try to hide it from me.
I want to know everything that’s going on outside!”

    The manager was extremely embarrassed, Mu Kai was arrogant and small-minded, and had some incomprehensible calculations, if he was allowed to go online under such circumstances, no one could predict how things would turn out!

    What’s more, the boss asked him to confiscate the mobile phone.
If he can’t do it, he can’t explain it to the boss!

    “Then, we will take care of your W blog and W letter account for the time being.
You can use the dummy account we prepared for you to read the news, okay?” 

Mu Kai looked at the other party viciously, obviously not wanting to accept such a plan.

    “Xiaojie, you have to think clearly.
If there is any change in the current situation, our public relations plan is really irreparable.
If you don’t want to stay in the circle anymore, then we have nothing to say.
But if you still want to go on, just listen to us.”

    Mu Kai gritted his teeth, struggled for a long time, and finally compromised.

    What Mu Kai didn’t expect was that these videos continued to ferment, and almost all the voices on the Internet were criticizing his mother for being a mistress and criticizing his mother for being indiscreet.
What’s more, the situation of being adored by others never happened as he imagined.
No one praised him as the son of the movie queen, but called him an illegitimate child who is shameless!

    Why is he shameless?! So what if he is an illegitimate child? He is the only heir of the Mu family! The only heir of Muyan Film and Television! Mu Xiao Ke, the so-called legitimate son, has no future, he is a loser who can only hide behind the internet and sell his handicraft!

    Today’s Internet is so lively that netizens, whether they are interested in the entertainment industry or not, are eating melons.
This kind of drama where the illegitimate child of the mistress and the wealthy family tear up x is really exciting, no matter whether the protagonist is in the entertainment industry or not, it is very interesting, and it is even more interesting if the protagonist is in the entertainment industry.

    The small group that Mu Xiaoke built before has been blown up, and their classmates never thought that they would be the first to eat melons.
Isn’t that the queen of the movie the one Luo Jiaming sent to the group before?

    Isn’t Mu Kai Mu Xiaoke’s elder brother? Then Mu Xiaoke is not the person involved!

    “Xiao Ke, what’s going on, this matter suddenly exploded!” Luo Jiaming was very excited, someone finally cleaned up Mu Kai, but he was a little worried that Mu Xiaoke would be implicated, the current netizens are very cruel, what if they fleshed out the Mu family and implicated Mu Xiao Ke?

    “I’m not sure, maybe there were signs before, and it only fermented after these days.”

    Mu Xiaoke actually knew that this was a set-up by Chu Han and Li Fengming.
He was not surprised by the trend of these comments on the Internet.
The only thing that surprised him was that Mu Kai actually gave a thumbs-up in person.
Is he crazy? Can he give a thumbs-up to this kind of thing casually?

    “Xiao Ke, is there something wrong with your brother? Why is he still hammering himself?”

    His friends were also very surprised by Mu Kai’s actions and even wanted to laugh a little.
I’m afraid this person has been in the entertainment industry for a long time, and his IQ also lowered.

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