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“No, I don’t want to.”


Urien chuckled again as if she had expected my answer and fed me more meat.
Today, it was so comfortable to have food entering my mouth without having to move my hands.


“Uri, you should eat your food first before feeding me.”


“…… Yeah.”


“Even though the engagement talk came up in the royal family, it’s not confirmed yet.
The children are still young, and it was just a passing conversation for His Majesty, so don’t worry too much.”


I was surprised at the sound of an engagement.
The engagement between Duke Lemetrio and the royal family? There was definitely no such story in the original.


“No, that’s not it.”


In the original, Royina was the only successor of Duke Lemetrio.
However, now that the successor of the duke includes me, even if one person marries into the royal family, there would be no problem with the succession.


“But the prince is a sub-male lead.”


And the sub-male lead had been secretly in love with Royina since he was very young.
But if I were to be engaged to the prince, it could cause a significant problem where the lineage or the sub-male lead could be replaced if Royina were to be engaged instead.
Lost in thought, I was called by Roxana with an unusual voice.




Finally, I came to my senses and swallowed the food in my mouth.
I wiped off the sauce and oil from my lips while calmly and rationally analyzing the situation.

“So, when I suggested going to the palace, it wasn’t just a matter of going for fun.
Is avoiding it really the best thing to do? Wouldn’t it be better to go to the palace and have some fun while we’re still young and can get away with it to some extent?


Later on, we might find out that the engagement has already been arranged, and the fiance is the prince! We wouldn’t want to end up in a situation like that.


When Royina manifests her ability at fifteen years old, I’ll probably be around nineteen or twenty.
The moment Royina manifests her ability, she will become the successor to the Duke’s family.
Then, the older brothers who are above the young successor will become irrelevant.


Usually in cases like this, there are three options.
One can either accept a lower-ranking title, inherit a title from the family’s relatives, or marry into another family.
Roxa also has a title, but she has already chosen a successor among her nephews.
She is very thorough in this regard, so she has no intention of passing the title of Countess to me or Royina.


Furthermore, as a baptized person, I could not bear many children, and the infant mortality rate was high in this region, so I was not a very good candidate for marriage.
Since neither side could bear many children, and given the consideration of combining the three families, there was a high probability that there would be an opinion to marry me and Aigis together.


Since it is better to marry into the royal family than to receive a mediocre title from an ordinary family or to receive no title at all, it would be better to consider a marriage with the royal family.”


Of course, I didn’t think Rosana and Julian would proceed without my consent, but I still felt a sense of unease.
As the relationship between the royal family and the dukes was complex, I couldn’t just follow my own will.


“Well, it’s better now that we have some idea of what to expect from Royina’s birth.”


However, the queen didn’t like it.
Being of a higher rank brought with it many obligations and responsibilities.
Above all, the male lead, a typical prince character, didn’t appeal to me at all.
My preferences for someone as upright as a pine tree were unchangeable.
No, marriage sounded like a story like Andromeda beyond the stars to someone like me, who was against it.


“If you do well, you can receive a peerage and a fortune and live the rest of your life as a rich bachelor.
But I’d rather wear a silver bracelet and go voluntarily than engage with a five-year-old.”


With a creaking sound, Podo Lee, whose gaze had gone somewhere else, grinned at me and said, “Let’s go together.” There was also a sense of rejection due to my mental age, but my obsession with the original work was stronger.
While I was gnawing my lips, wondering how to escape, Rosana called me in a desperate voice.


“Taleia, are you listening to me, Mom?”


I looked up and met Rosana’s gaze.
Her pupils were filled with worry.
I asked with a sullen expression, taking advantage of her concern.


“Do I have to go to the palace?”


“No, you don’t have to go if you don’t want to.”




“I wanted you to make friends with a child who could be a friend to Tilly at the palace.
But if you don’t want to be friends with that child, I won’t try to force you to be friends with anyone in the future.”


The only child of my age living in the palace was His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince.
Every time I tried to make a friend, it seemed like Rosa also brought out her last resort since I kept running away.
I sighed and said as if there was no other choice.


“This is the last time.”


With my permission, Rosa grinned slyly and Julian looked somewhat complicated.
But I had my own plan.
It wasn’t such a difficult thing to make a 5-year-old boy cry.
If I torment him for a few months, the child will start to hate me.
What can I do if the parties involved say they can never get married?


“I have to leave enough fear in him from his childhood that he never wants to see me again.”

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