over time were completely destroyed, and all kinds of black materials about her on the Internet were flying all over the sky.
Wu Yi looked at the report sent back by the team and squeezed her slender hands tightly.
In the past, relying on Bao Yu’s financial resources and connections, no one dared to report all her dirty stories.
Those fools knew that Bao Yu was going to divorce her, so they immediately released these things!

    Her rivals could even send her to hell if they added a little fire.

    Mu Kai’s situation is even worse.
A love interest who doesn’t even have any serious works, and who relies on his parents’ connections to achieve fame, and now that he’s been exposed as an illegitimate child, where are his normal fans? Moreover, Mu Kai’s personality is too perverse, he has been in the industry for two or three years, and there have been a lot of scandals, which can’t stand up to scrutiny.
In addition, some “classmates” broke the news about his strange green tea behavior in high school, and he has become a negative teaching material in the entertainment industry.

    Mu Kai hid back home after the news of Wu Yi’s divorce came out.
The feeling of embarrassment in the crew made him almost collapse.
In those few days, he didn’t even dare to step out of the hotel room door, let alone ask for help.
How could he continue acting under the watchful eyes of everyone?

    “Father! You’re back, how are things going?”

    Mu Xiangyang returned home late at night, and Mu Kai rushed over, hoping to get some different news.

    But Mu Xiangyang’s indifferent eyes once again made him lose hope.

   “What are you asking for, what else are you delusional about?”

    Mu Xiangyang has already started preparing to pay compensation to some advertisers, and Mu Kai needs to urgently find someone to make up for the drama he is currently filming.
He didn’t expect that one day he would replace his son to avoid risks.
The last time Mu Xiaoke made an emergency replacement was when Mu Xiaoke was just in high school.
Fortunately, Mu Xiaoke found a newcomer with aura to help him, otherwise Mu Yan would collapse at that time.

    How good would it be if Xiao Ke was by his side now to help him come up with ideas?

    Forget it, maybe these things were designed by Mu Xiaoke and Chu Han together.
He is really seeking revenge, he really wants to avenge his mother.

    “Father, can I continue to act?” Mu Kai looked at Mu Xiangyang’s back and asked feebly, he still had extravagant hopes, he really still had extravagant hopes.
His road to stardom has finally improved a bit.
He can’t lose this path.
If he can’t continue to stay in the entertainment industry, what else can he do in the future?

    It is impossible for him to go back to study, the only way out is to work at Muyan Company.

    “Let’s talk about these things later.”

    Such a statement is nothing more than a death sentence for Mu Kai.

    Mu Kai called Wu Yi, “Mom, what should we do?!”

    “Don’t call me mom! How many times have I told you that I’m not your mother! What’s the use of you to go back and control the Mu family, to let you take away Mu Yan’s resources, but which one did you achieve in the end!”

    Mu Kai was speechless, and could only hold back the phone tightly to resist Wu Yi’s scolding.

    “I’ll give you one last chance.
If you still can’t do it, we’ll go begging on the street!” 

    “What, tell me, I’ll do it!”

    “Kill Mu Xiaoke!”

    “Wh… what “

    “If this mute is still alive, do you think the Mu family will still have a place for you in the future? Back then he should have died with his slut mother! If it weren’t for those wastes who were afraid of death, I would have let the Mu family have you as the only son! Now that things have turned out like this, do you think Muyan Company will recognize you as the heir? With Mu Xiaoke around, they will not let you take the position of chairman! Do you understand it or not!” The more Wu Yi talk, the more she hates.
She could have solved the problem once and for all back then, but instead, she found some nonsensical trash.

    “I…how can I kill him?”


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