She seemed to have a temper when things didn’t go her way.


When the nanny who had been watching us tried to calm Royina down, her crying became a little quieter.
I removed my hands from my ears and tried to leave the room.




Royina’s crying, which had seemed to be calming down, got louder again, but babies cry, so I left the room anyway.
I heard the nanny calling out to me from the room, but I ignored her and went to take a nap in the garden.
It had been four months since I had come to visit, but all I had gained was exhaustion.


“Should I take a nap in the garden?”

After wandering around for a moment, I set my sights and carefully descended the stairs while holding onto the large rabbit doll.
Although I was nervous about stumbling while holding the fairly large rabbit doll, I was able to conquer the stairs safely.
The rabbit doll, which sometimes felt clumsy, was given to me as a birthday present by Yurian.


Although others might have thought of it as just a beloved doll, it was nothing more than an essential pillow for my afternoon naps.
As long as I had it, I could sleep anywhere.


“In my next life, I want to be born as a fat cat in a wealthy family and sleep all day.”


I was born into a wealthy family and now, I could sleep without many restrictions whenever I wanted.
I would leave becoming overweight as a later option, so I could almost consider my goal achieved.


However, I wasn’t that happy.
I failed in the most important species!


“I should just sleep when I can.”


As I went out to the garden, I looked around and lay down under the biggest tree.
It was my favorite place for naps since it was shady and had a cool breeze blowing intermittently.
Today too, the rabbit doll was serving as my pillow with its head squished.


Just as I was about to doze off, I heard someone approaching, stepping on the grass.


“Our daughter.”


“… Dad?”

After only an hour since we had lunch, Yuri-an, who had to leave work in the evening, was sitting next to me, crouching down.


“Were you sleeping again, like when Dad left this morning?”




“Let’s play with Daddy.”


“What do you want to play?”


“Pretend play?”


“Then you be Mommy.”


“Tilly will be Daddy, right?”


“No, Tilly’s a bunny.”


Perhaps surprised by my unexpected response, Yuri-an was briefly taken aback, but soon asked me what role I would play with a smile.


Lona is still a baby so she’s going to sleep well.


I gave Yuri-an the bunny doll and closed my eyes again.
It was quiet for a moment, but Yuri-an began to chatter cheerfully with a raised voice by himself.


“Isn’t it strange? Dad… I mean, Mommy, we have two babies, but there’s only one? Lona, shall we go find our sister together?”


I opened my eyes and glanced at Yuri-an before turning my body away.
It wasn’t time for his adorable daughter’s playtime, so I decided not to respond.

“Since Lona is still a newborn, I guess I have to carry her.”


“Ah, how annoying.”


“……Wah wah.”


Satisfied with my dry crying, Yurian carried me into the mansion.
As soon as we headed straight to Royina’s room, I covered my ears with both hands.
I could still hear the baby’s crying from inside the room.
When Yurian and I entered the room, the nursemaid who was trying to soothe Royina gave an awkward smile.


“Your Grace.”


“Royina cries really well.”


“Yes, she’s a completely different story from Tilly who hardly ever cried unless necessary.”


“I feel like she cried a lot though.”


As I buried my face in Yurian’s shoulder and pretended to sleep, I turned my head to see Royina.
When Royina and I met eyes, she stopped crying and stared at me.


“Oh my?”


With her puffy eyes, Royina laughed.
Seeing her smile, I couldn’t help but smile too.
I thought she was ugly, but also cute at the same time.


“It’s hopeless if someone looks ugly but still manages to be cute.”

“I’m ugly.”


Upon hearing my honest opinion, Yumo chuckled.
Yuri also found it amusing, but scolded me, saying that I shouldn’t say things like that.


“Ugly? How pretty you are!”


“No, I look ugly because I take after my dad.”


“But doesn’t Tilly look like her dad too?”


“Both of them cry all the time, and crying makes them look even uglier.
I don’t cry much, so I’m not ugly.”


“Uh, I see.
Then I guess you should try not to cry from now on.”


“It’s okay.
Even if I’m ugly, I’m still cute.”

As I comforted Yuri by stroking his hair, Yumo was gasping and coughing with a bright red face.
It seemed like he was trying to hide his laughter by coughing, unable to burst out laughing in front of his father.


“Daddy wants to look cool more than cute.”


“Daddy, in this world, being cute is the best.
And even if you try to be cool, Mommy can’t keep up with you, so it’s advantageous to take the cute position.”


“What’s advantageous about that?”


At that, I thought for a moment and stared into Yuri’s purple eyes.
Royena and my pupils inherited them from him.
I smiled and fixed his tousled hair with my small hands.


“If Daddy is crying, I’ll go and comfort him first, no matter how cool Mommy looks.
So please be a cute Daddy.”


“Does that mean you like Daddy more than Mommy?”


“No, it’s not that.”


Unable to endure Yumo’s expression of consternation and hurt, he eventually burst out laughing.

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