In the middle of the Azure Spirit forest, hidden in closed off cave laid a young girl who looked to be about 13 years of age. She looked to be waking up. Using her small hands she rubbed her head, making her long silver hair with a faint purple hue scatter on the floor messily.




”Ok…Ill get up in a bit, just turn off your alarm, ” she mumbled to herself.



Abruptly she sat up yelling, ” I SAID TUR- ” she never ending up finishing her sentence because upon opening her eyes she couldn see anything. Not that she was blind or anything it was just to dark.

Looking around she could see nothing but darkness, well and that flying screen in from of her.

Wait flying screen?


I squeeze my eyes shut, the open only to find that the screen is still there? What is happing? Did I somehow fall asleep gaming and now Im actually dreaming about it?

Sigh maybe I should stop gaming so much well Ill just take a small break.

Strange why is it dark everywhere?

”Hello ”, the only reply she getting is her voice echoing off what seem to be cave walls?

Am I in a cave?

What a strange dream

Ding! Ding!

A loud ringing sound explodes in her ears just like the one she heard when she woke up.

Looking at the strange game like screen in front of her all she could see was kne word.

”[Start] ”

As soon as she said that it was like a truck of emotions hit her. She remembered now. She died. It wasn the usual death by car crash or old age, she died in a robbery.

18 year old Scarlett was finally going to start her new life. Ever since she could remember she was an orphan jumping from one orphanage to another. You would think that a young girl like her would hope for someone to adopt her, right?

Yeah she wasn that type of person. People would always call her a lone wolf. It wasn that she wanted she be a lone wolf, its just that ever since she was born she had an amazing photographic memory. She could remember anything and everything. So by the time she was five she was already way above her peers in terms of intelligence. People just couldn hold a conversation with her. She found them boring. All day everyday she would just keep to herself. In fact, if people actually talked to her, got to know her theyd realize that she was really nothing but a little girl who new to much and was all alone.

She loved to read romance books and play online games. She was really an amazing person that everyone should have wanted to befriend her right!

Anyway, she had just turned 18 and was about to graduate high school. With her photographic memory, grades were no problem for her. Managing to score a full scholarship to college that would take care of her food and housing expenses, she was ready to head off to the best school full of intellectuals that would obviously be interested in being her friend right?

With a week before graduation she was getting her affairs in order and need to with draw some money from the bank. Anyway, long story short she went to bank. Said bank got robbed. Costumers died. She died. End of story.

So I died, but why am I…. Alive?


But if I was reborn i should have been a baby right?

Alright time to inspect my-

Before she could finish that thought that annoying sound returned.

Ding! Ding!

Looking at the floating screen in front of her, she find that the word [Start] has disappeared and all that shown in another word. With her heart pumping with excitement she whispers


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