dormitory, Lu Nan was a little funny when he saw the note Shao Xinyi left on the table.

Though she’s sticky as a cub every day, she still know how to be afraid.

If Shao Xinyi was here and knew what Lu Nan was thinking, she would absolutely deny it.

She’s afraid of Lu Nan? How can it be?!
What she is scared of is Zhang Ningshu and their group of cowards, okay? If they hadn’t dragged her along, she would definitely ask Lu Nan to go out together!

After getting along with Lu Nan for a long time, she has long figured out that as long as she doesn’t kill herself, Lu Nan will never do it first.
As for trying to die, she has already experienced it once so it will not end well anyway.

“Lu Nan.” Two people came to the door of the dormitory.
Zhang Yuqi pursed her lips and smiled nervously at Lu Nan, “We were wrong before but Yu Nuan relied on her sister to protect her and forced us to do it.
There is nothing we can do about it.
I’m really sorry.
Are you free? We’d like to treat you to dinner.
Will you be able to attend?”

Another person chimed in, “Hope you’ll give us a chance to apologize.”

Lu Nan suddenly smiled, her twinkling peach eyes were full of lights and shadows and she was very surprised, “Okay.
Have you set the time and place yet?”

The two people at the door nodded blankly, “Don’t worry, it’s booked.
The time is eight o’clock in the evening and the location is the old shop on the snack street behind the school.”

“Well, I got it.
I will go.” Lu Nan put down the bag in her hand as bowed her head and agreed.

The two ran away in a panic.

Lu Nan slowly took out the things in the backpack, threw them one by one on the bed and spread them on the bed in a mess.

She checked the items carefully and saw everything is in place.
With satisfaction in her eyes, she put the items back into her bag one by one.
Her hand touched a black knife that was narrower and thinner than ordinary daggers.
She held it in her hand.
Grab onto it with no returns.


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