play we performed?”

As I nodded my head, the theater group let out a sigh of relief.
Willy laughed and complimented me for inheriting my parents’ artistic abilities.

“Haha, I may be a dedicated writer, but the play I wrote doesn’t sell well.
If it weren’t for the support of Your Grace and the Viscount, our members would have starved to death on the streets.”

When I remained silent after his words, Willy’s previously laughing expression faltered.
He whispered to the actress next to him.

“…Was it not funny, even though I told him to laugh?”

“To be honest, it wasn’t a funny story.
It’s also difficult for kids to understand.”

Upon hearing her response, Willy laughed artificially and changed the subject.

“Have you seen a play before?”

“…Only puppet shows.”

“Puppet shows… Even that is a great form of theater.
Do you like puppet shows?”

“Puppet shows are for children.
I like Willy’s plays better.”

Upon my response, Willy’s smile widened as if he had won the lottery.
Despite his stern impression, it was a genuinely innocent smile.

“Do you think it will become a good hobby?”

“A hobby…”

“Definitely, in the past, I used to go see musicals or plays quite often, but it was a problem because it cost a lot of money.”

“I originally had a lot of hobbies, I was what you might call a ‘jack of all trades.’ When I was a child, there wasn’t much to enjoy besides fairy tales, but it was really enjoyable to see a play after a long time.”

“I can’t do it, I can’t sacrifice my life to being a fan again…”

“If the Lady would make watching plays a hobby, I won’t charge her any special fees in the future.”


“Willie, where are you trying to swindle from? Our family has always been free.”

Yurian’s comment made everyone in the extremist group burst into laughter.
When I was the only one who didn’t laugh and glared at Willie, he scratched his head and nervously stuttered.

“If the Lady wants to come and watch a play at any time, it should always be free.”

“Can I come anytime?”

“Yes, anytime.”


Upon hearing Willie’s words, “You can come and play anytime,” Talia looked up at Julian.
When Julian hesitated, Talia asked him, “Can I come to play even when my mom and dad aren’t home?”

Having never been outside the mansion except as a baby, Talia boldly requested to go out alone.
Julian firmly shook his head in response, “No.
Do you know how dangerous it is outside to be walking alone?”

Talia gave Julian a strange look and asked, “Why would I be alone? I’m only four years old.
I’ll tell the nursemaid and take a knight with me.
I won’t stay too late even if we come out.
We’ll come back together on the way when Mom and Dad come back.”

“What will you do here?” Julian asked.

“I’m going to the theater to see a play.
What else?” Talia replied.

“Was the play really that fun?”


“Can’t we come and see it with my mom and dad next time?”

“It’s not like my mom and dad can take me to the theater whenever I want.”

“Dad, I know all about the mansion’s secret passages.
If I was going to go out alone, I would have done so already.”

Julian realized that it was not that Talia could not go out, but rather that she had not decided to do so yet.
Additionally, if she had a guardian with her, there would be no significant problem.

“But you’re only four years old,” Julian reminded her.

Of course, Talia was too mature and intelligent for her age, but there were many concerns about allowing her to go out without permission.

“Well, ask your mom for permission first.”

“Of course, I have to ask my mom for permission.”

Talia replied as if she knew from the beginning that the ultimate decision-maker was Roxanne.

Urian realized belatedly that his young daughter had fooled him again.
Talia smirked mischievously and turned her attention to the props on the stage, unable to withstand Urian’s stern gaze.

Urian cocked his head, thinking, “Something seems different.”

It’s hard to put a finger on it, but Talia’s attitude suddenly changed.
She seemed to be playing around more, but kids are inherently unpredictable, so he wondered if it was just a phase.

“Well…it’s nice to act like a kid.
Today, I’ll give my mom a kiss first.”

Although he didn’t actually give her a kiss, Urian decided to think of it as a positive change.
While observing Talia, Will snickered as he realized Urian’s gaze hadn’t left her.

“Long time no see, it seems like you’ve changed a lot, Your Grace.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, you’ve changed a lot.”

Will answered and glanced at Talia out of the corner of his eye.
Both of them knew that her transformation was thanks to Talia.


“Daddy, look at this!”

Talia, who had put a comedic mask on her face, called out to Urian.

The mask was too big for her small face and looked ridiculous, but even that made Urian see her as a goddess.

Urian wanted to ask the gods if his comedy was funny, like the protagonist in a play.

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